Sunday Times Editorial on the State of the Catholic Church in Ireland

In an article entitled Pope Idol the Sunday Times on November 17, 2013 finds that the Catholic Church is seeing a surge of interest and membership following the election of Pope Francis. However, Ireland is bucking the trend and there are no signs of the reversal of the decline here.

They further expanded on this in an editorial as follows:

Sunday Times EditorialThey reference the continued fall out of the sexual abuse issue as holding the key to this lack of renewal. The key figure they point to as needing to go is Cardinal Sean Brady.

They have seen through the strategy put into place by the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown to start putting in bishops who speak in poetry but continue the same old jaded policies. As the Sunday Times noted Sean Brady should have gone before the Eucharistic Congress last year, but he had a kind of Born Again Catholic experience and a kind of mist fell over the past. However, they had to prepare for his exit by bringing on Eamon Martin an insider who could claim after Brady walked off stage that he knew nothing about the past…forgive …forgive and of course forget would become the new theme.

Archbishop Brady has refused to respond to the cries of those affected by the House of Prayer in this case not vulnerable children but now vulnerable adults and generally elderly people who think the House of Prayer is a safe place blessed by the Church as its main priest Gerard McGinnity is from the Archdiocese of Armagh and strays into the Tuam Archdiocese every Saturday neglecting his own parish of Knockbridge, Co Louth. The Cardinal refuses to call him on this, and he is allowing him to enable a schismatic,  unrecognised entity to continue.

Over ten years people have appealed him to react and he does not even give them the courtesy of a reply. These calls have now become screams and the situation is getting close to breaking point with every new story about the House of Prayer brings the Catholic Church into disrepute.

As a canon lawyer, Cardinal Brady told TV3 to get Tuam to do something about it. When they ask Tuam they say they can do nothing more…… He has jurisdiction over McGinnity but we believe McGinnity has some hold over him.

It seem likely that the next course of action the victims will take is to write to the Pope directly, not only might they more likely get a reply they might even get a call?

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  1. ah here, diversion, diversion, what has that to do with people been brainwashed out of their funds and lives


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