Dr Who? Mike Meegan and the issues of abuse among the Maasai.

Here is the testimony of a 45 Maasai man from Ngong who with his six friends is going to tell the story of the sexual assault of vulnerable young boys.
It is the story of their abuse by Michael Meegan and I have already talked to this person on Skype two days ago.
It will take time to edit this material and to bring it into a form that is easy to read. They are talking about events which happened to them about 30 years ago and which are as real to them today as they were when they happened in 1983. They are looking for help and have not been able to get this out of their heads. We have decided to print this raw unedited text to give an insight as clear as a Francis Bacon painting.

yes i was the first maasai victim . i got to now meegan in 1983 un early morning around 10 oclock grazing my family goats he greated me ad asked me where i lived i showed him pointing at our home. he asked me if my parents were there i told him yes the he indroduced him self to us. ad he told me to tell my parents that he was to cum the following moning. and the he started taking us pictures with xxxxx.
after taking pictures he left us. i deleved the massage to my parent .they said its okey.
the folowing morning at around 9ockloc he arrvied driving a dourble cabin dastun kau on the door is writen dioceses of lodawr.we gave him a worm welcome i was doing the transilation. he told my dad xxx xxx xxxxxx that if he can borrow a place to start a clinic coz he want to help the maasai. my dad want to say no to him but mum insisted to be allowed. mike said that the help that he was going to give my family is that i will go live with him ad he is going to educate me
and bulid mum house ad buy dad cows. we agree. ad after that he said that he is going to cum back very soon ad he left after to days he came back followed by a small pick ad he alocated him self a place ad these guys started to measure the groud where the house was to be bulit. the he starteD asking me about the area how safe.how many maasai around and where
does they go to hospital i told him. ad then he said he wanted to go back to karen ad do some quick work about the house the mr mike left living me ad saruni to,,,,so mr mike parchased a wooden house from the economic house naivasha. it was  ready to be only joint. then we started  to live together. ad in few months time meegan started bring medicine very  few drugs. ad also he started  going to mombasa. ad when he comes back he comes with some strange people. ad he gives us
permission to live the clinic. ad we live him behind with the stranger .these kept going on without us nowing what was going on. for my school it wasfree so .
mike didnt have to pay for my school fees. nor did he buy my father what he promised neither bulid my mother a house. ad the behavior started every evening he tells me that he wanted to be masterbeted. ad he puls me to hes bed ad pulls my hand to touch his penis ad i kind of mange to get out of his hands ad walk out quickly. i notice that he is not a good man. the behaviour continued when he started touching me batocks saying they are yamime ad hard and once i pass near him he
puts a figure in my i keep on hiting his hand but he does not feel expecially when he was drunk things were not good to me. i realised that meegan is after me. icomleted my prihary school in 1985 ad i joint secondary school in 1986 during first term these was where meegan got me. its one nite that he came drunk ad ask me to cum to his bedroom ad he was drunk ad
he pulled me to hes bed then he un button my trousers pull them down my feet he pull down his truck suit the trouser ad he made me ly in my stomach ad meegan…….
meegan hart me bady that i realy felt pain ad blood coming out of me. mike i need a break coz i have started crying i wil come to u again

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  1. Very sad indeed. We need to renew efforts to bring Meegan back to the limelight once again. Unfortunately the citizenry in Kenya doesnt speak out even when sex offenders prey on them…especially the lads, because of fear of victimization. And yes ICROSS is still active, unfortunately. I am aware the government blacklisted some NGOs. A start would be to expose these stories and evidence to the Kenya National Human Rights Commission.


  2. I suggest you read the Icross file. He has not even been outed yet, so there are no grounds to bring him back here. If you read our reports you will see he plays cat and mouse with everyone.


  3. Is ICROSS still active and, if so, why do they continue to allow a paedophile to continue operating in Kenya? Presuming the Irish Governmental TD’s have received written information on him I question why the Irish relevant authorities have not brought him back to Ireland to answer to the allegations when there is clear evidence of abuse.


  4. This is the case of a person who obtained millions of Euro here in Ireland and there is clear evidence that he was involved in abusing young adults and children in a development group called ICROSS.


  5. This is shocking! No stone should be left unturned to root out paedophilia in childcare throughout the world! It beggars belief that any country would not have access to a sex offenders list, particularly paedophiles who are prone to abuse children in care.


  6. I live in Kenya and I have heard of the many atrocities that he has committed against the poor defenseless kenyan lads. he capitalizes on their poverty and makes promises and then preys on them sexually!! we have compiled different stories from different people with the full intention of handing these over to the DPP and Immigration, to strengthen our case of deportation and/or refusal of a working permit! This devil MUST be deported.


  7. Could you clarify what you mean he is back in Kenya? He never left. We are legion we never forget.


  8. Well-Meegan is now back in Kenya. I guess nothing changed.


  9. Yes it is clear he was homosexual, but that is not the issue. It is not orientation which defines the abuser. You could say the same about heterosexuals. Also many are bisexual and as a result women are are also victims. The guys in Kenya want help.


  10. I looked in on this story to-day and am very surprised to see that Meegan is still on the loose, still playing Moses to the Maasai, – and still getting funds in his pocket from somewhere.

    I knew him when he first came to Kenya, first posing as a Jesuit missionary and later a doctor. He came to the Icross clinic in Ngong where I was lending a voluntary hand, and soon started to take over. He scammed and lied and manipulated his way into the confidence of everybody from benevolent expats to the ‘accepting’ Maasai.

    It was clear to me that he was a poser and homosexual (I am NOT homophobic, but we must consider the time,1976 and place Maasai country, Kenya) When the ‘stories’ about him started to leak out about his behaviour among the Maasai and the personal ‘manipulation’ of donated funds, no one was less surprised than I. And, to think, the NUI gave him an honorary doctorate – just what he needed to upgrade his behaviour!


  11. I sincerely hope that notice is taken of the above. They accepted Meegan into their community on good faith.What he did is sickening; an abuser who likes to be a big fish in a small pond and he shows a lack of conscience when he continues to try and milk the system when there is nothing to show for previous donations.


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