What do The Dublin Welfare Society and Abdul Haseeb, project co-ordinator for the Clongriffin Mosque represent? Cultism or communication?

The Director had a very friendly conversation with Abdul Haseeb yesterday and was trying to understand what his views were having encountered him in a number of contexts over the last ten years. We are going to publish what we have on record and ask questions about the press release issue over the last few days in regard to the Clongriffin Mosque. He has agreed to meet next week to discuss them further.


He was involved with Liam Egan who currently resides in Saudi Arabia. Mark Humpreys’s has the best archive on Liam Egan in Ireland. Naturally Abdul Haseeb is not guilty by association with Liam Egan but he seems to share many of his views and they cooperated when Egan was in Ireland.



This is his current  platform from within Saudi Arabia.


A few years ago Tom Carew an astute observer of the current scene wrote the following memo and heard a radio programme on  a Sunday morning Newstalk *Wideangle* programme, with Karen Coleman who had 2 guests on, Amy Philbin-Bowman, a young comedian, son of veteran RTE broadcaster Dr John Bowman,  and fast-talking instant expert on everything, and always anti-Israeli, and a Muslim, calling himself * ABDUL  HASEEB*, whose monthly publication was favourably mentioned on his MPAC.ie site by fanatical Gorey-born convert, Liam *Mujaheed* EGAN, back home in Gorey with a Muslim wife and family since 2007, after  long sojourns in both London and Saudi Arabia, when he had no  family contact. His uninvolved parents had an antiques shop in Gorey.

Egan and the quietly-spoken *Haseeb* have appeared together on RTE  Radio 1 *Spirit Moves* with Myles Dungan  – as the sole Muslim voices on that night.

Egan is up-front in his extremism –  in a MPAC.ie post [ Why I am not a *moderate* Muslim ] he gave  10 commandments – a real Muslim, for Egan,

[a] Theocracy [b] Supremacy of Islam over all other religions [c] Shariah law, [d] Jihad, which is not just some *inner struggle* but force, [e] anti-liberal democracy [f] anti the Jewish state, [g] anti reform of Islam, [h] anti gender equality, [i]  global Caliphate and [j] Obedience of Muslims. And no 11 would be violently anti homosexuals.

The small, balding, bespectacled *Haseeb*  has the same wild dark beard as Egan but conceals his fanaticism –  it was revealed when I was on NearFM and he suddenly produced – as a  significant Jewish Rabbi – Weiss of  the tiny fringe Nerturei Karta sect.   *Islam in Focus* is the afternoon show he both produces and presents on the Coolock-based community radio, NearFM 90.3, since Jan, 2007. Has left the radio station since that report was written.




Both his real name and background are completely unknown – the Arabic-sounding form he uses is like an Irishman James Patrick O’Toole, calling himself *Patrick James*, or *James Patrick* as a disguise. He is fluent in both Arabic and also the South Asian Urdu language, with perhaps 400m speakers, and commonly used in both Pakistan and by Muslims in India, which is a rather unusual combination, but may be significant as regards his as yet unknown real history and background, and his real agenda. He claims to be unemployed. He is married, has at least 1 young daughter,  and seems to be in his 30s. ( Now 40’s.)

On Sept 13, 2003, a free Muslim paper commenced, *Friday Times*, with *Haseeb* involved in PR/marketing, and 2 co-editors, a Russian from Chechnya, here since 2000, Mohammad Tsechoev, and a Sudanese, Tariq Elgezouli, here since 1989.

*Haseeb* then appeared as the sole Editor and designer of *Irish Muslim Magazine*, a monthly, 40 page color product, price Euro 2.99, which launched in Sept 2009 [ Islamic year 1430 ].

The real source  income for *Haseeb* himself and his family, and for his paper, is as hidden as his real identity, his connections and his personal history.
But a man to watch very carefully indeed, like his associate Egan.

As is KHAULA BUTTA,  the spokesperson for FOSIS [ Federation of Student Islamic Societies ]  which is another IKHWAN [ Muslim Brotherhood ] front, and who appeared on NearFM with *Haseeb* and Egan. Abdul Haseeb is from India and is now married to an Irish woman. He happens to be the same person who told some students that they (FOSIS) will take over the student’s union and drive the Irish into the sea. Report from a student present at the time.

Not ignoring the fanatical young Irish convert, 20/21, Eoin  Whelan, who writes on Egan’s MPAC.ie, the only other identifiable name on it apart from Egan himself, and who only converted at 18, but has become so extreme in such a short time. Tom should know people do not convert to Islam but revert!!!

He said that there was a bigger challenge to be faced. “Our biggest challenge is to build a community that is all inclusive, where people of other faiths can come and feel part of this development and can feel they can use the facilities it will have,” he said.

 These noble aspirations are challenged by some fundamental questions.

  1. What connections do they have people of other faiths or none and what have they done to communicate this message in the neighbourhood? How they can be part of an open democratic community when they inhabit a very closed environment to outside influence is debatable. Also to open their projected facilities to outsiders when those they claim to engage with very existence is questioned and when there is nothing to be seen other than an empty field puts that issue to bed for a long time. CM1
  2. If you look at some of the topics they are discussing and some of their speakers such as Sheik Abdur Raheem Green it is clear they have a sectarian and totally dismissive understanding of other faiths



Journey through heaven and hell


He added:

 We want to avoid ghettoisation and marginalising those of other religions.

This simply delusional thinking. They are ones likely to be in the ghetto and as a minority marginalised. Having a big building does nothing to change that.

We also want to prevent the spread of hatred.

However, the strain of Islam they represent encourages the view that they are using the language of peace to promote a very closed view of the world and represents the Deobandi* version of Islam similar to Salifism which is even further out than even the Muslim brotherhood. They have been able to advance due to the lack of understanding of Religion in our society and because of the collapsing phenomenon of Irish Catholicism.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deobandi


 Mosque notice

The Dublin Welfare Society, who are developing the project, are made up of a group of Muslims from different backgrounds and nationalities living in Ireland.

All we have is a copy of their Directors and they do not seem to represent anything other than a very narrow ethnic trajectory:

Director           Mohammad Shamsul Haque   26 Eden Court, Rathfarnham, Dublin

16        01/10/1956      15/04/2010

Director           Mohammad Alamgir Hossain31 The Park, Grange Manor, Lucan,

Co. Dublin      12/06/1971      15/04/2010

Director           Abdul Mannan 29 The Park, Grange Manor, Lucan, Co

Dublin25/12/1970      15/04/2010

Director           Mohammad Kamruzzaman 20 Charles Street, Castlebar, Co.

Mayo   07/07/1974      15/04/2010

Director           Khondaker Muinuddin 35 Earlsfort Meadows, Lucan, Co.

Dublin01/02/1972      15/04/2010

Director           Faruk Sarwar   6, Kilvere Park, Cypress Downs, Templeogue,

Dublin 6w.      01/01/1966      09/02/2012

Director           Mohammed Nasir Uddin Mozumder33 Burnside, Santry, Dublin

9          25/12/1977      02/03/2012

Director           Mizanur Rahaman       6 Cornelscourt Cottages, Bray Road, Dublin

18        20/12/1975      02/03/2012

The Society is currently involved in managing makeshift mosques in Swords and Clondalkin. Both of these mosques are located in industrial estates.

There seems to be no real engagement with Irish culture and this is the first insight we have as to who our dialogue partners are!

Abdul Haseeb, project co-ordinator for the Clongriffin Mosque Project has said they were delighted with An Bord Pleanala’s decision. “At the same time”, he added “we are very humbled because of the scale of the project. It is so big and there is so much to do.

 Building an inclusive community

There are so many wars happening across the world, nothing but hatred and anger. We have an opportunity to get things right here.

Haseeb said:

 If we can show here, that we can put our heads together and get people together of all different faiths to create something beautiful, then we can be an example that things can be done differently.

On what basis and based on what principles of dialogue? They believe that people need to not convert to Islam but to revert to Islam as it is the foundational religion. This is not a dialogue leading to looking at assumptions but of excepting a one way street to Islam.

We should stress that Dialogue Ireland does not take a view in regard the truth claims of different religions but rather looks at the cultist dimensions found in all. Here we are asking is this particular form of Islam leading to people being brought under undue influence or are they free agents?

So as we wrote on our earliest post, we see the issue is not Islam, but that the remedy for radical Islam is moderate Islam.


 Further meetings with Abdul Haseeb will lead to updates on our blog.

 RTE pic


5 Responses

  1. Romni Yusoff O’Toole you have made a significant comment but your IP suggests another continent.
    Please explain your strategy?
    For someone who has reverted to Islam it seems that your reason to use our blog is to revert to business, namely promoting a Halal enterprise? We await your explanation as to your location and why you feel a need to show that Haseeb is a joker using Clongriffin for unclear reasons?


  2. I am an Irish Muslim revert, a sincere and True Believer and a native of Balgriffin with roots in Balgriffin Park going way back..

    This Mosque this Islamic Center is not only a civic ‘demographic’ disaster waiting to happen it is definitely not in the interests of Islam and those who adhere to the tenets of our Holy Prophet SAWS.

    While I believe that Ireland the Native Irish through and in Islam, Self Surrender, To the One God Allah SWT will achieve the ultimate success in this world and the next. I do not for one moment believe that this audacious venture with all its resources will be looked upon with favor by Allah SWT.

    Ireland has given sanctuary to a great number of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters over the years.. even now the majority of Muslims in the Republic are there seeking sanctuary in many of its various shades.

    Quiet obviously the forces behind this concept have forgotten the lessons of the Flight to Abyssinia and the duty one, a believer owes, for sanctuary given.

    The Warning:

    There is an Irish Diaspora out there consisting of Green and Orange and the Bigoted hangers on in between. Do those Muslims who have benefited from the Republic and our beautiful constitution want to bring down their wrath and the disaster of another diaspora funded insurrection? Only this time there will be a common enemy; Islam.

    Fingal Councillors should be woken up to the fact that they have been beguiled by the big numbers and the prospect of reinvigorating a failed residential and commercial development. You have done nothing but lay out the fuse that will drag the Republic into the gutter.

    The Lighting;

    This fuse will be lit when these developers try to change the names of the roads and streets which surround the proposed development; I can just see it now; an Islamic Center with an approach road called after an Irish Saint or the ‘Holy Trinity’.

    I am an Irishman a Muslim Brother. I have rejected patriotism and chauvinism in all its guises (as per the instructions of our Holy Prophet)

    I call on the promoters of this project to set it aside and as true Believers seek the help and guidance of Allah SWT in perfecting your dakwah to the Irish. For only Allah SWT knows best who the Irish are and what He SWT holds in store for them.


  3. What is the connection between a North Dublin community station* the Clongriffin Mosque and Al Shaabab?
    *I assume you are referring to NEAR FM?
    The connection is Abdul Haseeb. He saw it as his job while working for Near FM to have long interviews with groups like Al Shaabab? He has left the station and is now the project manager for the Clongriffin mosque. I am sure you could get the station to provide some of the recordings of the interviews.
    You will find a number of links to him in this articles:


  4. what is the connection between a North Dublin community station, the Clongriffin Mosque and Al Shaabab


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