Further reflections on Dutch Report with special reference to Islamism




“The object of this study is the abuses in new religious movements (cults), with a focus on the adequacy of the set of instruments at the disposal of the law and health care services, because there was no up-to-date picture available of the state of affairs regarding cults and the way abuses in cults were tackled in the Netherlands.”


Their conclusions…..


“Considering the scope* of the research study it can be concluded that the problems observed do not pose a danger to the legal order or to public health, just as had been concluded in previous research in The Netherlands in the 1980s. At the macro level the extent of the problem is limited. At the individual level – that is to say at the level of former members of cults and their families – there may indeed be intense, poignant situations.”


We will have to interrogate this material more closely but on first reading it seems to represent the value free sociological vision of the late Bryan Wilson and his disciple Eileen Barker. Also as in most cultist studies in Europe there is the obvious lacuna* of not including Islamism which for the Netherlands to leave out so obviously is unbelievable. It is noteworthy that Dr Michael Langone of ICSA added a segment on Islamism before the ICSA Conference in Brussels in 2007 as one of the most preeminent theoreticians of cultism saw Islamism as connected to the cult issue. This led in October of that year to this being included by the Justice Commission of the EU as an important dimension to understanding the radicalisation of youth. As we were deliberating in June 2007 we had the events of Glasgow airport and the car bomb nearly going off in Trafalgar Square.  Earlier, the bombings in 2005 in London, and since then the public murder of a soldier in Woolich, the events at the end of Sarkosy’s presidency in Southern France and other world events recently in Boston and Nairobi. Hopefully this type of report will not follow the Chamberlain style reports from Japan by Eileen Barker et al after the Aum Sarin gas attacks and Massimo Introvigne’s support and whitewashing of the Legionaries of Christ one of the most sordid events ever in Catholic history? Finally the Dutch have had a person murdered in their capital by having his throat cut. Yes Amsterdam is built on sand, but the study of cultism must have a firmer foundation….. more to follow…..

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