Fr Gerard McGinnity – The Author

Part Two The Author:

During his time as Senior Dean of St Patrick’s College, Dr McGinnity was well known for conducting retreats for diocesan clergy and religious, he contributed to RTE and UTV religious broadcasts, was being talked about as a future bishop (4) and had published a number of books, including “Christmen – the Experience of Priesthood Today”, which was a best seller in 1985. (3)
Fr Tom Lane of The Universe, wrote of Christmen “What is different and attractive about this book is the frequent use of such sources as secular and religious poetry, film etc.” Lane describes Christmen as an “extended word of encouragement to those who want to be good priests”.

Fr Martin Tierney, writing in The Furrow referred to Christmen as “a practical and pastoral guide to fruitfully living the priesthood in this busy world.” and in recommending it describes Dr McGinnity’s first book as a work of “spiritual refreshment and practical wisdom”.
Fr Oswin Magrath, in The Southern Cross referred to Christmen as having “a refreshing renewal and contemporary character”.

Cardinal Tomas O’Fiaich contributed the forward to Christmen. and to McGinnity’s next book ‘Celebrating with Mary’ published in 1987. Of the later he writes, “Fr McGinnity’s book is timely in so far as it coincides with the expressed aims of the Holy Father. While maintaining the richness of the Church’s teaching on Mary, Fr McGinnity has a particular feel for the wealth contained in traditional Irish literature and spirituality.”

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