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  1. Well done to TV3, The Sunday World and Dialogue Ireland for making the public aware of how the house of prayer operates and the damage that is inflicting on victims lives.
    By exposing the truth about the house of prayer, you all have saved many people from becoming victims of this operation.
    The people who are still followers now are not open to any negative information about the house of prayer.
    These vulnerable victims can be saved if the Catholic hierarchy takes action.


  2. Whenever accusations regarding the House of Prayer’s undue soliciting of donations is raised, and the small matter of those EIGHT mansions, the only response from them are the comments you see above.

    Claiming miracles does not make those mansions suddenly disappear.
    Accusing us of being funded by the freemasons (I must admit, that’s a novel one) does not make any of the evidence and testimony explored in the MidWeek piece disappear. (freemason comments moved to here: https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy/#comment-35095)

    It is also bizarre for DI to be called ‘anti-Catholic’ by the House of Prayer given that the Catholic Church has stated “…the ‘House of Prayer’ has no Church approval and the work does not enjoy the confidence of the diocesan authorities.”

    Given the viciousness of recent comments it seems that our resident House of Prayer sockpuppet is upset with the MidWeek piece. When he/she/it has issues with a given piece and decides to comment, and yet never points out a single factual inaccuracy within the piece…that’s just strange.

    Reiterating something I have said plenty of times on this blog: the comments made on this thread (including those regarding the freemasons) does as much to illuminate the House of Prayer culture than any of the pieces we have published.


  3. DI has often repeated that the followers of HoP are old, feeble, feeble-minded, simple brainwashed individuals who have no control, access nor knowledge og modern media.
    When DI gets rebuffed and meets many commenter on behalf of HoP with knowledge, power, intelligence and far more able than DI to use modern technology, DI complains about the width and power of this ability…..So its like starting a war and then complaining because the targetted foe…yes…DI targetted HoP and set itself up as the “foe” M.Garde’s own words…has superior firepower. The stance of DI is pathetic, a cause which needs our prayers and understanding.
    The employee of DI…calling himself “themadhair” has so often unable to answer a single question.
    DI has maligned and defamed people
    DI has used partial knowledge, confused some truths with many lies and made no effort to discover the truth,
    As far as DI is concerned…ANY complaintant/Informer/ liar/person of ill repute, who makes ANY statement against HoP is speaking truth.
    ANY person trying to defend/justify/ explain/and offer examples of goodness/holiness/prayer/healings/miracles…on behalf of HoP is scorned as a simpleton/dimwit/idiot/brainwashed/old/feeble-minded idiot…

    So WHERE IS JUSTICE HERE? Whereis there any vestige here of an organisation that says it exists to help/explain/support etc.

    Sadly….that side of DI does not exist.
    It is a blatant anti-catholic bigoted organisation that lives like a blood-sucking leech.using fear intimidation and riducle as its weapons. It is time that Christians…with power and means took action to destroy this hitler-like scourge of hatred. Yes I mean all Christians, because this organisation DI seems determined to destroy ALL who believe in the One-true=God.


  4. The off-topic freemason trolling and sockpuppetry has been moved to here: https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy/#comment-35061


  5. well done for your on going work, in highlighting the dangers towards people going to the house of prayer. a serious issue which hopefully the church will stand up and take action


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