RAVING Christina Gallagher has lashed out at the Sunday World for exposing her latest luxury mansion. The boss of the controversial House of Prayer on Achill Island exploded when we revealed she had bought another million euro mansion in a secluded private estate. Her official website accused this reporter of being “a stalker” for unveiling yet again her fabulous wealth.


And it laughingly claimed we had put her life in danger by revealing
her latest address at Coldwater Lakes, Citywest, Dublin. In a sickening case of self-justification, it was claimed she had to buy an amazing English mansion, complete with its own lake and indoor pool, because we had exposed her previous home, a stunning €4million palace on the private Abington Estate in Malahide, Co Dublin

But again, this self-proclaimed visionary failed to mention where the millions came from to buy these astonishing houses – two of eight fabulous homes the Sunday World has uncovered in the last five years. Instead, we are told the English property was bought to “remove her from the increasing danger and give her a little piece of mind.”

When the Sunday World uncovered this incredible €2m house two years
ago “Mrs Gallagher sold the house in the UK and returned to Malahide.”
It was money from this sale that bought the latest fabulous home in Coldwater Lakes, the website revealed. But yet again it never says where the initial millions came from? The Sunday World has exposed for five years how money-loving Gallagher (59), lives like a queen, while persuading elderly followers to donate their life savings to her cause.  We revealed two weeks ago how one woman – who featured on Midweek programme on Wednesday claimed her mothers life had been destroyed by the House of-Prayer.

She said her brainwashed mum had lost half her body weight. through constant fasting and said up to 100 rosaries a day. The woman planned to
appeal to the Pope to stop Christina Gallagher because the Church in Ireland
had refused to act.


Gallagher insists on her website that she owns only one home. But by her own admission in the article she reveals she owns three – the marital home
she shares with her estranged husband, the new Coldwater mansion and the Malahide house, which has not been sold. And we have proved how she also bought other houses – some without a mortgage for herself and her family.

She slams the Sunday World for suggesting she is separated, when in fact she and her husband Paddy have lived apart for years. He lives in Co. Mayo and by her own admission she  lived in Malahide.

Gallagher has lived a millionaire’s lifestyle since opening the House of
Prayer 20 years ago. She says she gets regular messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus threatening the end of the world and claims anyone who I
donates to her houses of prayer or buys one of her miraculous €250 pic-
tures will be saved. Other scams have included the sale of ‘holy’ bricks and
€50-a-pop rosary beads.
House of Swear topHouse of Swear0002


27 Responses

  1. The sooner Christina Gallagher is put in jail for fraud the better . She puts the payments to politicians inquiry in the ” halfpenny place”


  2. The situation seems very clear from the above exchanges. The person JL is clearly repeatedly and publicly declaring, branding an executive of Dialogueireland (an Irish Charity) as a liar.
    Why does Dialogueireland not insist that Michael Garde publishes proof of his allegations, or gracefully admit to having made a mistake?
    It must be a dreadful thing to be publicly called a liar. One would expect urgent retaliation with proof.
    Does the Charity not worry that this must reflect very negatively on it’s image?
    Then for heavens sake insist that Mr Garde resolves the situation, and one might hope that JL may even be a reasonable man, if wronged by some mistaken actions from your side.


  3. Angie don’t waste your time he has done this before. He claims I am stalking him for what? I suggested going to Greystones to meet him and he was talking of using guns. Does that sound like a Catholic disarmed by the gospel?
    He has just outed himself and is repeating the same baloney that you, the Madhair and myself are the same guy. The Madhair demonstrated this convincingly to be not the case but he is so under the influence of the H of P he is frothing at the mouth and persists with these delusional ideas!


  4. I am not Mike Garde. I have no response to your comment as I know nothing of the incident you refer to.


  5. James Lynn
    Do you wish us to remove your name and your location from your comment above?
    Did you intend to out yourself?
    Do let us know?

    this note is to advise you formally to remove all reverence to my name from your poisonous site

    I assume you mean reference rather than reverence?

    Monday 25th november this matter will be in the hands of my solicitors.

    What particular use of your name are you thinking of. You have just placed your name and location
    on our site. You do not need legal advice to know that there is no breach of confidentiality and there was a comment based on your last set of comments when you gave your name and told us you were going away was it in September, I can’t remember?
    Are we missing something? We would be totally open to meet you to discuss any issues you have on your mind. would Fr Gerard McGinnity act as a mediator? I assume you would not mind my selecting a person too?
    Naturally, I would assume you would leave any weapons you have behind. Eph 6!


  6. Dear Dialogueireland and Mr Michael Garde this note is to advise you formally to remove all reverence to my name from your poisonous site and to advise you that as of Monday 25th november this matter will be in the hands of my solicitors .


  7. Angie…I do not know wether you are Michael Garde or not…I do not even care…but I want YOU and all who read this site to know that Michael Garde and Dialogueireland are LIARS. Mr Madhair may gesticulate all he/she likes..but here are the simple facts.

    Michael Garde REPEATEDLY accused Mr J** L*** of having been in USA fundraising and working with Dept IRA on behalf of a team comprising og Mrs Gallagher/Fr G McGinnity and others. This was LIES. Micheal Garde repeatedly published these LIES..under the nan
    me of Dialogueireland.
    The individual in question had not visited USA since 1991. He tried to get Michael Garde to admit his errors, which was probably published because M.Garde believed the lies of an informant, Majella Meade who seems to have hated this individual.
    Because of M/s state of health, this individual was charitable and allowed all negative actions from her side to be the probable cause by drugs/medication etc…BUT…Michael Garde and Dialogue are NOT permitted to publish lies/gossip//hatred and all of this did great damage to the person M.Garde defamed and accused of being in USA on illicit fundraising, WHILST HE WAS ACTUALLY WORKING IN ANOTHER CONTINENT>. And under contract to other companies at the times highlighted.
    This individual AGAIN demands a fully and widely published apology from the so-called Charity called Dialogue ireland and from its director whom he has had to request Gardai protection fom stalking/intimidation and harassment. This individual is willing to meet Michael Garde to accept his apologies and accept his offer of damages done.
    This individual hopes that the relevant meeting is not one done under circumstances where extreme violence may by justified, since Mr Garde has been well warned in advance risks involved.

    BUT…MY GOD what does this all say about the CHARITY ORG Dialogueireland…AND its Director Michael Garde who is given open access to our colleges to talk to young people about BEHAVIOUR?????

    In many comments…M.Garde/Dialogueireland/themadhair/ have asked for FACTS….well sirs, here are some FACTS I would like you to quickly. fully and truthfully reply to…


  8. Josefu Obe,
    Sounds like you should have a chat with the nuns when you next go back.

    You seem to be into making money like Christina Gallagher?

    I have pictures I would sell if somebody needed interest.

    You could email one to see if we will invest in buying more?
    You did not happen to meet a guy called Jim Lynn while you were out there? He told us he was going away till Christmas. Perhaps Christina has him in charge of her African House?
    God Bless Africa and shame the devil


  9. This is a very telling argument


  10. First CG denies living in or owning these houses.
    Then she admits to owning the houses and at the same time accuses those who uncovered her houses of being liars.
    So CG admits to being a liar.


  11. I reside and I work in Ireland for security. On recent trip home to N.Nigeria I was informrd about 2 large Irish houses of prayer. One is finished nr my home town of Gusau with 24 hours armed guards , most recently against Boko=Harum attack. The other bigger buildings is in Kuta it is near Minna, but not finished with Irishman there paying the contracts and the many workers.
    I have pictures I would sell if somebody needed interest.


  12. As long as the Catholic Church “fail to have a public campaign speaking out to warn people” about the H of P we have to endure very strange comments by their members. I have no clue what he is referring to. It does not say much for their state of mind and I can only assume the comments reflect what can happen to some people when influenced by this cult.


  13. It is a thought what it means in Latin, to see what the meaning of screw people of all their money in the name of Our Lady and God. also, how long are these promises of crisis are happening? I know Fr. McG reportedly said at a meeting ” this time next year, I will not be standing before you, asking you to be privileged enough to be apart of Our Lady’s plan. I will not be standing before you again, because your money will be worthless”(2007)how many times since? well, for Mrs. Gallagher, many houses, many hospitalisations apparently not covered by insurance.. should one go on! I think the Lord loves us all, we do not have to be able to provide any person, no matter how privileged their role in portraying any message, because we are all equal in the eyes of God.


  14. Angie…we sure know you by your fruits….and the big “fruit” of the S.World…what a sham and lot of wankers you are.


  15. Meg

    “Christina did not ask to be a vessel for God to use.” I would say “you will know them by their fruits”; a money racket if ever I saw one. She and McGinnity set the whole thing up deliberately. The physical contortions she hypnotises herself into I have seen umpteen times in the Tony Quinn Centre where religious beliefs are not a requisite for effect. Believing in Gallagher’s ability to fool people is not necessary to keep your faith. How do you feel about the Catholic Church’s opinion on and rejection of The House of Prayer?


  16. Fr. Brian D’arcy will be willing confirm this statement?

    Unlikely, but would be interesting to get his take on this whole sorry mess.

    Seems Jim putting the House of Prayer line out to a wider audience has set off our resident House of Prayer trolls. Interesting.


  17. In Canon Law…..is Stalker, in Latin translated as “homo stalkiens”?
    Can anyone with knowledge of Latin advise asap for prep of a doc to Pope Francis


  18. absolutely, and people (idiots, and well meaning people alike) think they are majorly smart making comments as above! but as they say and believe what goes around comes around. sadly, I understand the poster using various identities has himself admitted his unbelief and is making sure he keeps a foot both sides of the boarder as they say. I would never want to be remembered as a hypocrite


  19. CG is a shrewd business woman preying on peoples insecurities.


  20. Fr. Brian D’arcy will be willing confirm this statement?


  21. i heard from very good reliable source dialogue ireland is funded 100 percent by freemasons in Ireland and numerous so called charity trusts funded by freemasons .The question begs why do freemasons continue to fund these websites and fund tv3 airing the documentary thats not about cults its about destroying mission to save souls by making peace with God through prayer and confession .there are 5,000 cults in america making 70 billion us dollars every single year why not attack them dialogue ireland because they are here in ireland too .I know dialogue ireland will not listen but people of Ireland read with discernment between media lines this is a conspiracy to destroy mission to help Ireland in due course dialogue ireland and sunday world and others who attack Christina Gallagher will pull their hair out with regret for interfering with messenger and prophet from God .God have mercy on Ireland .


  22. May the Lord have mercy on Jim Gallagher and his staff and the likes.
    Our Lord and Our Lady Queen of Peace will win this terrible battle of evil to discredit this holy messenger from God. Our God never condones ruthlessness, slander, and other uncharitable acts, AT ANY TIME, not to mention towards Christina. You must NOT be in love with Our Lord, otherwise, you would not be in the line of work where you treat people so poorly.
    God is so good to give us the Mission of Our Lady Queen of Peace, reminding us to follow the 10 Commandments, return to the Sacraments, Pray the Rosary from the Heart to save souls, and pray for the world. Evil is stronger now than at any other time in history. Sin is growing every moment .
    There are times in history when Our Dear God in Heaven intervenes to allow a chosen holy person to bring messages to mankind to help them turn back to Him, to prepare for the times ahead and to live the pure Christian lives God intended them to live. Christina did not ask to be a vessel for God to use. Her life has been threatened many times, Jesus and Mary asked the faithful to keep her safe and protected. Each time the faithful chose to put her in a safe place, Jim Gallagher stalked her repeatedly, betrayed her location and made he unsafe again. I see that there is an article with the truth about the houses on the christinagallagher.org website.

    Our role, as the faithful is pure and simple—-PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Follow the messages Jesus and Our Lady Queen of Peace have brought forth. We beg forgiveness for all those who have come against Our Lady’s House of Prayer. No wonder Jesus and Mary cry tears of blood. But they love us from top to bottom, and are trying in every way possible to help us and not give up on our planet. One great way they are helping, is through Christina Gallagher saying YES to them, in all the strife and suffering: being obedient to Our Lord and His wonderful Mother.
    WE MUST ALL SAY “YES”, so we will win more souls for Jesus and Mary!


  23. So the house, not mansion

    So a property she bought for over €1 million, containing five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes (not to mention the two acre garden being landscaped), is a ‘house‘ and not a ‘mansion‘…..?

    And the property in Malahide, worth €4 million, is also a ‘house‘ and not a ‘mansion‘…?

    Or the property in England, worth €2 million and having seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, indoor swimming pool, snooker room, sauna, bar and gym, is also a ‘house‘ and not a ‘mansion‘…?

    Or the property in Knockmore, worth a €1 million, is that a ‘house‘ and not ‘mansion‘ too…?

    Or the property in Newport, with the antique and the four poster bed specially imported from Harrods in London, is also a ‘house‘ and not a ‘mansion‘….?

    And highlighting the above, which is clear information of public interest, somehow qualifies as ‘hounded down‘ or is an act that would ‘incite violence‘…?

    If being a ‘victim soul‘ means such a life of luxury then sign me up please.

    Lies? Read back over your own sorry catalogue of lies and distortion. It is all there and all challenged.

    Again, what lies? When I asked for such your response is to try asserting that a property worth over a million euro was a ‘house‘ and not a ‘mansion‘.

    In all sincerity, please keep posting. You’re doing a great job giving insight into the culture of the House of Prayer.

    (Am I the only one who can’t help thinking of Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka Baghdad Bob, reading these postings?)


  24. DI….did your informant tell you how she discovered the SW reporter;s secret?


  25. So the house, not mansion, was therefore bought with her own income and when the necessity arose, out of the media hounding, the people put in place a house, not mansion, as a refuge. So the people have done this publicly and legally. I’d say the people have every right to do this and whatever else they want to do to provide this person with privacy and refuge from the likes of you DI and the SW vulchers. CG is a victim soul, something you seemingly have no understanding of, but these people do and are obviously not prepared to allow this stalker Jim Gallagher and his ilk to sit on her doorstep, to hound her down and incite violence against her, and so they have taken the action they have seen fit. That’s fair enough.

    Lies? Read back over your own sorry catalogue of lies and distortion. It is all there and all challenged.


  26. The article appearing on the http://www.christinagallagher.org clearly states that she bought her house from her own income

    We’re talking about multiple mansions, plus renovations, plus the Mercedes, etc. etc. Most people I have talked to, who read the claim that it was because of Jim they had to buy her a new mansion(s), laughed themselves silly. It’s imaginative, I have to give it that.

    …you are intent on discrediting her with lies

    What lies? You have pointed out none – and only offered the same (frankly hilarious) excuse for why she need a mansion.

    One other thing – just because you are using a proxy doesn’t mean that the sockpuppetry is disguised.


  27. Well it seems to me and a lot of people I have spoken to about the gutter-press SW pieces on CG, that you DI and the SW are trying to create a story of sweeping statements, twisted truths and pure lies.

    The article appearing on the http://www.christinagallagher.org clearly states that she bought her house from her own income – she would be completely justified in receiving an income from the sales of her books and tapes! When she was hounded by the media it plainly states that ‘the people’ put the means in place for her to have ‘a refuge’ – destroyed by you and the SW. It is clear also that they have again sought to give her a refuge but her ‘stalker’ Jim Gallagher relentlessly tracked her down again and again and destroyed every privacy the people intended her to have and who funded it.

    CG brings a message from God, calling us all to return to Him, to live by His Commandments, to repent and return to the Sacraments. This message is for Ireland and the world but you are intent on discrediting her with lies . Quite clearly your purpose is – to try and prevent this Heavenly message from being heard.


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