Laura DeCrescenzo and her ‘PC Folder’

Full story from The Underground Bunker

Laura Decrescenzo is in the process of suing the Scientology organisation in Los Angeles, and among her allegations is the claim that the organisation coerced her into having an abortion. We published Jonny Jacobsen’s background to the case here. As part of the litigation Laura requested the contents of her ‘PC Folder’, essentially a written record of her time in Scientology. The Scientology organisation had resisted this, arguing that the contents of her ‘PC Folder’ were protected by ‘priest–penitent privilege’ (a concept that one would have thought was to protect the penitent rather than the priest).

Just this month the Scientology organisation’s final appeal on the issue was denied by the US Supreme Court, paving the way for Laura to have access to her PC Folder for the purposes of her suit. Tony Ortega analyses her latest court filing which includes extensive exhibits from her PC Folder – giving a glimpse into her life during her time in Scientology’s Sea Organization.

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