Plea Sent To Pope Over Cult

By Jim Gallagher, Sunday World 03/11/13

A DESPERATE woman claims her mother’s life has been utterly destroyed by the House of Prayer. And she plans to appeal to Pope Francis to take action against Christina Gallagher and her devoted disciple Fr Gerard McGinnity.

The woman was disgusted that four registered letters sent over the last year to Cardinal Sean Brady, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, asking for help did not receive a reply. The woman, who doesn’t want to be named because her obsessed mother travels to the Achill centre every Saturday, said she could not get her mum out of the cult without the Church’s help.
pic001PDF’s of the article from Sunday World:




She said her mother, who is in her 70s, was once a hard-working, warm, intelligent professional devoted to her family. But now she was so brainwashed by the House of Prayer she said up to 100 rosaries a day, attended six Masses, would fast for days on end and had lost half her body weight.

“It has destroyed our family and caused her long-standing damage. Every aspect of her personality has been taken over,” said the daughter. “She comes home from the House of Prayer with these apocalyptic messages claiming Gallagher and Fr McGinnity are Our Lady’s children and followers have to look after them and never say a word against them.” House of Prayer followers mistakenly believed it was sanctioned by the Catholic Church, she added.

Although Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary had spoken out against it, that was five years ago and on the internet, which many elderly followers would never see. “But Cardinal Brady has done nothing to stop a priest from his own diocese, Fr McGinnity, travelling to Achill every Saturday, ignoring his own parish and giving credence to the place.” The woman will IM appear on TV3’s Midweek show on Wednesday night.

12 Responses

  1. Has C Gallagher not taken into consideration the many people from the top to the bottom of Ireland who read this information? She should be totally ashamed of herself using the Blessed Virgin Mary to frighten old people.


  2. joey Dunlop

    Were you let out for the day?


  3. Dialogueireland…go take a cold shower and get you hardness against HoP cooled off…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  4. We in dialogue ireland would agree with yur assessment. See the documentary tomorrow on that score. We must exhaust all options and then strike at Church level and at the Vatican State level through its Ambassador=Nuncio. This itself is a contradiction in terms. We have Protestant State Churches, but no other Confession has a state attached.


  5. It is a waste of time writing to Cardinal Brady. I wrote to him twice about Christine and Fr. McGinnity regarding concerns I had about money been collected by her in America. I am still waiting for a reply.


  6. Have not it is not. Have a look at Christina’s web site


  7. is it on for definite this week?


  8. Just to let you all know the programme has been postponed for legal reasons till next week


  9. where is the lady telling her story? legal threat?


  10. Looking forward to hearing this lady’s story firsthand on tv3 at 10pm


  11. well im no ‘saint’ but as a family it used to take us about 10 minutes to say a rosary but then again you might be talking about the ‘special, really slow, version Christina and Fr McGinnity advocate? then there are all the special prayers in these special books that the House of prayer sell (to improve their already inflated profit margins), really how does this Christina manage to make such fools out of her followers? they really are fools fools fools


  12. The womans mother must be a saint. One rosary takes 20 mins and one Mass about 30 mins…which makes , by this womans statement 33 hours and 20 mins in a day instead of 24 hours. Sure is a lot of prayers, but the statement seems dubious….however I hardly think that Pope francis will use his calculator.


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