Victory Outreach of Ballyfermot will feature in an RTE 1 Prime Time programme, Tuesday 17th December, 2013.

Prime Time Tuesday and for some idea about the group based in Ballyfermot please check out these links:

Do please your comments here on our blog and if you have new evidence to add please send it to us. We welcome critiques by VO.

Victory Outreach

Address: Units 11/12 Westlink Industrial Estate
Kylemore Road
County Dublin
Dublin 10

Landline: 01 623 9383
Fax: 01 623 9390


Category: Charities and Trusts

Victory Outreach Dublin flash in ballyfermot


VO has no connection to the Victory Church on the Firhouse Road, Tallaght, which is in receivership currently

11 Responses

  1. Hope on your right about God does revel i totally agree its amazing how that fella was taken back to victory outreach a number of times and rob money too and also done the same to teen challange so i hope he is ready for God to revel him and you we will all be held account for every word we say all the lies and all the hidden things that home director done nothing on you hes a lovely fella that help my son get his life back God work will never stop because of haters like you and others


  2. As a Christian I feel that it isnt our job to go around bashing other Christians but I think we also need to stand up and say this is not who my Christ is-The God I serve is a beautiful kind and loving Father who is filled with grace for us- my salvation is based on the acceptance of Jesus as the son of God- the fact he was resurected at the cross for my sin and rose again- end of story- I dont need to idolize my Pastor or his Wife and kids who by the way are sinners just like all of us- they are not Gods !! I dont need to idolize the building in which our service is held because it is just that- a building- we the people are the church and are called by God to be the church in the world and to represent him in our everyday life- I know of a number of ‘recovery homes- Tiglin-Teen challenge- Lifeline-Betel etc where they manage to run just fine and dandy without having to fundraise 18 hours a day? I just hope that not every Christian in Ireland is not now going to be tarred with the same brush as these wolves in sheeps clothing. The appaling behaviour of the ‘Director’ of the mens home only goes to highlight his lack of love and empathy towards people and complete lack of training for dealing with people that have adiction issues. I think one of the wider issues here is where is the money going? The so called Pastors, I say so called because very few of them if any went to bible college- are living in big houses, driving flash cars and enjoying a huge amount of foreign travel while most of the congregation are living in council houses and on the dole, they also run a restaurant, creche,printing buisness and gym from the premises which in effect means it shouldnt have charity status- none of the ‘Directors ‘ of these houses have any medical or addiction study training and as we seen revert to bully boy tactics to control these people, there is also a case of a young woman in one of these homes who became pregnant recently- in a womens only house? They are not allowed to address each other by their Christian names and must use the title pastor, sister or brother- I also wonder if the people collecting the dole whilst in treatment are doing it from the address of the home or their home address which would be illegal-’social welfare please take note’… The senior ‘pastor also has a huge property in Lake Isabella’ USA- not bad for a man working for nothing? I have absolutely no personal interest in v.o but have seen the damage done to people who have attended their, and as it says in the bible whats done in darkness shall be brought to light, these people are wolves in sheeps clothing and should be held accountable for the false accounting and unpaid labour of people working for them whilst claiming the dole- also I hope when this place closes which it inevitably will I hope there is going to be emotional and spiritual support for the addicts who will be turfed out.


  3. It is frightening when religious zeal alone is believed to be sufficient to heal drug addiction and highly ignorant as well as being extremely dangerous to encourage anyone to stop taking medication for other illnesses irrespective of religious beliefs.

    I can understand why offenders would use Victory Outreach to stay out of prison, however, it is highly irresponsible on the part of the courts to agree to let drug addicts stay in Victory Outreach. Are judges so disconnected from ordinary life that they do not see the importance of staying fully informed about the essential treatments needed for safe detoxification?

    Does Victory Outreach keep records of people who required hospitalization due to treatment meted out to those in their care?


  4. Just watched the programme, I’m in complete shock on what goes on in those homes. I really hope the pastors watch it and realise that the reporter while undercover actually proved nearly everything that was said against them, so going around denying it won’t work.
    Addicts are very vulnerable people who need help and real counciling and my hope is that after this has been shown that it was cause a change in the way all recovery homes are run with rules, policies, regulations and regular inspections. We rightly have them for nearly everything else (I.e crèches restaurants nursing homes etc) so why not drug recovery/ rehubaltions centres


  5. What’s done in darkness always comes to light.


  6. Finally… See God reveals all…


  7. Jesus is my Lord…I love how you love Jesus! You are right , there is no one like not one!


  8. QueenB we will move it to the appropriate thread. Just to be clear Victory Church, Firhouse, Tallaght has NO connection to Victory OUTREACH, Ballyfermot.


  9. Anonymous ..I think yu might be posting on the wrong blog?
    I find what your saying …. just leaves me speachless… never heard such a statement in my life.


  10. This comment to this thread: Cult pastors could face bankruptcy BY JIM GALLAGHER

    My friend was is a single mum was given a envelope with her registration number on it. She gave into this every Sunday and then for some reason a phone call was made to her living quarters from the administrator who was linked to the Hades through marriage. A message was left on the phone to bring in on the double the following Sunday. How christ centered was that. Repent you group of pastors and associates not in your house at your private meetings which we all know about, as your so called friends are not all loyal to you (take note). repent before the body of christ which you alone have given such a bad name.


  11. Yeah I think Jesus could out do the flash- not one of the unlicensed so called pastors dressed up in a suit.


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