House of Prayer response to the recent Sunday World article

We include the full response from the House of Prayer to the recent Sunday World article below the fold, which was published on Dialogue Ireland is among those singled out for criticism, as is TV3 which is interesting given the upcoming MidWeek program.

It is our understanding that the MidWeek program will be broadcast today (Wednesday November 13th) at 10:30 PM. For now, we leave you with the full unedited response from the House of Prayer.

The Latest Attack on Christina Gallagher by the Sunday World

Jim Gallagher, the stalker, who put Christina’s life in danger already by publishing an image of a rifle-sight on her head with the caption “View to kill” has resumed his stalking tactics to terrorise once again and put her life in grave danger.
On Sunday November 3rd the Sunday World resumed their scurrilous and defamatory attacks on Christina Gallagher with their so-called ‘exclusive’. Once again they seem intent on incitement to contempt and hatred towards Mrs Gallagher.
As has been the case over the past seven years, this latest article is a tissue of misleading information and lies.


Mrs Gallagher owns only one house. It is because she was forced by this kind of media harassment that she had to leave her previous residences. She was first driven from her house at Newport (which she had purchased with the royalties from her own books and tapes with her personal money.) A man from the US hired a film crew from the UK and broke into her private property to film. When confronted by the Gardai this crew lied saying they had sent their film on ahead to an address in Dublin which was a bogus address discovered by the Guards. Instead the tape is believed to have been taken back to the US by those involved.

As a result of this outrageous invasion of privacy, we the people felt it necessary to put in place a protection for her. We did this freely and knowingly and we legally declared so in writing. This house acquired by her in Malahide suffered similar invasions of privacy through the relentless Sunday World campaign having a photographer fly over the house as related by Jim Gallagher himself and then printing a full page picture of the property. This not only brought a further procession of tantalising stalkers to the house but also rendered Mrs Gallagher’s life and safety at great risk by suggesting falsely that she had antiques and possibly cash in the house. She has neither and infact hates antiques. The campaign of hatred has been ruthless in turning Mrs Gallagher into a ready target for any gullible reader or hearer of this despicable material.

Incitment to Hatred. Endangerment of Life

The proof of this was clearly evidenced by the arrival at the House of Prayer of individuals, some of them in a disturbed state who kicked in a panel of the door during a night vigil shouting dangerous threats, uttering obscenities against Mrs Gallagher and referring to the Sunday World and TV3. At this point she found it necessary to write to the Garda Commissioner, providing full details.
Lies even appeared in some of these articles wrongly asserting that Mrs Gallagher had requested cash for the houses of prayer in the US to be sent to her personally. This is a total falsehood. Those houses are vested in trusts in the US and have no benefit for Mrs Gallagher or anyone else and have no financial connection with Ireland.

When her protection in Malahide was destroyed by the Sunday World we, the people, decided to act.
Her intention had always been to give that house in Malahide to the House of Prayer after her death but because of the present needs of the House of Prayer in outstanding bills and maintaining its upkeep, Christina decided to sell the Malahide house now, to help the House of Prayer right away.


Sunday World endangers Mrs Gallagher’s life by depicting her within the crosshairs of a rifle-sight and with such a headline

We , the people, horrified that such an outrage could be permitted as to depict her within a rifle-sight and thus endanger her life and also seeing the entire wrongdoings and the campaign of falsity for ourselves, we then took the initiative to put together the means to obtain a property of her choice in order to remove her from the increasing danger and give her a little peace of mind. Christina then went to a country area in the UK at the back of a little village and procured a house with the finances thus provided. But alas not for long. Her stalker, Mr Gallagher reappeared, and caused yet again danger to her life and safety by spreading his poison in the neighbourhood of that house, blackening her character.
Mrs Gallagher sold the house in the UK and returned to Malahide to be further mocked and endure the ongoing campaign. The money from the sale of the house in the UK was able to be used for the house that is most recently attacked and on November 3rd, placed on the headlines. Mrs Gallagher is not therefore the owner of “a portfolio of houses“ in Ireland or the USA nor has the ownership of her family home ever come into question because Christina has neither been separated nor divorced from her husband. This is another of the lies perpetrated by that newspaper previously and repeated again in their latest article, as is the claim about a house in the town of Ballina, which belongs to Brendan Gallagher where he lives with his wife and children.

One of the major questions about this entire campaign of harassment and intimidation we have to ask is who can be backing all of this and paying for the constant repeating – not only in the Sunday World – of lies and falsity but also on TV3, E3 and Dialogue Ireland allegedly about cults. Who is backing this campaign for seven years against an innocent person who has tried only to pass on what she has received to believers, many of whom have enormously benefited from what they have received.

Many many were ‘at deaths door‘ but were totally healed. Not only those given up to die have been brought back and healed but countless individuals have been converted with over 700 healing testimonies on record. Yet not one of these was ever related in the Sunday World or on TV3, although they are upheld by the testimony of medical consultants. The only purpose of the Sunday World and TV3 appears to be to endanger or destroy.

Relentless Campaign

Another obvious question is why any television channel would find it worthwhile to keep continually repeating the same programme over and over, in an unprecedented way? In the space of one year the TV3 programme has been repeated on that channel or on E3 up to a dozen times, for no apparent reason other than to damage Mrs Gallagher and the House of Prayer. Since the most popular programmes are never repeated like this, we have to question who has been paying for this senseless repetition month after month?


We, the people who visit the House of Prayer, are highly insulted at the ineptitude of the use of the word ‘cult’ . The House of Prayer and the devotions there could never be considered a cult as only the regular prayers of the Catholic Church are prayed there by believers, and are the same as what takes place in churches everywhere. Furthermore, we the people go there freely and voluntarily, and to suggest that we are gullible or under some kind of influence is utterly false and absolutely wrong.

The book by the same Sunday World writer about Christina Gallagher was produced without his ever meeting or speaking with Christina Gallagher or with any members of her family, and the entire contents were based on falsehoods – a book of fiction and deception which is proven by a number of letters which we hold from Mrs Gallagher’s family members… they too are horrified by the enormous deception of lies.

Sadly, long before the sustained newspaper and media facts began, a great deal of misunderstanding was permitted to come about following the removal of the Sacraments from the House of Prayer in Achill in 1998 and also through failure to acknowledge evidence of the supernatural at work there. We understand that thirteen years ago a full account of the most remarkable medically investigated healings reached the local archbishop but there was no change in the situation. The removal of the Sacraments provided an open door to behave in this manner. Sadly, we the people see the grave injustice as we witness the failing health of Mrs Gallagher due to all this. There is a law for bullying and harassment. Why isn’t there as law for Mrs Gallagher? Even though she is cruelly setup as a marked person, as well as being bullied and harassed, there doesn’t seem to be a law for her. Where are people who are subjected to such wanton media attacks supposed to go in order to gain some protection? Can media people write what they like or say what they like without being called to account? When we last sought balance and fairness in discussions with TV3 about our participation in a programme they wouldn’t grant the conditions we requested. As of now we would not trust them. There is no other word for it than ‘trial by media’.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Background to the Removal of the Sacraments

Dialogue Ireland intends to reply to this article in a detailed manner once this programme has aired tonight Wednesday 13th November 2013. We hope that one of the news programmes can facilitate a public debate on this topic. We note that the House of Prayer has a tendency to shout loud about not being heard but never make themselves available for interview or to debate in public their concerns. One senses that these denials are meant to give the impression to their members that they are open. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each house discovered elicits more bizarre explanations and rationalisations than the one given earlier. We note this time that Christina is now acknowledging that Malahide was/is her property. More to follow………………….

11 Responses

  1. The House of Prayer’s post response to the recent Sunday World article is very misleading and also confusing. Endeavouring to make some sense of it all; I understand that Gallagher sold her house in Newport and “acquired”, what has been described as, a mansion in Malahide. Having lived on the premises for a number of years the media caught up with her to confront her with evidence about how she and Fr McGinnity were misusing and, in fact, bullying people into donating money to the House of Prayer. Gallagher then vacated the Malahide residence and we are led to believe by the House of Prayer that it was due to money problems; “outstanding bills and maintaining its upkeep, Christina decided to sell the Malahide house now, to help the House of Prayer right away.” They admit that a house was purchased in the UK for her to move to. Yet again, Gallagher decided to leave when confronted by the media investigating allegations of ownership. The House of Prayer informs us that “Christina then went to a country area in the UK at the back of a little village and procured a house with the finances thus provided.” So far it would seem that she has owned four properties, that she purchased the fourth residence with money from the sale of the previous UK residence. Alas, because of continued media interest in her she decided to sell up yet again.

    This is where it gets very confusing. They state that “Mrs Gallagher sold the house in the UK and returned to Malahide. Why fabricate the lie that she had sold these premises to “help the House of Prayer right away” (whatever that means). Confusing the story yet again they explain that “The money from the sale of the house in the UK was used to purchase another house that was “most recently attacked”. This adds up to five properties, on their word alone, that she was able to sell, and according to the media they found a further three making it a total of eight.

    They say that “a great deal of misunderstanding was permitted to come about following and also through failure to acknowledge evidence of the supernatural at work there.”

    This is so true as people attending the House of Prayer were misled into believing that the Catholic Church approved of the House of Prayer.

    They further explain: “We understand that thirteen years ago a full account of the most remarkable medically investigated healings reached the local archbishop but there was no change in the situation.”

    As they are presuming to “understand” there is an ongoing investigation it is obvious that the local archbishop did not bother to get in touch to inform them that this is not the case as “the removal of the Sacraments from the House of Prayer in Achill in 1998” would be deemed sufficient to give a message of disapproval and disconnection from the House of Prayer which it seems, they adamantly refuse to accept.

    Considering Mrs. Gallagher and Fr McGinnity bullied and harassed members of the House of Prayer for donations, life savings etc., I am not surprised they do not receive sympathy from the media or the public. It is past time that this farce came to an end! The Irish government needs to grow a pair and do something about it!! Is there any news yet from the Pope on this matter?


  2. Does Dialogue Ireland have mansions all over the world? what sort of cars do the people running the site have?


  3. dialogie ireland are making money out of others misery and not paying tax chy 14004 whos going to investigate dialogue ireland ?


  4. all your sources and jim gallagher’s sources are anonymous!!

    You do remember slandering some of those folks in these comment sections don’t you? It’s bizarre to think, after you have slandered some of those named sources, that you will be taken seriously by later pretending the very people you slandered don’t exist…..


  5. By the way, excellent site DI. This has to be one of the best sites, certainly in Ireland for finding out about cultism. Keep up the good work. :)


  6. Um MM, I don’t receive a red cent for opposing these “apparitions”. And the Church’s authoritive judgement on the matter is convicing enough for me. How about you? Do you accept the authority of the local bishop to make a pronouncement (as is his right under canon law, and therefore the law of God) about the authenticity of an apparition in his diocese? Think long and hard before you answer.


  7. that’s rubbish.

    you have convinced yourself. It’s the payoff you get that makes you say those things. That’s what they want you to say. well done faithful servant of…



  8. Mr. Magoo, have you perhaps wondered why people who have left the HoP wish to remain anonymous. Could it be that they do not want to be terrorised by the group’s supporters? It should be pointed out that the HoP has been given many oppurtunities to respond to the accusations, yet all we have is people sticking their fingers in their ears saying “I can’t hear you!” When the only response is abuse, people will get suspicious.

    That’s the reality.


  9. Ahem, – all your sources and jim gallagher’s sources are anonymous!! Whereas I do believe that there are hundreds of people (who have given their names) who contradict the wild accusations spread over your blog of deception. I do believe also that the DPP, after a lengthy gardai investigation, made no prosecution. I am a fair minded person and I can see clearly that throughout this blog, yours has been a vindictive hate campaign designed to discredit this woman because of the message she brings no doubt and because of the rich payment you have all received.



  10. The evidence (whether that be cheque stubs, bank records, land registry records and undercover video all corroborating plentiful ex-member testimony) that has been published in over 100 articles on this site more than adequately demonstrates our concerns.

    Jim has more than demonstrated his claims in his articles. The central claims in his last article, for example, are as follows:
    – That he has uncovered an EIGTH mansion, about which he gives details
    – He also gives details regarding other mansions
    – He mentions her €120,000 Mercedes
    – He mentions the ‘memo’ circulated in the US to followers to send cash only
    – He mentions the €250,000 that was handed back to some ex-members
    The problem with the House of Prayer response is that things like land registry records, observing her at these mansions, a copy of the ‘memo’, the ex-member testimony, etc. don’t just disappear or can be ignored because someone claims some miracles occurred.

    The second portion of Jim’s last article was the testimony from the daughter of a current House of Prayer member – whom I understand will feature in tonight’s TV3 program. The upcoming TV3 program will be yet another piece of evidence to add to an already extensive collection.

    Our mission statement holds public education as a vital part of our operations, and publicising these evidences and testimonies is fully consistent with that. That House of Prayer advocates are unable and/or unwilling to properly address this information is unfortunate, but doesn’t have any bearing on our responsibility to ensure that relevant information is accessible to the public.

    Some of the people who have forward information to us have chosen to remain anonymous, and given the abusive contentless screeds that House of Prayer trolls have published on this site against those that have named themselves we will be respecting the right of anonymity.

    We have published over 100 articles, featuring all kinds of evidence and testimony. As our comments sections have demonstrated, ‘fair minded’ people seem quite capable of recognising that such evidence is lacking a response – and are also capable of spotting House of Prayer ‘concern trolling’ when it occurs without us having to point it out.


  11. I think Dialogueireland also should have right of reply. Do DI fullyshare and can independently support and substantiate all the allegations made against Christina by J.Gallagher?
    DI has frequently make independent statements of an abusive nature against the character of Christina Gallagher. Where did the evidence for such statements come from?
    If it was from anonymous sources…is it right to publish abuse based on such sources?
    Has DI ever spoken with Christina Gallagher or made any attempt to hear her version of things and details about her work?

    If DI cannot satisfactorily begin answering questions like these…then what is DI?
    Is DI a puppet org of The Sunday World?

    How can DI justify acting as a publicly supported Charitable Org if it can be seen to only act with such crudeness?

    Please..DI….let us have your reply….keeping to the topic of Christina Gallagher and let fair-minded people have insight into wether any of the comments were justified, ehen and how.
    Thank you


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