The Director of DI gives a short commentary on the recent publication of “The Irish Reports”

The Irish Reports – Cornec V Morrice
Though in general there is an air of depression around the Quinn issue let us take heart from this judgement.
This time last year Susan Morrice had a lot of people under legal oppression and DI had been under legal assault since 2011.
However, Justice Bannister had punctured that particular balloon in July 2012 and then this judgement spelt the death knell for the oppression of people by Quinn and Morrice.
Silence must not be seen as the end of the issue. Nothing has changed and Quinn is still the cuckoo in the nest. Morrice with her new Irish oil company and attempts to show herself as a humanitarian will ultimately fail.
Quinn as can be seen from the dwindling numbers at his freebie seminars is losing his members big time. He will soon have to decide to shut up shop and live off the carcass of the oil company and make token appearances to receive the adulation of his fanatical disciples.
This judgement has struck a very big victory for all those working to educate the public on cults and for genuine journalism. Currently there is still no sign that this lesson has been learnt by both the political or media class.

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  1. “how ken people be so stopid,”

    Spot the troll. Drunk or sober he is incapable of understanding intelligent comments. “stopid” he is.

    Is the sorcerer back in Ireland for Christmas?


  2. Is it Bush, Sheridan’s, Jameson, Powers or Paddy that fuels the HA HA engine of Diversion?


  3. he he he…snigger, snigger, snigger, how aful, how terrribble, haw haw haw, how ken people be so stopid, he he he, snigger snigger, snigger…
    good auld irland, keep the CRC donations and ESPECIALLY donations to Dialogueireland coming in…we need MONEY…we are fighting communists and non-believers…may allagh be your kurse…he he he…Mike


  4. As people leave the Educo cult what are their options to regain control over their lives? What are their options to avoid depression or turning to alcohol? They may avoid attending therapy as the level of understanding of cults is very poor. Having undergone ‘therapy’ given by a cult member, I find it very distressing when similar therapeutic approaches are used by therapists in attempting to counteract the cultic experience; NLP and hypnosis are the main approaches that come to mind. Due to repeated use in the cultic environment I believe the therapist should not only explain why they might favour these methods, more importantly, they should ask permission whether they can use them or not during the therapy session. Merely explaining the approach does not sanction further use. They are considered quick methods and useful to undo the cultic mind-set, however, as these same methods/techniques are used as part of cult programming and trust is a huge issue to anyone coming out of an abusive situation there is the possibility that the therapist may not be perceived as trustworthy.

    No matter how well-meaning they are I believe that it may complicate the natural movement towards improving the mental health of the client when attempts are made to influence the client. As recommended in any good therapeutic response, it is important that the client has the space to reach their own conclusions about what transpired while going through the process of severing ties to the cult. When what they say coincides with known criteria by all means mention it. It will strengthen belief in their perception.

    I also believe that the use of ‘repeating the phrase’ reinforcement technique used in therapy to enhance ‘positive’ experiences of the client may also lead to a feeling of discomfort. In the cultic therapeutic environment they tend to make a note of them in order to remove them and replace them with the leaders ‘philosophical’ beliefs and desires and use ‘anchoring’ to reinforce them. In fact, I would ask the therapist to desist from using any subtle therapeutic technique and the client encouraged to talk about what they find acceptable or not acceptable. We are not guinea pigs!

    Leaving the cult is not as straightforward as it appears to be. Many who have left the group continue practicing and still under influence. There may be deception on their part and this becomes apparent when the cult influence is set in motion yet again when attending a shamanic practitioner or even psychotherapy. There is no way of knowing whether they trained under Quinn or come from a background that encourages cultic beliefs. It can slow down the process of recovery, if not stall it completely depending on how aware the client is. This is why I stress the importance of the client putting time and effort into recalling the past cult experience and processing these memories so as to come to an understanding of the methods that are used to bring about changes in beliefs, behaviours and perceptions acquired and the reasons why they were induced; to fulfil the cult leader and core group agenda.

    The pre cultic experiences, particularly of a religious nature are redirected into the cult belief system and distorted and, ultimately, bring about a situation where the client has to separate both. Only the client knows to what degree this has been accomplished.

    Cultic belief systems encourage one to let go of the past; to be freed from previous conditioning; to be open to becoming ‘unstuck’ from patterns of thought and behaviour and replace them with new beliefs and behaviours.

    Suffice to say, the effect it brought about was the exact opposite of what they would have us believe. There is nothing more stultifying/’stuck’ and backward moving than the ‘therapeutic’/hypnotic cultic indoctrination process.


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