Bernie Purcell and John Milton in Phoenix

Phoenix October 4, 2013

AN OLD friend of Goldhawk’s has just been landed with a whopping €13.1m judgment from Ulster Bank. It certainly has been some fall from grace for Bernie Purcell.

Bernie’s most interesting role was that with an organisation called Women of Wealth (WoW), where she was one of the founding members. She found herself airbrushed from the website here after hitting the headlines in 2007 over the rather expensive counselling service on offer from her company (see The Phoenix 2/11/07). WoW distanced itself quickly from Purcell when it emerged the latter’s counselling outfit, the Roebuck Centre, had been charging some clients up to €1/4m for “life mentoring” courses.

Bernie is still listed as holding 76% of the shares in Roebuck Consulting, while her hubby (and business partner) John Milton has the balance. The accounts just filed for the year to the end of May last show accumulated losses of €1.8m and last year the Revenue lodged proceedings, although this company has ceased to trade. Back in 2006, Roebuck was sitting on accumulated profits of €2m with cash in the bank of over €3m. In those good old days, the couple splashed out €10.5m on a period mansion called Churchtown House, D14, which boasted an indoor swimming pool and 1,000-bottle wine cellar. (The property was later sold by a receiver for around €3m.)

Bernie and John also operated the Carraig Tur Nursing Home in Wexford, but this operation ceased trading in 2010 with accumulated losses of €112m. The latest hit against Bernie, courtesy of Ulster Bank, for over €13m, looks to have finally numbered her days as a woman of wealth.

Phoenix1 Oct4 2013

2 Responses

  1. Goldhawk is the nom de plume of a person who writes in Phoenix and has no connection to Quinn.


  2. I have come across the name Goldhawk in relation to Tony Quinn. Did Bernie Purcell train as a therapist in the Educo cult?


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