SOS We need help with the House of Prayer.

We have been receiving correspondence from families who are looking for help from the Catholic Church in regard to their families. One of the only ones that actually answers his correspondence is Archbishop Michael Neary.


Note in the letter below which you just need to click onto open you see straight away that Fr McGinnity is from the Armagh Archdiocese. It states he has no permission to perform the Sacraments in the Tuam Archdiocese. That of course does not mean they can stop him coming, but they clearly do not want him to come…. They refer the people who wrote to us with a copy to Armagh.. Pass the parcel? Get it. On the TV 3 programme recently Cardinal Brady referred their enquiry concerning Fr McGinnity… guess where … to Tuam….pass the parcel?

They had of course written to Cardinal Brady but belief it or not not even a parcel no acknowledgement or reply?


Papal Nuncio house11

Nothing new about this, as in 2008 the same answer on Prime Time?

If you have written to the Bishop whose Diocese the H of P is in, he can’t do anything, you write to the Cardinal who can, but refuses to assist vulnerable adults where does that leave you?

Well you write to the Papal Nuncio and hope he will get some action? W”hat do you get from him. Rome is burning or should we say Achill and what does he say? Read it here:

Papal Nuncio

They are writing to him being in say the position of a GP who wishes to refer them to a Consultant about a cancerous growth. He replies thanks for the letter, with prayerful good wishes and …..nothing! What planet is he on?

I would say standing by while Rome burns?

You have a relative who has lost it and is out to lunch with Christina and Gerard and you do nothing!

One of the great enablers of this scam is the Editor of Ireland Own, Dick Hogan. He fills his very useful magazine with total unquestioning pieces about the House of Prayer. Here is an example. as he is not yet in the digital age we would very much like scans of these articles for us to archive:

Ireland’s Eye

Then we have a Mass card and some documentation from the House of Prayer. We implore family members do not burn them the documents due to your anger, rather send us scans of them for our site.

Mass Card


Ten HOP Commandments

When Jim Gallagher finds a house the usual defence is that they need another house because he is stalking her. It is quite laughable. Then they attack the Sunday World when all he is saying is true including them getting a hiding in the Press Council.

This is the latest offering which relates to the fact that they use proxies and try to flood our site with spam whenever Lady Christina gets found out.

There is no need to comment it is very interesting to read. We always reference groups we are talking about so you can read their perspectives.


Our Statement is from the
Many People who Freely Attend the House of Prayer Achill

As directors of the House of Prayer and as representatives of the many people who freely choose to attend the House of Prayer we find it very strange that Jim Gallagher and Dialogue Ireland persist not only in stalking Mrs. Gallagher but in displaying such an obsessive and hate-filled manner as they do so.

Why do they continue to lash Mrs.Gallagher when it is we, the directors and representatives of the people who responded on the internet to their false allegations? We provide what we provide because we respect Mrs. Gallagher for what we have witnessed- we have direct experience of the truth and the facts of which we speak. What we do with our own money is our choice and ours alone; just as it is Jim Gallagher’s business what he may choose to do with his.

Some of us were present at the House of Prayer, for example, when a young horse-trainer from Hartlepool was healed on the spot , coming to life before our eyes! His progressive and irreversible paralysis disappeared instantaneously and the inoperable injuries were instantly healed. His medical consultants fully verified his cure but declared there was no scientific explanation for it.

More recently, we were present at the House of Prayer when a young Dublin man was instantly healed there of drug addiction and returned to the daily practice of his faith. In his moving testimony he described how two of his brothers had actually died through such drug abuse.

Jim Gallagher’s hatred for Christina rises to the extreme and reckless pitch of endangering her life by depicting her head within a rifle-sight and placing a weapon in the caption. If he were only to apply a similar energy to ascertaining the truth and conveying the extraordinary good that is evident in the fruitfulness of the work entrusted to her…..! Over 700 such testimonies can be read in the files at the House of Prayer.

We, whom Mr. Gallagher condescends to class as “gullible” -though far from gullible we are- know what we have directly witnessed. Surely it is he who is the gullible one, as he deliberately blinds himself to the professional evidence available concerning the fruits of the House of Prayer and insists on parroting the same stale lies to the point of obsession?

We have been with Mrs.Gallagher when we witnessed nasty tactics directed towards her house in Malahide – not just stalking but stalking marked with a depth of obsessive behaviour. We cannot but ask is there any place where Mrs. Gallagher can be afforded justice in the face of relentless incitement to hatred by Jim Gallagher, Dialogue Ireland and tv3?

Mrs. Gallagher has only ever asked people to pray the Rosary daily and fast (on tea and bread) one day a week of their choice (something, incidentally, which the Holy Father,Pope Francis recently also invited everyone in the Church to do in union with him for the situation in Syria). Yet what appears in Jim Gallagher’s article and on tv3 is a total deceit -an absurd inference that Mrs. Gallagher could be thereby responsible for anyone ‘losing their body weight’ or ‘praying a hundred Rosaries per day’. This is so preposterous as not to merit comment. When Mrs. Gallagher is present at the House of Prayer,she merely prays the Rosary and does not meet people privately, personally or otherwise. The Rosary she always prays slowly so that people know what they are saying and therefore that they pray it not for any obsessive or compulsive reason.

The prayers we pray at the House of Prayer are the regular, universally used prayers of our Catholic Church known and recognised as such by any practising Catholic. One can only wonder, then, why Jim Gallagher, Dialogue Ireland and tv3 go on deceiving people by their mindless repetition of the phrase ‘cult-like behaviour’ in relation to Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer.

It highlights the reckless urge to destroy Mrs.Gallagher and underlines yet again the question, what could make a person consistently deny and distort truth, repeat falsities and become obsessed with hatred in this pursuit?

We cannot but wonder in light of truth who, in fact, it is that is suffering and acting irrationally in all of this!

We would like you to understand (this time) that it is not Mrs. Gallagher who is posting this statement on the website but we, the directors of the House of Prayer and representatives of the people who come to pray the prayers of the Catholic Church.

26th November 2013

31 Responses

  1. What you need to understand is that I have seen elsewhere what Gallagher does that people attending her ‘church’ find so enthralling. There are people capable of presenting themselves in such a way that would attract others. Would you consider attending a Tony Quinn centre? I must warn you, he believes he is Jesus reincarnated and his side-kick Aideen Cowman would outdo Gallagher any day and far more upfront about where the money is going; to her ‘messiah’ Quinn. Gallagher says it is for ‘Our Lady’ and she gets to buy fine houses. What do you expect me to think?

    You are exceptionally prone to exaggeration. I am not “defiling, insulting, maligning and defaming all the good-living Catholics who visit the HofP to pray and find peace” and “you are increasingly declaring allegiance to Rev AB Michael Neary of Tuam” and “to express in any way a subjugated hatred of a particular belief or a particular religious group”.

    Commenting on the position Neary finds himself in is “allegiance”? Unfortunately for the HofP, we know about people who need to “find peace” while living in near poverty due to a decline in their finances not to mention Gallagher’s ‘predictions’ that cause mental health issues. You need to remember that I have experienced what it is like to be under influence by Tony Quinn and his ‘top brass’. I know the effects of it. I know how long it takes to heal, to recover from undue influences. I know what it is like to be drawn into a group by someone who displays abilities for their own benefit. I know how religious beliefs are distorted.

    My opinion of Fr McGinnity is that he may be deluded; however, he is a partner in crime. Even you must be aware of the total change of plan for Achill; the monastery never materialised and it became a ‘church’ dedicated to accumulating money to buy large properties. How can you justify this? How can you justify Gallagher and McGinnity taking advantage of parishioners in Ireland who had no idea of where the money was going?

    If you came to your senses you would ask for forgiveness. Anyone who colluded with them, deluded or not, who have any decency would need to reflect and ask forgiveness. If you and they consider themselves Catholics, well then, follow the Catholic religion. Being part of a sect that is not recognised by the church is not adhering to the catholic faith no matter how much you dress it up to look like it.


  2. Angie if you review all your comments over the past year re HoP you will find that….
    1. you have became more reactive and abusive towards those who challenge DI.
    2. you now use words like “troll” to attack, and you are more increasingly using Mr Garde’s words.
    3. you seem almost fixiated to destroy Tony Quinn and Mrs C.Gallagher and a good priest of the Catholic Church..Fr McGinnity.
    4. you seem to accept the words of the Sunday World tabloid as a gospel. are increasingly declaring allegiance to Rev AB Michael Neary of Tuam and defending without appeal all DI allegations re how he, the Rev Archbishop has handled the whole matter of the HoP and the claims of cures and miracles.
    6. you have never stated that you have visited the HoP and if you ever have tried to personally discover what really happens there and what sort of person(s) you are attacking.
    7.are you not worried that you might be defiling, insulting, maligning and defaming all the good-living Catholics who visit the HoP to pray and find peace.
    8. might it just be that it is you who is the “vulnerable ” person….vulnerable to FOLLOW…to be influenced by others…to express in any way a subjugated hatred of a particular belief or a particular religious group.

    It is my thoughts that you may well have suffered. You may well be Mr Garde masquerading as another voice and even a fool can see that he does this at times to suit the issue under contention.

    I am not going to wish you any Christmas greetings…nor deny you any Christmas joy because Christ sees all and controls all even at our worst moments, but I would want you to reflect, make, then enjoy peace in your mind and your heart.


  3. Very informative insight from the troll.

    As you say: “The Church is open to all the gifts the Holy Spirit gives to the Church and thus sees it as a duty to investigate claims of supernatural. Failure to investigate is seen as unscientific and betrays a spirit of fear.”

    In other words, the Catholic Church has failed because they have not scientifically studied the outcome of Gallagher’s claims and they betray the spirit that visits Gallagher out of fear.

    “The Archbishop of Tuam received fully documented testimony from those claiming major healings through CG and the HofP some thirteen years ago and there is no question, he has been slow to start this investigation, hiding behind statements which ignore the fact that this process must be followed.”

    Putting it another way: It is the Archbishop of Tuam who is at fault because Gallagher will not submit to investigation.

    “It is however not uncommon in Church history for visionaries to be subjected to persecution. In fact it is seen as a token of genuineness, a certificate of authenticity.”

    As Gallagher will not submit herself to scrutiny and the Church is dragging its heels on this matter, the HofP will continue to inform the world they are waiting for the church to adhere to the “guidelines in these matters.” In the meantime they use stories of the past pertaining to visionaries who were scrutinised and the time it took to prove authentic or not and also try to convince others that Gallagher’s suffering is due to the Catholic Church’s inability to recognise a true visionary rather than the HofP victims reports, who openly speak out about the cultic mind-controlling effects of Gallagher’s ‘messages’ and the huge amounts of money ‘given’ to her that she and her family have used to live the millionaire lifestyle.

    As long as it is allowed to continue she is free to fleece the flock.


  4. I beg your pardon, for once you are right, a slip of the pen, it is of course as you say the guidelines laid out by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith for the bishop to follow in these matters. dialogueireland your notions of how this process comes about are laughable.


  5. As far as I know never did. When he called for to submit her operation to him, Fr GM took the Eucharist out of the H Of P and Christina threw her rattle out of the pram.
    She wanted to not only play monopolly but own all the houses.


  6. has the bishop not met with mrs Gallagher and those associated with her? I understand, He has and his outcomes outlined


  7. It is clear you are out of your depth. It is not the “Congress” but the Congregation…..
    Also the fundamental issue here is not what is sent to the AB but rather the issue of submission. There can be no investigation until Christina puts up the white flag and heads for Tuam


  8. Onlooker, thank you for your perspective. I would just clarify that it is not my opinion that I am putting forward. As a Catholic I look to the Church guidelines in these matters. The Congress for the Doctrine of Faith has laid out a set procedure that a bishop is supposed to follow and states the rights of the faithful in relation to these matters. So what I’ve stated above is a process which has yet to begin. Initiating this process does not give the HofP credence. The Church is open to all the gifts the Holy Spirit gives to the Church and thus sees it as a duty to investigate claims of supernatural. Failure to investigate is seen as unscientific and betrays a spirit of fear.

    The Archbishop of Tuam received fully documented testimony from those claiming major healings through CG and the HofP some thirteen years ago and there is no question, he has been slow to start this investigation, hiding behind statements which ignore the fact that this process must be followed. “The people” in their statement on the HofP website have said that this failure to acknowledge evidence of the supernatural at work in the HofP has opened the door to the type of hostility and persecution evident on this blog. It is however not uncommon in Church history for visionaries to be subjected to persecution. In fact it is seen as a token of genuineness, a certificate of authenticity.


  9. It seems to me that if the Catholic Church gave any credence to the H of P, they would have initiated the process you outline. Their prolonged apathy and lack of interest is indicative of their opinion towards the house. You can quote official guidelines all you want but there is something called common sense. As a non partisan party in this discussion my common sense would tell me to look at the complete picture and draw my own conclusion and i cannot speak officially on behalf of the Catholic Church, nor can the H of P but i can form my own opinion whether right or wrong and the facts would indicate to me that their is a lack of support.

    Your opinion is that the HOP does have the support of the Catholic hierarchy but without established CURRENT proof of this your statement, just like mine, is mere opinion, which you are perfectly entitled to express, as am i.


  10. Keep digging, you are a scream. You just think anyone will be taken in by this baloney. By the way I studied visionaries at Maynooth, and got my MA in Milltown. The basic point is that in order to be investigated you must submit to the Bishop. This clearly Christina refuses and blatantly lets her ego get in the way. Non servian. Like Lucifer she will not submit.


  11. Let me enlighten you as you are non-Catholics. The Catholic Church’s guidelines set out the process bishops are supposed to take regarding apparitions and private revelations. The Archbishop of Tuam has yet to initiate this process. He has yet to interview the visionary Mrs Gallagher and the witnesses, and has yet to instigate a commission of canonists, doctors, theologians and psychologists who will examine the fruits of the apparitions, the miracles, healings, conversions. So, as this has not happened and as no definitive ecclessiastical judgement has been made and the matter remains open and unproven, the HofP cannot have Church disapproval according to the CDF’s guidelines governing Marian apparitions.

    Until this happens Catholics have the right in accordance with the guidelines on Marian apparitions to believe, support and promote the HofP. And thousands of people exercise their right by doing exactly this every week and crowds flock to the beautiful HofP ‘carved in heaven’ still open years after your blog and your partner the SW stated they would close it – a vain attempt to attack the work of Our Blessed Lady.


  12. Who reads yesterdays papers?

    …….2000…….? Whether you are a Jew, Atheist, Born Again Christian or a member of an unrecognised former Catholic group with a delinquent priest, it is clear from Archbishop Neary’s letter of a few weeks ago, you are not recognised.
    He wrote the letter not Angie, not Anon or DI. Please stop making a public fool of yourselves


  13. dialogueireland, angie, anonymous, you are wrong again. The newspaper confirmed in 2000 that they misrepresented Archbishop Neary’s statement and they printed the apology to Mrs Gallagher. Nothing has changed regarding Mrs Gallagher’s standing within the Catholic Church since the Archbishop’s published statement.

    For your information, (I know you are not Catholics and do not know how the Church works) in order to have approval it must first enter the proper ecclesiastical investigation which has not been instigated, even though I understand a number of major physical healings, supported by scientific and medical professionals testimony and documentation, have been received by the Tuam Diocese.

    Crucially, the HofP does not have disapproval. The faithful are therefore free to believe, support and to promote the house of prayer according to the laws of the church and for that matter the laws of the land.

    It is you dialogueireland and your partner in this, the SW, who are promoting the idea that the people who go to the HofP are ‘gullible’, ‘touched’ ,’vulnerable’, that they are all elderly etc, that there is some sort of abuse. This is totally false. It is deception with the intention to harm the work of OLQP through Her messages to CG.


  14. Anonymous you totally correct, “Silence from the Church,” enables this abuse!
    If you click on this link you will see a letter from a person who wrote to Tuam a few weeks ago and the Archbishop could not be clearer…. Get it House of Prayer, “YOU HAVE NO APPROVAL,” nor do the House purchases!


  15. Light in the dark, it’s very disingenuous to provide an old quote from 15 years ago if that is true. I was not attacking merely asking a question to satisfy my own curiousity. What is the current position from the Catholic church on Christina?

    Remember in 1938 Neville Chamberlain position on Nazi Germany was that they were no threat and Britain was in good standing with germany. Fast forward a few years later and things changed dramatically so current opinion is very important.

    if the most recent supportive statement you have from an independent Catholic church representative stretches back to nearly 2 decades ago then that pretty much answers my question. Silence from the Church is hardly an indicator of support.


  16. Unlike the claims of Gallagher, Neary does not claim to get psychic messages; he would have had no idea of the plans Gallagher had fifteen year ago.


  17. Pathetic you now depend on a report from a newspaper from 1998 and all you need to do is look at the Tuam web site today! You are not recognised period.


  18. Anonymous, I am not suggesting, I am clarifying that CG is in good standing with the Catholic Church. Do you have a statement saying that she is not? No. Does Angie have a statement saying that she is not? No. Yet, in your style of attack, you slander her by posing the question.

    Archbishop Neary’s published words are as follows: “Mrs Gallagher was and is a Catholic of good standing within the Church.” These words were published in an article of apology to Mrs Gallagher by an Irish newspaper in which they confirmed they had misrepresented the Archbishop’s statements.


  19. Light in this Dark Place, you suggest that Christina is in good standing with the Catholic church. Do you have an official statement from the Catholic Church to back this up or is it merely an unsupported statment from the H of P?


  20. May I suggest therefore that you show respect to the many hundreds of pilgrims who believe in the messages of OLQP and the HoP and who have the right to provide for this work in any way they see fit.

    You do not have the right in your so-called questions to make slanderous allegations as is the style of you, DI and other posters on this blog who are hell-bent on destroying the HoP, described in earlier threads as their intent.

    It is my understanding that a group from DI landed on the door of the Morrissey’s, brow beating them until they submitted and agreed with the DI mantra, then duped them into talking to the SW which they never intended doing.

    If DI or you had any evidence whatsoever of any wrong doing you would have already given it to the Gardai to investigate, such is your desire to destroy this holy work. But neither you nor DI have such evidence. False assumption and speculation is all you have.

    The DPP described their investigation into the HoP as thorough and lengthy and found nothing.


  21. It is my understanding, correct me if I am wrong, the (only) investigation was in relation to a couple (Morrissey’s, I believe) making a police report, later nil and void as they were refunded the money they believe they were dubbed into giving.
    I have not repeated any allegations of abuse again and again, I do not have any evidence. I have been analysing information on this site, other sites and the house of prayer website. therefore, have only asked questions.
    I do not judge CG by any website, only by the evidence available. she and her family have gained massively at the expense of people. that appears to be true as it is not refuted anywhere.
    As regards the faith of any individual, respect is in order, for each and everyone of us, and no matter our faith, we have a right to ask questions and seek competent answers.


  22. CG is a Catholic and is in good standing with the Catholic Church. It is incorrect for you to call the HoP ‘her church’. The HoP was established at the request of Our Lady to be Her House of Prayer.

    You repeat these allegations of abuse here again and again, yet why do you not take your evidence, if you have any, to the Guards?Because there is no evidence. The Guards have already undertaken a lengthy investigation into the HoP following your unfounded allegations which led to nothing.

    How do you justify judging CG by the words of anonymous posts in the sordid world of blog?

    I have said that Angie is not Catholic because she has clearly demonstrated this fact. I have shown no animosity whatsoever. I have however read much hatred on this blog against the people involved in the HoP. Your hatred is only generated because you can’t close it, like the SW said it would, seven years ago.


  23. CG may be a catholic, in good standing or not. prayers said at her church may be catholic. This does not offer explanation for the abuse of elderly people’s money, by means of scare tactics, worse still is the property portfolio of family members, who are never seen at the hop at regular devotions, but who benefit, from people struggling and making huge sacrifices to enable them to live such a high standard of living. Maybe, the prayers and devotions are just a cover to enable such abuse? I also do not understand the animosity, shown towards people who question on this site or others. apart from people who voice their opinions, who you say are not catholic, for those who are, are we not given the Holy Spirit and His gifts at confirmation to allow us, to consider and make decisions of right and wrong.


  24. How long is a bit of string?


  25. I am merely correcting your deception Angie.


  26. Troll

    You keep repeating yourself.


  27. Angie, this continues your style of attack which is deceptive and provocative. The people going to the House of Prayer are Catholic, the prayers said there are Catholic prayers, the same said in any Catholic Church. CG is a Catholic and is in good standing with the Catholic Church. You are not a Catholic and have shown your complete lack of understanding of anything Catholic on other threads on this blog.

    Prophesies fulfilled :


  28. Light in this Dark Place

    The difficulty for Gallagher in making predictions is that people remember them and when they do not happen they have a right to question her authenticity. Has she made any predictions lately? I have noticed she avoids showing herself with stigmata? Why is she fearful of speaking to people who attend her ‘church’?


  29. The people need to insist on action by the church. too long going on, just left lingering. since DI has such a portfolio put together , maybe a copy of same should be sent to church leaders, and media.


  30. Everyone, this is THE TRUTH AS DISTORTED BY ANGIE

    and above is “SOS – DI Hate campaign in desperation”


  31. Sunday 15 December 2013


    “The visions in 1985, Christina Gallagher, a housewife from Co Mayo, joined a huge crowd at Cairn’s Grotto in Co Sligo where a statue of the Virgin Mary was said to turn to the figure of Christ. There she had a vision of the suffering Christ’s head. Next came a 3am visit from Satan at home. Then in 1988 a wardrobe in a friend’s house in Dublin turned into the Virgin. Later there were visits from various saints including Catherine of Sienna, St Patrick and the Italian stigmatic Padre Pio.

    Other visions included trips to hell, purgatory and heaven, a preview of the horrors of Rwanda, an augury of “the Pope on his knees with blood coming from his stomach” and another of him being chased by pack of dogs against a background of a collapsing Colosseum.
    The healing She claims miraculous cures – of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic asthma – and produces testimonies from the cured. But she insists, “I have no healing powers myself. I attribute all healing to Our Blessed Mother’s intercession before her Divine Son. I am merely the instrument.” She claims also to be able to see into the souls of priests, seeing them act out their sins before her.
    The home life Paddy, her husband, “is just a bit afraid of it all,” she says. “Paddy decorated the bathroom and my normal feeling would be of joy” – such are the small pleasures of life in Foxford, Co Mayo. “But Father,” she wrote to her spiritual director, “to tell you the truth, I feel nothing for it … It’s not important … I beg God to forgive me for I fear I should be happy for my poor husband’s work.”

    The predictions Doom and gloom.

    1988: she has a vision of Christ in the sky looking down on earth and saying “Woe”, with “balls of fire in countless numbers falling from the sky and people on a road running in every direction”. The Virgin tells her: “The Calamity has started”.

    1991: Jesus tells her: “The clock, its alarm is set. The hour is close. Pray, pray, pray.” He also delivers a “severe message for priests and bishops” which she will not reveal. The world will end, she believes, in 1992.

    1992: the world will end before the year 2000.

    1996: Christ tells her “the Angel of the Passover has been released upon the Earth”. In the Time of Chastisement to come those in the House of Prayer she has founded at Achill Sound, Co Mayo, will be safe. So will those who have made a contribution towards building it.”

    What explanation does she give when her frightening predictions do not happen at the time Our Lady said they would? She has the knack of making millions off the naivety and fear of her followers.


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