Hades and Byrne face final Judgement today Friday November 29, 2013

It has come to the attention of Dialogue Ireland that the High Court will be the venue for the case concerning the take over of the Victory Church premises by the receivers .


Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan Hade

Also they seem to have joined some new grouping called the Coalition of Apostles.


by Mark W. Pfeifer

Joan Hunter Commissions Convening Apostles in Ireland
“I am on the plane headed back to the United States,” said Joan Hunter recently adding, “What a glorious trip!
“Besides conducting healing and evangelistic services, Hunter said,”
Sunday night in front of the church I prayed over Brendon and Sheila Hade as I gave them the (ICA Convening Apostles)certificate.”

Commenting on the Hades, Joan concluded her remarks by saying, ”
They oversee many churches and have regular meetings with local pastors. They have a pastor in the north that will oversee the north. They are planning on joining us in Dallas next year.” And we are looking forward to introducing them to the ICA family!


8 Responses

  1. Anyone who has any doubt about how the scriptures are being used should read a book called “Soul Rape” by Shean A. Smith LivingPress.org Gulf Shores, Alabama, U.S.A.

    I am not insinuating that anyone should give up their faith; however, the church has caused misunderstanding of the teachings of Jesus and his disciples and one can only view this as abusive when done for profit and power. Reading about the Hades led me to believe what they do is abusive and sections of the book clarified the matter about ‘abundance’ preachers. God does not have a bank account, THEY do. It is better to steer clear of churches like Hades particularly when it is obvious their main aim is to make money.

    donnellyelizabeth, reading what Hade has already interpreted for you does not give you a clear picture. How much have you had to give the ‘church’ to have your barn filled?


  2. We go to victory cf and we only listen to bible words honour the lord wiht thy substance and the first fruits of your increase then your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will brim over with new wine.proverbs 3v9 are just the fisrt generation of christians in Ireland wiht this gift to say the word of God openly anywhere and we are grateful to our good pastors to telling us so.our pastors told us to read these words for ourselves remember blessed are the men who do not stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of the scorners,I am an irish citizen and feel terrible to think to speak the truth gods word given to us by our pastors . we are blessed just think blessed.bless you.


  3. In that case someone needs to keep a very sharp eye on them and a study should be done on how they are changing the Christian message. Do they use bible quotations to extract money from church attenders? Are they connected to ‘new age’ belief systems that preach prosperity as recognition of having a special calling from God to capitalise on those who attend?


  4. no it isn’t…if you look around you will find more.


  5. America is very lackadaisical in this area and it is worrying that they are unconcerned about the endemic mind-controlling cultic groups that are active in the country.

    I would hope this is the end of the Hades and prosperity gospel preachers in Ireland.


  6. Angie…what you are quoting/saying is exactly what the Hades preached or tried to drill into us. For us it did not work, we saw the light and ran as quickly as we could. It almost sounds like Jones Town scenario!


  7. It’s huge in America and very evident in Victory particularly when they invite American guests to preach.

    Jesse Duplantis in Galway – The Flight of capital or greed disguised

    I have watched pastors evangelise on God TV Revival Alert, Jerusalem and the message they give to people is that when they give money they give to God, to His kingdom. “Do it for God. Do it now. God will bless you.” They promise their listeners they will be blessed with “supernatural abundance”. “The Holy Ghost is working on you to give lots of money.” They want their listeners to believe they are “Protected from floods” and it “Protects the future” To show that you honour God you give him money. Giving will “Sow your seed”.

    Gallagher uses Our Lady and there is nothing different between what they do and what she does. It’s all about accumulating wealth.

    It is difficult to some of us to believe that people are so gullible to believe their supposedly ‘divine’ messages and it all points to craftily concocted religious beliefs that tweaks the brain into giving money with the added benefit of feeling good about it. Daylight robbery if you ask me.


  8. Sounds like another weird group…since when do you have to pay, be recommended or buy your way into Gods Kingdom????


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