Dialogue Ireland discuss Scientology on Galway Bay FM

Mike Garde gave an interview on the subject of the Scientology Supreme Court challenge in the UK. We take the view that that the judgement was not about the issue of whether Scientology is a religion or not but rather whether its beliefs came within the framework for Scientologists to hold marriages in registered buildings, two separate issues. The issue is whether this represents a recognition of Scientology as a Religion or not. We take the view that asking whether Scientology is a Religion or not is really a side show. What is of more importance is whether it is exercising undue influence over its members!


Keith F

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  1. Scientology’s bona fides have been officially recognized by a number of governmental agencies and public authorities in the United Kingdom. These include:

    The Ministry of Defence, which has officially recognized the Scientology religion in the Royal Navy (1996).

    HM Customs and Excise, which classifies the Church as a religious organization (2001). Inland Revenue, which ruled that Church staff serve out of a religious commitment rather than financial award (2001).

    The City of Westminster Finance Department, which holds that the Church of Scientology qualifies as a charity “with purposes beneficial to the community.” http://wp.me/p2Cfx3-1hR


  2. Nope! lol :)


  3. I assume you don’t need the teddy bear anymore?


  4. Scientology is awesome! I’ve been using Scientology for 2 years now, and it has helped me tremendously!


  5. The main problem with Scientology is it’s deceptive practices. It can’t be both a Science and a religion. It is a religion with a price list. The Scientology “state of Clear” costs €50,000 minimum but that is never told to the person who participates in the inexpensive talk therapy of “Dianetics” and does start to feel better, or listened to. That is a basic human exchange.

    The “state of Clear” is the equivalent of baptism in Scientology and you get a certificate to “prove” that you are “Clear”. These certificates are regularly reviewed and the person must repay to do level. If a “Clear” criticizes Scientology publicly their certificate is revoked. Of the first 100 “Clears” 52 of them had their certificates revoked. Every “service” has a financial cost to it.


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