TV 3 item on House of Prayer will be aired tonight on the Midweek programme at 10:30

This is not a full documentary but is adding a new story to the earlier one done in 2011. That programme not only looked at the House of Prayer, but also the Palmarians and the Scientologists. Why these very different groups?

Because the same undue influence is found in all these movements.

In fact this programme is so popular it is aired every few months as it really gets to grips with cultism. We get calls and expressions of interest each time it is aired.

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  1. Mike McCory has the courage to speak out the truth and for good reason. It is time the Catholic Church took McGinnity’s threat seriously. “If the authorities come after me they’ll be sorry because I will come after them”. Is it his lack of fear of the House of Pray being closed that enables him to continue taking advantage of vulnerable people? 15 years is a long time for the Catholic Church to ignore Gallagher and McGinnity’s lie that they have church support.

    ‘Ann’ spoke about her mother being isolated and withdrawn from everyone and surviving on a pittance when her income is more than sufficient to give her a better lifestyle than she currently lives. Her whole life, it would seem, is dedicated to prayer and saying the rosary. For some this would be acceptable, however, her outlook on life is skewered by the messages of ‘Our Lady’ ‘interpreted’ by Gallagher so it is no surprise that she lives in fear. Therapists working in the mental health field would possibly consider treating her for OCD as her main purpose for prayer is to protect herself from catastrophic events.

    ‘Ann’s mother has an unhealthy prayer obsession, her ‘outside’ interest is attending Gallagher’s ‘church’ and her obsessive/compulsive lifestyle takes up all of her time.

    “Stop talking and take action!” are the word of a caring daughter in her appeal to the Catholic Church. Isn’t it time they listened with a view to clear up this unholy mess?


  2. You are absolutely correct they believe the H of P is a Catholic organisation.
    Where does buck stop? Clearly with Cardinal Brady. He has the gall to refer people to Tuam. What planet is he on? Eamon Martin is waiting to be sweetness and light when Brady goes soon. Sorry guys I know nothing with a big smile. The strategy devised on the Navan Road. The only problem is a man sent from God called Francis. Will David Quinn speak out? Will the liberals speak out? In fact is the Catholic Church too far gone to assist the victims? Hell knows.


  3. here here about time to face reality. people attending house of prayer are good people. indeed, the people supporting it are good people, the problem is spiritual blindness. it may not be a problem to those who are protected by special circumstances. Fr. Gerry plays on the vulnerable. its about time somebody, anybody is brave enough to answer the questions


  4. well said Angie!


  5. Young Ireland

    It would not surprise me. The H of P is known to Dialogue Ireland for sock puppetry.


  6. Themadhair

    I have read and would like to comment on what she has written.

    Archbishop Neary’s “suggestion was that the House of Prayer be closed to the public; that the people would not be able to go there and pray- they would be able to go only to the local church;”

    Christine Gallagher overruled this suggestion and goes on to say:

    “Archbishop Joseph Cassidy (RIP) had opened the House as Our Lady requested. It was he himself who put in place the daily sacraments within it. Christina was unable to undo the request of Our Lady which Archbishop Cassidy had honoured and blessed in this way.”

    Consider the following:

    “when Jesus set up His Church He gave His authority to Peter in the words “I give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in Heaven, whatever you loose on earth shall be considered loosed in Heaven.” So He gave His own Authority to the Church to forgive sins in His Name until the end of time and that He would uphold the Church’s teaching in Heaven. Jesus is clearly stating the gift of His Authority not only to Peter, the first Pope, but in building His Church on “the Rock of Peter”, He is giving the same authority to the line of Peter’s successors so that right down to our present Holy Father, Pope Benedict, we are assured of the same guidance through what the Holy Father teaches us in the Name of Jesus”

    She acknowledges who is in authority in the Catholic Church, however, Archbishop Neary’s suggestion to close the House of Prayer to the public and withdrawing his support of the same was completely ignored by Gallagher and McGinnity on the basis that Our Lady’s request to her makes it impossible to carry out. It is clear she does not have Catholic Church approval and working to her own agenda and it is obvious she is misleading people to think otherwise. Is it possible that McGinnity has threatened to expose information that would possibly damage the character of members of the church? Would it explain why they have gotten away with using the House of Prayer to make millions off the backs of vulnerable people that provides a millionaire lifestyle for Gallagher and her family? From information given on the above video it does seem to be the case.

    It is unbelievable that people fall for the physical contortions of Christine Gallagher. This sort of thing can be brought about by hypnotic suggestion and self-suggestion/hypnosis. I would say that this is a factor in dismissing her as authentic. I have seen this type of physical contortion demonstrated and, believe me; it had nothing to do with religion and the person/persons undergoing this type of experience did have an effect on others present which raises the possibility that what Gallagher is demonstrating is the cause of Fr. McGinnity’s reaction and it is very disturbing he understands it as being attacked by the devil.

    It is time the Church makes a public statement.

    Congratulations Dialogue for bringing this information to public attention.


  7. His suggestion was that the House of Prayer be closed to the public; that the people would not be able to go there and pray- they would be able to go only to the local church;


  8. Could it be that MM retd. MM and Mr Magoo are in fact all the same poster? And that most of the HoP supporters are using sockpuppets in an attempt to make themselves look stronger than they actually are?


  9. Oh dear boy how wrong you are. Admit it…the program was a damp squib, a total inept failure and dear ..the big man in the woly cardigan was pathetic. So…time to pack your bags and exit left.
    And also Mr Madhair in other comments YOU ..blustered, huffed, and puffed…andyou didntanswer a single question posed by “MM retd” so admit it…your act is a sham, a debacle of intimidation, terror tactics, anonymous complaints and nonymous…hence innaceptable data…
    In another tread…your frequent use of “informant” stinks….in a land plagued for generations by informants, and where the very word “informant” STINKS….your site is pathetic. It is well known that ALL “informants” suffer anguish and misery for all the miserable days of their existence…..the HoP offers forgiveness, mercy and clemency…words YOU and DI wouldnt even know the meaning of….
    So it was SO bad last night I NEARLY felt sorry for old fat ass…nearly like what Ferguson felt for Wenger after the 8-2 defeat.


  10. I was expecting more from tonight’s programme. yes,…

    I don’t disagree particularly with anything you have said here, and in my experience there is always plenty of relevant material that just cannot be squeezed into such a segment.

    I will say, however, that this was the first time where the role of the Catholic Church was discussed publically in this way, and how their inaction directly contributes to the perception the House of Payer enjoys their approval – something that seems to be very important to those attending.

    You can see an example of how the House of Prayer are utilising this inaction here:
    Is the House of Prayer Catholic?
    Yes, Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer is Catholic, however all are welcome.

    Anyone reading that FAQ would be unaware that the House of Prayer “does not enjoy the confidence” of the Catholic authorities.


  11. Most likely as you are using our site to promote the following:

    I haven’t removed any comments of his. Funny how we are unable to comment on the House of Prayer site while House of Prayer folk can comment here freely – even if it is lying about comments being removed. Wondering what they’ll accuse us of next.


  12. Just some background. Perhaps a bit more on the story about the daughter telling her story.
    Then this programme is usually an hour and it was ten minutes of the show which is TV terms quite a segment. It was 30 minutes tonight


  13. Most likely as you are using our site to promote the following:


  14. the more you attack Christina Gallagher the bigger hole you will dig for yourselves i noticed few of my comments were removed what was that you said about not censoring comments on an another post hypocrites you have one law for yourselves and one law for others the Truth doesnt suit irish people today because they would rather pursue money power sex drink and drugs rather than face up to reality that ireland is in serious trouble before God .God bless best of luck with finding peace attempting to destroy God’s chosen prophets it will only end in tears for you di.


  15. I was expecting more from tonight’s programme. yes, important to highlight the fact of abuse, and in the reality of people not able to speak up due to attack. surly, when one has the opportunity of airtime, on television it should use the occasion to highlight the issue of fundraising and the continued severe demand for finances. yes the prayers may be of the catholic church, but what is that the mask for?, what goes on behind the scene. that is the question, that needs to be answered by Christina and Fr. Gerry. since they now say they are available (on the website), does that mean an public maybe televised interview can take place with Christina, Fr. Mc Ginnity, and some of the people who have left/spoken out?


  16. I hope that God will give you the gift of discernment between true and false apparitions, because sadly you are not displaying much of it in your posts.


  17. rubbish


  18. That’s what they want you to think.


  19. what a load of rubbish – the house of prayer is not a cult. MM


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