Mike Meegan and the ICROSS seven – Allegations of abuse and misrepresentation continue

DI has been approached by an alleged victim of sexual assault by Mr Mike Meegan. He also has another six persons who claim to be victims of Meegan who wish to be heard. They want to come out of the shadows which leaves without power. They feel that they are strangers in their own country and that Meegan is able to manage the public space and represent himself as St Michael of the Maasai. DI is going to bring their stories onto our blog as part of our campaign to make the public aware of the facts clearly evidenced in the High Court of Ireland.



Meegan who is still claiming to be a medical doctor and is practicing without a licence according to research which has exposed his waywardness.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on him:


Here we read a dense and full description of a humanitarian  befriended by the brightest  and the best. He is a pioneer of dedication to the lowest of the lowest.

We quote a section to show how he works at trying to cover up his tracks:

Sexual abuse allegations[edit]

Meegan has been accused of sexual abuse.[21] A former employee of Meegan’s charity ICROSS accused Meegan of sexual abuse which is said to have begun in 1986. Allegations also include financial impropriety on the part of Meegan regarding his use of charitable funds. The allegations were originally investigated by the Irish Mail on Sunday, a publication of the Irish Daily Mail. Meegan attempted to obtain a gag order against the publication which was subsequently denied by the court.[21] The court ruled that the Irish Mail on Sunday provided enough evidence to support their publication of the accusations and that they had shown it was likely they would be able to defend any libel claim made by Meegan.[21]

See how he skillfully tries to give the impression that he had overturned the Mail on Sunday judgement:

Meegan admitted to sharing a bed with one of his accusers, but insisted that it was not sexual.[22] Meegan later obtained a settlement from the Irish Mail on Sunday after filing a civil suit against them.[23]


21. a b c O’Farrell, Michael (25 April 2010). “Charity Boss loses court fight to gag MoS over sex abuse claims”. Irish Mail on Sunday (News Scoops (PDF Link to Original Publication)). Retrieved 1 December 2013.
22.  O’Farrel, Michael (25 April 2010). “I Shared Bed with Kenyan Employee, Says Charity Boss; It was not sexual, he insists after losing court case to MoS”. The Daily Mail. Retrieved 1 December 2013.
23. Healy, Time (13 November 2012). “Charity worker gets settlement and apology from Irish Daily mail over sexual misconduct claims”. The Independent. Retrieved 1 December 2013.

Notice how recently these references were retrieved:

We showed last year that what in fact happened had no relevance to the issues connected to whether the claims of sexual misconduct in fact happened or not, but to a legal technicality around who had permission to publish an article.


Mow St Michael is making a new career in taking every media outlet to court to assist his charitable work:

We are informed by our source that nothing of consequence is happening at the charity in Kenya. However, from the web site one would think that ICROSS was a hive of activity.


Let us take one example:


Here we have the story of Dr Joe Barnes a man of great integrity who relentlessly supported Meegan when some in Ireland were fighting to save the charity from being wrested by Meegan for his own use.


Such was the undue influence that this renowned academic was under that the funds given by the Irish public are now with the Irish Charity Commissioners with an uncertain future. The victims of Meegan in Kenya need resources to communicate, a tablet to tell their story and the ability to access proper counselling to deal with the long term affects of their abuse. DI calls on the commissioners to review the High Court Judgement and release funds to an appropriate agency working in Kenya who can assist the victims.

Read the latest news on the blog:

ICROSS Celebrates founders 99th Birthday!
Latest News » 14 November 2013

Having worked in Africa for over 40 years across the continent.
Dr Barnes (Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine in the Royal
College of Surgeon Ireland) founded ICROSS (International community
of starvation and suffering).
Dr Barnes was working in Leprosy clinics  during the Second World War
in Nigeria where he returned during  the Biafran war.
Together with Dr Michael Meegan he established the ICROSS
Research unit and pioneered diarrhoeal research publishing extensively.
He was knighted by the Pope for his services to the poor.

Today the ICROSS teams in Kenya celebrate the co-founder 99th birthday
by planting an acacia tree at the Joe Barnes clinic and maternity unit
in longosua, masailand.

Speaking at the ceremony the ICROSS Country Director Danny Ngwiri said
“I had the Horner to meet Dr. Burns in Ireland and share with him our work,
he remains actively interested in all of our programes and he has continued
to support all of our work here for the last 35 years. ”

The Joe Barnes clinic was opened by Pro. Ronan Conroy in 1997 has
been serving the remote rural communities for many years.
We have trained over 240 community health workers and 180
Traditional Birth Attendants in the area.

Each year ICROSS awards the Joe Barnes projects to a need community since 2005.

Dr Michael Meegan who co-founded ICROSS with Dr. Barnes said today “we
will carry on the work and legacy of Dr. Joe Barnes,
and we remain committed to long term comprehensive health care,
I spoke with Dr Barnes last night to wish him Happy Birthday.”

Dr Meegan who is also the International Director also thanked
the Maasai communities for the partnerships and the Ministry of
health for its dedication and collaboration.

Just south of the Karen Blixen Museum in Karen, Mike Meegan lives close to the Chairman Bar on the Ngong Road in Ngong, Kenya. He was seen recently by one of the victims in Karen.


This is just south west of Nairobi near the Ngong Hills along the Great Rift Valley, located in the southwest of Nairobi, in southern Kenya. The word “Ngong” is a Maasai word meaning “knuckles” due to the 4 hill peaks of the ridge, which stands alone rising from the plain around Nairobi.

The Ngong Hills, from the eastside slopes, overlook the Nairobi National Park game reserve and, off to the north, the city of Nairobi. The Ngong Hills, from the westside slopes, overlook the Great Rift Valley dropping over 4,000 feet below, where nomadic Maasai villages have been developed.



4 Responses

  1. Thank you James for your concern. Your interest in assisting the victims is exactly where we in DI are focused. Could you call me on Skype: mikergarde or if in Ireland at 0872396229. I am on my phone so can’t check your IP.


  2. I’d like to know more about that .Tell me more about how the victim’s are to helped, Maybe I can assist in some way. See my post (as James Cordell) in another DI section on this story.


  3. Mike Meegan is still acting like Saint Francis of Assisi here in Kenya. He has fooled a lot of people, but the truth will out. The victims have approached Dialogue Ireland to follow up this matter so that they can be counseled and compensated. Most of the victims were never paid for their work at Icross.


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