Report of the Protest outside Clontarf Castle

Quite unlike the previous seminars the number of newbie males arrived, hauled down from Northern Ireland to fill seats, educogym users who present a Mormon style clean cut image with muscle displayed to increase their sex appeal. The usual scantily clad women dressed to impress Tony, old-timers, male and female that includes ‘top brass’, Warren, the Fordes and the woman who lives in Tony’s old cottage, turned up to see their ‘messiah’ hoping to be mesmerized into believing his latest discovery, of which I’ve been assured, was first mentioned approximately 10 years ago or more. For the most part the demeanor was subdued and tense on arrival, not at all happy to see demonstrators, if only two; the possibility of being recognised and commented on is a reality check that spoils the day.

Submitted on 2013/06/10 at 4:39 pm by No Temptation Eve


So obvious though, when questioned by an educogym user that Tony Quinn’s past alleged sexual assault charges and money extortion racket in INE is not general knowledge; brand new information to dissect and hopefully wean him off the charlatan.


Even stranger though was the amount of people willing to speak to members of Dialogue in the Castle. In fact, it transpired that some of the attenders were not sure why they were there. What is going on? Maybe they did not receive Mary’s letter explaining it to them. How many times are they contacted by phone to remind them of the day and still they arrive in a confused state of mind? Are they summoned without explanation? Some are jaded listening to the droning voice of Quinn repeating the same thing over and over and over again. I quite understand why this is. Mary’s letter does not convince the anymore yet they feel compelled to show up, and sure anyway it for free.

There were the expected ecstatic faces exiting a bit later than usual. They’ve had their fix.
Mentioning the name Tony Quinn to enquiring passersby brings instant comprehension usually followed by ‘fair play to you’, thumbs up and honking in agreement with the placard messages is the norm of the day. No question, Quinn has earned himself an infamous reputation that will follow him to his grave and beyond. A taxi driver called out to us, “I have a very happy customer”. “Yes” shouted by co-demonstrator “He’s brainwashed” and off the taxi man drove with his thump of agreement in the air. My thought was: I hope he is a good man and not take advantage of a hypnotised person who could be hurt if taken advantage of.

I did not know what to make of a woman’s behaviour or what to expect when she leaped out of a car leaving the Castle premises. Having made her way across the road to us she was very vocal in expressing her agreement with our placard messages. She told us that it’s true what we say. She went in for a cup of tea with her friends and was shocked to find herself surrounded by people that she could see were hypnotised; the glassy vacant look gave it away. Having vocalised her concern she was off to join her friends. She will never forget this day or Educo.

Clontarf lodgeCastle AvenueEntrance CC Castle Ave

Another successful demonstration day and I’ll be very happy to do another.

This what they missed!

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