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  1. It looks like the legal firm pulled out all the stops. It is frightening to realise how much power Scientology has that even a judge, who should have taken time to educate himself fully about Scientology, can only show ignorance at passing such a law. How can this happen when there is a huge amount of information pertaining to physical and mental abuse already documented and verified by past members of this pseudo religious cult?

    The law is failing everyone who is presently held hostage in the cult of Scientology who are forced to work like slaves.


  2. They would like to give the impression that they are just an average couple who simply want the right to get legally married in their own “church” but it’s really a step towards getting legal recognition for Scientology as a religion, and all the tax advantages that will give it’s business interests.

    The girl in the couple is Louisa Hodkin, the daughter of the owner of Scientology’s UK legal firm Hodkin & Company.
    Allessandro Calcioli is the grandson of the late Neil Gaiman who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest infiltration of the US federal government in it’s history.


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