Dalai Lama got CIA funding, New York Times

World News Briefs; Dalai Lama Group

Says It Got Money From C.I.A.

New York Times World


Published: October 02, 1998


The Dalai Lama’s administration acknowledged today that it received $1.7 million a year in the 1960’s from the Central Intelligence Agency, but denied reports that the Tibetan leader benefited personally from an annual subsidy of $180,000.

The money allocated for the resistance movement was spent on training volunteers and paying for guerrilla operations against the Chinese, the Tibetan government-in-exile said in a statement. It added that the subsidy earmarked for the Dalai Lama was spent on setting up offices in Geneva and New York and on international lobbying.

The Dalai Lama, 63, a revered spiritual leader both in his Himalayan homeland and in Western nations, fled Tibet in 1959 after a failed uprising against a Chinese military occupation, which began in 1950.

The decade-long covert program to support the Tibetan independence movement was part of the C.I.A.’s worldwide effort to undermine Communist governments, particularly in the Soviet Union and China.

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  1. Angie’s comment on Tantric issues is in the wrong thread. Having discussed it we have moved it to the
    ‘Tantrismuskritik blog thread,’ explores the abuses of Tantric Lamaism…..


  2. I’ve gone off on a tangent?

    “This thread is about the CIA” – Not the Nazis or child abuse.

    I raised the question of your objections to their politics and you veered away from an answer in order to make ad hominem attacks.


  3. Angie at your request I am moving this comment in the ‘Tantrismuskritik blog,’ explores the abuses of Tantric Lamaism thread. You thought you were replying there:
    KateS is trying to divert but not on tantric sex!!

    KateS has gone off on a tangent as usual.


  4. No need to reply Chris to this personal attack. This thread is about the CIA I will have to start a new spillover thread for KateS to talk to herself. She will cry foul again and head for Lhasa via Washinton or is it Austib?


  5. I think you’ll find Chris, that people are defending their freedom of choice.

    I’m not sure who thinks that their personal practice will, “improve the modern world” except indirectly by working on themselves.

    While it is true that some Lamas are themselves guilty of conflating the personal and political, the rational response would be to separate these two out and expose it in their discourse instead of upping the ante.

    Instead of diffusing this potential “time bomb” by clarifying the terms, you are pouring petrol on it in order to rabble-rouse, and that makes you a demagogue in my book.



  6. Watch and see what happens when one puts anything contradictory to a Pro-Lama narrative on this site:

    “Robert Ford, a Scottish wireless operator, and pro-Tibetan Lamaist westerner , one of the few westerners appointed in the government of Old Tibet and arrested by the Chinese army, wrote about these ‘judical mutilations’ or penal amputations, as Lamaist punishment for minor infractions:

    He wrote” All over Tibet I have seen men who had been deprived of an arm or a leg for theft.” He was there from 1945 to 1950.

    And why is there a continued controversy over these uncomfortable facts about Tibet?, Because the western world and academia are composed of groups ,whose mind sets have been purposely programmed to NOT hear these accounts with any objectivity, even when presented by such scholars as Melwyn Goldstein, who is considered balanced in his exhaustive History of Tibet by western scholars, but nonetheless is still accused by pro-Tibetan Lamaist academics, of being pro-Chinese, and therefore dismissed.

    So it is not only because of Lamas themselves, who are controlling the communications, but because the west really doesn’t know now how to extricate themselves from this position without appearing ridiculous to the world. It will probably take several generations of both westerners and Tibetans to begin to write a really accurate history of Lamaism. Until then…..


  7. This is why Tibetan Lamaism is the most dangerous cult on earth , because it can mind control its western educated devotees into this level of denial, stupor and mind-boggling actual refusal, as we have seen for months now on this site,, such that they will defend their Lamaism no matter what is presented. , these are minds, no matter how western educated, that are lost to the ‘Lama narrative’ actually programmed in their minds , that they are then spreading to other naive westerners. No matter what is presented, they are deeply conditioned to believe that Tibetan Lamaism is highest form of spirituality that will only improve the modern world, and nothing that is said to the contrary will convince them otherwise. It is, in itself, remarkable examples of cult conditioning . I think there is a record now , on DI, of how deep it can go, and how impervious these minds remain to any contradictory facts . No matter what is presented, an automatic reaction that rejects these facts and ‘reframes’ them automatically occurs. I frankly have never seen anything quite like it.
    It should be being studied by psychologists, world wide, instead psychologists are being programmed as well by Tibetan Lamaism. THAT is a very dangerous situation to democracy.


  8. Pro Lamaists would like to substitute for western democracies, that they have been mind-controlled to hate, this form of government, that DL and Sambdhong believe will ‘contribute to the Modern World, this is how Lamaists dealt with ‘reformists” and those that wanted to introduce more democratic principles, that they seem so anxious to overthrow in their embrace of Tibetan Lamaism:

    Because Tibetan Buddhism prohibits killing, mutilation and other extremely cruel punishments were widely used in old Tibet. The mutilation of top level Tibetan official Lungshar in 1934 gave an example. Tsepon Lungshar, an official educated in England introduced reform in the 1920s; after losing a political struggle the reformist was sentenced to be blinded by having his eye-balls pulled out. “The method involved the placement of a smooth, round yak’s knucklebone on each of the temples of the prisoner. These were then tied by leather thongs around the head and tightened by turning the thongs with a stick on top of the head until the eyeballs popped out. The mutilation was terribly bungled. Only one eyeball popped out, and eventually the ragyaba had to cut out the other eyeball with a knife. Boiling oil was then poured into the sockets to cauterize the wound.” [67][68] This was sufficiently unusual that the untouchables (ragyaba) carrying it out had no previous experience of the correct technique and had to rely on instructions heard from their parents. An attempt was made at anesthetizing the alleged criminal with intoxicants before performing the punishment, which unfortunately did not work well..



  9. “Better to improve our systems than accept this saccharine new age kool aid”

    I agree. That’s why I’m interested in the relationship between them.

    Chris herself targeted the power of corporations and their potential abuse of certain techniques, but your focus seem to be mostly on those techniques rather than on “our systems” or how the two might interact.

    We have a clear division of church and state precisely so that religion makes absolutely no difference, people are free to practice whatever they want with no political consequences whatsoever, but this is a double-edged sword.

    I could find you 1000 articles which examine these relationships, and not a single one will claim that personal beliefs are a causal factor. Instead they tend to see the major problem with today’s democracy as corporate-administered capitalism due to the fact that it serves the interest of capital rather than the common good.

    In fact, under our current system, the only role that “democracy” really plays is to mask the fact that we are already disenfranchised from the political process.

    If Lamas, hungry for power and money have exploited this weakness, then focusing on their activity would seem to miss the real issue here.

    The function of the CIA is to promote American interests internationally, not “strengthening democtratic values”.


  10. More relevantly why did theCIA support the DL? 1. Anti communist 2. Thinking by doing so they were strengthening democratic values, whereas it would have brought us back to Caesero/Lamaism


  11. Just to connect the discussion to the real world. What Chris is saying is going down the TB route will lead us into an undemocratic syztem connected to a priestly caste on thrones. Better to improve our systems than accept this saccharine new age kool aid


  12. Firstly, I’m not really sure why this current debate, between the U.K. and E.U. in regard to federalism has any relevance to Tibetan Buddhism, or anything cult-like at all.

    Maybe that’s because I’m a bit lost by your argument.
    What is the connection between your first paragraph and your second, in other words, how does the ordinary voter taking a nationalistic stance affect the structure at a federal level?

    How does the Tibetan position undermine democracy? I have heard no comments by them about how the E.U. should be structured – you have outlined the current E.U. system, the British viewpoint, a way to make it more democratic – these are all viewpoints which seem to have very little to do with a personal practice of Buddhism – that’s why I asked in the first place, because I’m not making the connection that you think is obvious…

    If you look at the current political system in the States and Europe, there is little real political choice. It seems that basically we are voting to elect a board of directors to a company, one of which is slightly more conservative than the other, but the political system remains the same – as Maxime Vivas said, it is “business as usual”.

    The de-politicization of everyday life is not part of a Tibetan Buddhist conspiracy but the consequence of capitalist development – the illusion of choice and freedom we have in the political process is comparable to the “freedom” of the western consumer, we can choose between 100 types of mascara, all made by the same umbrella corporation under different names, all using the same ingredients but with slightly different packaging, all making claims that never quite deliver.

    In other words, the U.S. and U.K. don’t have a two party system, they have a 1.5 party system.

    Take for example, this recent article, which many do not agree with, but it does outline many of the current issues surrounding this debate, and raises many of the same issues concerning nationalism, the party system, and the current form of democracy.


    No serious study of the development of the political process would consider the Dalai Lama’s influence on this to be of any great significance, so if you want to make that case, you need to show the workings a bit more clearly.


  13. Pity that you did not get her point. In fact you are too bright you would fall for that ex PM like the 400
    Nation state and support for one’s country patriotism.
    Nationalism an ideology that raises one’s own state above others.
    A federal state which is made up of member states who maintain their autonomy but share it with other states. Bundeslaender in Germany and USA.
    EU where nation states retain sovereignty, but have supra national institutions like European Court. co determination of the parliament with the Council of Ministers. The Commission is an unelected body made up of commissioners elected in member states.
    Some like the British do not want a Federal Europe but want a glorified European Free trade area.
    In order to be more democratic we need to take the powers vested in the Head of State and make them subject to the EU Parliament. We need to replace the commission with a cabinet which is selected by the President elected by all the citizens of Europe. (28 States)


  14. dialogueireland, on August 31, 2013 at 4:52 pm said:
    “A louder form of persuasion which you will not fall asleep with”

    …and what better argument for wondering why Chris supports nationalism.


  15. All totalitarianism movements, start out with concepts such as ‘socialism’ “greater equality for all” ‘compassion’ “unity of the people.” ‘more peace and prosperity’ promises.

    1. From the film above and the Dalai Lama in Ireland’s speech in April 2011, both reading from the same Totalitarianism Canon:

    Hitler: “A new community is being built..beautiful… Our social welfare state is so much more than just charity.. because we do not say to the rich people, help the poor people, we say to the German People help yourself!”

    From Dalai lama speech in Ireland, April , 2011 after the financial crisis,

    Dalai Lama Advises how Ireland can get out of the financial crisis”

    After calling upon the people of Ireland to ‘forgive the bankers and politicians who caused Ireland’s collapse” the Dalai Lama said “Hard work, make effort with determination , prosperity come, now you must work hard , with self confidence and more cooperation”



  16. .” In the autumn of 1931, the NSDAP,National Socialists German Workers Party (Hitler) the DNVP and nationalist paramilitary associations joined forces in the Harzburg Front in order to step up the fight against parliamentary democracy.

    The destabilization policies pursued by the NSDAP and the KPD led to a rapid succession of governments without parliamentary majorities that could only rule with the aid of presidential decrees and to the recurrence of general elections at brief intervals.

    Finally, the National Socialists had consolidated their position of power to such an extent that President Paul von Hindenburg, partly under pressure from right-wing Conservative circles and in spite of a decline in the NSDAP vote in the last democratic election to the Reichstag, appointed Hitler to serve as Chancellor of a coalition government of NSDAP and DNVP, thereby dealing the death blow to the sorely beleaguered parliamentary democracy of the Weimar Republic”.

    Dalai Lama tutored by Nazi Heinrich Harrar as a young boy in the Potala Palace for almost a decade, he never denounced Nazism and died a Nazi. The Dalai Lama and Heinrich Harrar remained friends for life. .

    Heinrich Himmler, was heavily involved with Hinduism/Tibetan Lamaism, and the occult.

    Lerab Ling, Speer-like architectural design to emphasize the insignificance of the individual and the power of the “Big We”. All totalitarian cults use massive structures and overblown symbolism to cower the individual into submission.


  17. And then there was …..
    A louder form of persuasion which you will not fall asleep with KateS like ex PM of a pseudo state.

    This slowly slowly drip feed incremental brainwashing is harder to detect. The more intelligent the greater the ease of brainwashing the person. Get it yet.

    I love Taiwan> Why we can’t blame the CCP!


  18. So Chris, is it their political position that you object to, or is it the hidden way it is snuck into this discourse?

    It seems to me that there is nothing inherently problematic in expressing certain viewpoints;

    criticising the current form of democracy,
    criticising the party system,
    environmental problems,
    the discrepancy between the rich and poor,
    that one may benefit from an inner spiritual life,
    or indeed Hinduism in general.

    You may well disagree with these opinions, but that in itself doesn’t seem to account for your response – after all, this isn’t a political forum.

    I also find it unlikely that the 400 “so-called educated westerners” will change their voting habits due to that talk.

    I will take a closer look at the video tomorrow.


  19. Tibetan Lamaism IS Hinduism, Tibetan ‘buddhists’ are practicing Hinduism, believing it is what the Buddha taught, just as naive westerners are being inducted into Hindu concepts through Yoga centers. This is a massive movement to spread into the West, and to undermine democratic principles , undermine democratic humanistic thinking, and freedom of the individual.

    Sambdhong blames nationalism, quoting Ghandi and Krisnatmurti, both Hindus, as well as ‘individualism’ of the west which focuses on ‘rights’ instead of ‘duties” and his “agenda” at Lerab Ling is clear about 35 minutes in after pretending the talk is going to be about democratic and scientific values) to promote the Hindu World Council’s World Peace Initiative (Quietism) to make the world more like India whom these HIndu/Buddhists United hold up as an example of world peace and the solution to the world’s problems, while explicitly blaming democratic systems and party systems for all the problems in the world, This is explicit in his talk to 400 “so-called educated westerners” at Lerab Ling, which is being used as a propaganda vehicle for anti-democratic ideas, when it is not being used to brainwash individuals into guru worship and use women for their misogynistic rituals, As these individuals are attending the talks, they are being subconsciously mind controlled with his droning antidemocratic”doublespeak” , embedded in a context that uses words, like ‘compassion’, democracy’ ‘human rights’ ‘equality’ the environment and appearing to care about those things, when this is a massive and explicit world wide political agenda using Hindu/based Lamaism,while presenting themselves to the world , as ‘nonpolitical.”

    Hinduism and it’s Guru worship, has let India ‘rot’ in massive poverty,gross misogyny, passivity and vile economic disparity conditions , for centuries, ( just as in Tibet) but this HIndustani /Lamaism ‘calling itself Buddhism is being promoted as the solution to the world’s problems by “Professor” Samdhong,

    Notice the GIANT picture of the Dalai Lama under the even more GIANT statue of the Golden Buddha , over the highly elevated seat of Mr. Samdhong Rinpoche, “precious one” as he speaks about ‘bettering conditions’ and bringing more equality for human race, ignoring the track record of centuries in India and Tibet, through their type of Hindustani Buddhism for the modern world.


  20. http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Hinduism/2001/02/Dalai-Lama-Meets-Hindu-Militants-At-Kumbh-Mela.aspx?p=3

    Sambdhong’s speech can be heard to be anti-democratic and critical of the party system of democracies which he explicitly says in this talk are responsible for all the worlds problems…. He quotes Ghandi, and Krisnamurti, his great friend, from about 35.00 minutes on, after slyly seeming to be talking about democratic principles, he ‘slides into HIndu concepts” of Unity and anti-nationalism. He uses the environmental problems , the discrepancy between the rich and poor (that’s a laugh as he sits on this giant throne, the pinnacle of a lineage of gross discrepancy between the rich and poor) and how the universal loving kindness of buddhism to promote his ‘religious agenda’ and how it will save the earth. At the end , he even slides in the meaningful life can only happen if one has an ‘inner spiritual life” all the while saying secularists can join into this grand compassionate plan of buddhism without being buddhist , i.e. Hinduist.

    This is part of a Hindu -Buddhist movement to join against Christian and Muslims, and make the world Hindu United. DL has joined with the Vishva Hindu Parishad, (Hindu World Council) whose world mission is to train missionaries to covert the world to Hinduism and undermine democratic values and traditional religions.

    When the DL and his prime minister are in the West , they embed their anti-democratic talks “about not changing one’s religion”, this is code against any ‘missionary work of Christians” while they themselves are using billions in tax dollars of the west to promote the missionary work of the VHP or the World Hindu Council. When DL is at the Hindu World Council meetings he talks about the importance of religion, i.e. HInduism and buddhism, to develop a “BIG WE” and the importance of uniting Hindu and Buddhism religions. Which has infiltrated into the west on a world scale.

    VHP or the World Hindu Council’s motto is “UNITE HINDUS SAVE HUMANITY” The Dalai Lama and Tibetan Lamaism IS Hinduism NOT buddhism.


  21. KateS has hit rock bottom when it comes to comments; finding it difficult to listen to Samdhong Rinpoche having heard it all before. His meanderings are too boring and isn’t this the perfect state of mind for programming when the thought processes are lulled to sleep?


  22. He has hit rock bottom.


  23. Allahu Akbar!


  24. She has an answering service called Lamaism the cultist form of Buddhism. You need to get ready for your new term. I have engaged with Salifist Islam which I am sure you are aware of. Lamaism=Islamism


  25. “You are really a broken record.”

    Ask a simple question… there’s a very obvious reason Chris is avoiding answering – because her position has some seriously undemocratic implications.


  26. Remember the Spillover thread! See no evil speak no etc.

    If anything, America has become more commercialized and business-like, and the implications of your stance would seem to require a return to some kind of McCarthyism in order to scapegoat the “enemies of democracy”.

    Questioning the CIA is part of McCarthyism?
    Every comment you make “not the banks, corporations, state institutions, politicians, academia… what is left?”
    You are really a broken record.


  27. Chris, you don’t seem to make anything synonymous with America, not the banks, corporations, state institutions, politicians, academia… what is left?

    You seem to idealize an America from 50 years ago, and blame the Hindu and Tibetan gurus for these changes.

    If anything, America has become more commercialized and business-like, and the implications of your stance would seem to require a return to some kind of McCarthyism in order to scapegoat the “enemies of democracy”.

    Also, I got 20 minutes into the Samdhong Rinpoche talk, and it is really boring – is there a specific bit you’d like to focus on?

    @DI – Remember the Alamo!


  28. Yellow rose of Texas


  29. Some of us don’t make the C.I.A synonymous with America, Americans or democracy, when it suits our purposes to divert from the topic.

    But of course, anti-American Americans, programmed for the last five decades by Hindu gurus, and Tibetan Lamas, to hate themselves, and hate America , wouldn’t know the difference.


  30. Two sides of the same mouth. speaking, make what I am saying un-American , when you have been all over this site with your un-American crap, but forked tongues of pro-Lamaists who have learned well the art of deception and confusion. .

    Again, people should listen to The ex-prime minister of the Dalai Lama, at Lerab Ling, Little Sogyal letting these politicos use his Temple of Tantra, in France for their political agendas. Pro-Tibetan Lamaists would definitely NOT want ANYONE to hear the undemocratic propaganda that this ‘professor” in alchemy , astrology and oracles, is weaving into his pro-Tibetan Lama crap. while the Tibetan government in Exile has been been supported by millions and millions of tax payer money and western donations, since the early 60’s, playing the humble, peace-loving victims, only trying to bring ‘harmony and peace to the world through simple meditation techniques.

    . The Dalai Lama ‘stepping down from his ‘political role” and putting out his ex-Tibetan prime minister to actively do “politics” at a so-called ‘religious retreat center”, while undermining democracy , brought to you from the Lamas at Lerab Ling.


  31. Seems a bit un-American, do you have a problem with the C.I.A.?


  32. And while U.S. tax dollars are supporting these groups, Lerab Ling and Sogyal Lakar in France is not only abusing women, but abusing the western world and hosting talks that allow these Tibetan Lamas to be pushing basically ‘anti-democratic’ views and promoting an infiltration of Lamaism on the modern world. Perhaps the U.S. government and other western democracies might want to notice:


  33. Little do western Tibetan Lamaists know that they have been programmed’ over the last decades, for much of their pro-Tibetan, anti Chinese ‘buddhist” beliefs by the CIA and later the NED.

    So while the western Tibetan Lamaist groups are being mind controlled by the Lamas, the larger western population has been ‘programmed’ by the controlled media of western publications, brought to you by the NED a.k.a. CIA. Aren’t you glad to know that you are on your way to ‘liberation’ from these sources?


  34. Under the subtitle The NED at work again…, Engdahl reveals that “According to declassified US intelligence documents released in the late 1990s, ‘for much of the 1960s, the CIA provided the Tibetan exile movement with $1.7 million a year for operations against China, including an annual subsidy of $180,000 for the Dalai Lama.’
    “With help of the CIA, the Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala, India where he lives to the present. He continues to receive millions of dollars in backing today, not from the CIA but from a more innocuous-sounding CIA front organization, funded by the US Congress, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The NED has been instrumental in every US-backed Color Revolution destabilization from Serbia to Georgia to Ukraine to Myanmar. Its funds go to back opposition media and global public relations campaigns to popularize their pet opposition candidates.[emphasis added]
    “As in the other recent Color Revolutions, the US Government is fanning the flames of destabilization against China by funding opposition protest organizations inside and outside Tibet through its arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
    “The NED was founded by the Reagan Administration in the early 1980’s, on the recommendation of Bill Casey, Reagan’s Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), following a series of high-publicity exposures of CIA assassinations and destabilizations of unfriendly regimes. The NED was designed to pose as an independent NGO, one step removed from the CIA and Government agencies so as to be less conspicuous, presumably. The first acting President of the NED, Allen Weinstein, commented to the Washington Post that, ‘A lot of what we [the NED] do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA”


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