DI Director on Shannonside Radio with Joe Finnegan about The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge.


The Joe Finnegan Show on Shannonside Radio:

Click here to download an MP3 of the programme (10MB) 

Joe Finnegan Show calls on the public to ring in with information. One assumes Michael Caulfield will ring in to explain how he can be a priest in a diocese when he is not validly ordained nor has his community sought permission from the Bishop to operate? Hopefully he can call to inform the people of Longford, Roscommon & Leitrim what he is about?
John Lynch. Photo: Michelle Ghee.


If people in the Shannonside Region are talking about it, Joe Finnegan is talking about it and more often than not people are talking about The Joe Finnegan Show! Each weekday morning for over 20 years Joe Finnegan has delved into, discussed and debated the issues that matter most to the people of counties Longford, Roscommon & Leitrim. For Joe it’s all about listeners, they set the agenda. It’s their experiences, stories and opinions that matter. Not only does Joe share problems, he helps solve them also. During The Joe Finnegan Show you are listening to local people and local issues at their very best and sometimes worst. You are guaranteed to be informed, angered, irritated, shocked but always entertained.

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Kamm this link is so it is prevented from being posted until you have a look. Just pointing out my two comments above. Concerned about someones well being with a comment that was posted and don’t think gadfly will be online for a while. Thanks.


  2. Hi dialogueireland. My concerns are for peoples sanity. This other thing is a cult (by definition) but I myself have no intention of trying to get info here! I don’t think gadfly meant any harm and naturally she was using the terms that come to mind. Seriously worried about people! We would be happy to contacting you with our concerns.


  3. No write to me c/o of my email address info@dialogueireland.org Also attach the pics to that address and send me a complete document in word with the links. Remember evidence of fraud and abuse, not theological heresy. Also we will now vacate this blog and keep our communication private. I will then in due course delete this thread, except The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge elements.


  4. from Kamm’s affidavit…
    “Answer: This question to me was very unclear as I was not sure whether you sere asking how many children I fathered, or how many women have I exercised the dispensation from the Divine Law. Which wife – Anne, my previous wife, or Bettina, my current wife?

    Let me make it clear! Anne Kamm, also known as Anne Bicego, separated from me in August, 1991. During this period I Mystically married Bettina Lammermann Heinrich – this was according to God’s Command, as per revelation given in 1990. God suspended the marriage between Anne and myself at that time, thus making it lawful to be married to Bettina. This matter of Mystical Theology is yet to be decided by the Church in due process of the Inquiry now taking place. I was officially married to Anne in the Roman Catholic Church in 1983, and we had four children.

    I mystically and symbolically married Bettina in Church on the 19th September, 1991. To this day I have had five children to her – two physically and three mystically, which is also yet to be considered by Church authorities. It is these three I was referring to in your question – No. 44 – as my answer was three. Not three women. I currently have nine children, and only one wife – Bettina Kamm.”


  5. Perhaps you would be so kind to assemble the evidence for this and send it to me


  6. If you put in more than one link it will immediately hold it from publication till we have a look at it.
    It has nothing to do with the content. DI Moderation.


  7. Who will guard the guards? A church that is not concerned about its members and treats with contempt its correspondence is on the road to extinction. However, as you can see we are not concerned about whether it is heretical or not. Our concern is the abuse of people, not theological orthodoxy. Any evidence you have on that front send to us and we can create a new category. I have written to Louise to that effect.


  8. I have written two letters to Dublin Bishop Diarmuid Martin urging that he decree that the private revelations of Mary Carberry are ‘constat de nonsupernaturalitate’ or not supernatural. No Reply to date.


  9. Regarding Christine Lammermann, there is documentation from Kamm’s legal proceedings which document that his teenage ‘mystical wife’ Bettina is named Bettina Lammermann Heinrich (Kamm). She is the daughter of Christine and they are friends on social media sites. You can compare Mrs. Lammermann’s profile picture with the one on your site of the organizational meeting of the Our Lady of Refuge cult in Ireland. Mrs. Lammermann is also in the circle of Dr. Breffni Cully (on Google +) who is a business director for MDM enterprises Trumpet Publishing Ltd. (Coma Books) and also Merdel Ltd. Mrs. Lammermann also posts the MDM messages on her own webpages. There are also persons affilliated with William Kamm who have posted comments on the Jesus to Mankind (MDM) Facebook page and Bishop Napierski has also commented on the site. Here are two links which clearly prove Lammermann’s affilliation with Our Lady of Refuge cult… https://twitter.com/Roadtofortune

    ‘Christine Lammermann Says:’
    October 31st, 2012…
    “…I am so fortunate to work with a Group who is building a new Congregation of ” Our Lady of Refuge”…

    I did not want to post these links since they are personal comments and websites but since you asked for proof – there it is. Admin may delete this comment is you deem it not appropriate for public posting.


  10. You have in fact confirmed that you were only using the The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge to raise the issue of the Maria Divine Mercy ‘heresy.’
    You have produced no evidence to suggest that Christine Lammermann as the mother of Bettina Kamm (mystical wife of William Kamm – Little Pebble, is the person concerned. You called them a cult without any evidence and are trying through stealth to use our platform to deal with the issues concerning the Maria Divine Mercy Group.
    First of all we are not concerned about whether views you hold are heretical or not. The only body who has a role in this regard are the Catholic Church and if they refuse to act responsibly then it is with that body you need to get a response. We have found that they are totally delinquent and that Cardinal Brady has deserted the victims of the House of Prayer by his failure to address the victims of that scam which is enabled by Fr Gerard McGinnity of the Archdiocese of Armagh. The Catholic Church refuses to act even though he has been up to his tonsils with this group.
    We can assist you but we require evidence, and not claims of heresy which are not for us to enquire about, but the appropriate Episcopal authorities. Please stop using this thread for your actions other wise we will be forced to move them to our commenting section.


  11. First I need to clarify that it is not my goal to, as you claim, ‘stalk’ anyone. Tens of thousands of Faithful Catholics have fallen prey to the Maria Divine Mercy heresy. Mary Carberry has been positively identified by theologian Ron Conte as the MDM ‘prophetess’. She runs a website and a Facebook page with over 60,000 followers and these people post vile comments about our beloved Holy Father Pope Francis, referring to him as ‘wicked’ and as a ‘false prophet’. Anyone in disagreement with the ‘messages’ of this seer is blocked from commenting on the page or engaging in any sort of rational debate/discussion. The MDM Cult is causing divisions in many families. The goal behind my comments here is to point out the truth about this schismatic group and those in its leadership behind the scenes. The picture continues to grow and this goes well beyond Mary McGovern Carberry receiving a few innocent messages from supernatural (or preternatural) ‘entities’. The goal of my comments is not malicious in any way towards Mary or anyone involved with her messages. My goal is to save souls and help those deceived to return to their Catholic Faith – including Mrs. McGovern Carberry herself. I pray for her daily.


  12. First what is your criteria for calling this group a cult?
    May I then suggest that you might before naming Christine Lammermann as the mother of Bettina Kamm (mystical wife of William Kamm – Little Pebble,) give us your evidence?

    I think that is her in the red sweater and white veil over her head?

    Mary McGovern Carberry (Maria Divine Mercy) is your real goal in regard to this comment. You have used our site as a stalking horse.
    We are watching your strategy develop, hopefully it is not so simplistic?


  13. I understand that one of those who is a member of the Our Lady of Refuge cult is a lady name Christine Lammermann who is the mother of Bettina Kamm (mystical wife of William Kamm – Little Pebble). She appears in the picture of the cult’s organizational meeting in Ireland … https://dialogueireland.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/congregation-of-our-lady-of-refuge.jpg I think that is her in the red sweater and white veil over her head? Mrs. Lammermann is also in the Google + circle of Breffni Cully who is a business director for another cult leader and false seer Mary McGovern Carberry (Maria Divine Mercy). She in turn is affilliated with controversial clairvoyant Joe Coleman. Funny how birds of a heretic feather seem to all flock together isn’t it? http://jkhgadfly.wordpress.com/the-prophetess-and-the-psychic/


  14. Thanks for that pertinent summary. I am surprised Michael Caulfield has not been interviewed as yet?
    I wonder if any of them are computer literate and can make a defence on our blog. We will give them an unedited right to place a post here to argue that they have apostolic succession to Peter?
    That Bishop Napierski is not a total fraud etc. We will put up soon a number of items to give our readers background on this group.


  15. Fidelma, it is not a “Christian based community”…it is a man called Michael Caulfield who dresses up as a priest at weekends and pretends to say mass. When Michael Caulfield is not in this house at weekends he is with his wife and children in Santry in Dublin. Michael Caulfield lives in Dublin and runs his business “Calfer Insulation” from Dublin. He then comes down to Roscommon for the wends and dresses like a priest. Michael Caulfied is also connected to William Kamm who is currently serving a prison sentence for rape in Australia. Michael Caulfied claims he was ordained by Bishop Ralph Napierski but Napierski is not recognized by the catholic church and has no authority to ordain anyone. If you do a little bit of research on these guys you should be able to understand that these are not genuine serious people let alone sincere catholics. These people don’t matter and nobody cares about them (which is probably why they have become delusional)…..what is extremely sad and worrying though is the younger and more vulnerable people that they manipulate and take advantage of.


  16. i know a respectable family in Ballaghadereen who have visited the house there and said they are lovely people free to go and come as they please.There is no pressure on them there to stay or go its a really nice place to live in a Christian based community .I think Dialogue Ireland have a cult following myself and are themselves a cult .You guys in dialogue Ireland have lost the plot .Happy Christmas dialogue ireland hope you have a prosperous new year !


  17. here, how patronising. this is wrong. it makes the house of prayer like baby infants in comparison


  18. What dangers are you talking about sweetheart? You must not forget that ballaghadreen is a village at the rear end of the world, and it wouldnt be surprising if the folk there were a wee bit slow to cop on.


  19. I heard this interview, while travelling in the car. I am shocked this is going on in Ballaghadreen and not known to most people. People need to be informed more on it.


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