Prime Time on the implications of the events surrounding the women in captivity for 30 years

Broadcast on: November 25th, 2013
RTE 1 Prime Time

Prime Time with David McCullough

Prime Time on the unfolding story of the three women allegedly held as slaves in London.

Barry Cummings introduces the theme of influence and first interviews Dr Ian Robertson from Trinity College, Dublin  followed by Anne Robinson talking about the influence she believes her brother Tony Phelan is under undue influence in Scientology. The Scientologists refrain from participation in the programme as for them the issue as they see it has nothing to do with them, but is a purely private family affair.
Anne Robinson explains that the family have had no contact with him since
the death of his father 12 years ago. He has totally disconnected from his family.

The Director of the Dialogue Ireland Trust* Mike Garde and Dr Patrick Randall of Forensic Psychological Services* discuss the nature of undue influence and the processes which might be involved in being ‘invisibly mentally handcuffed,’ and in ‘the spider’s web,’ of these types of groups.


You can watch this episode of Prime Time by clicking on this link:

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