Tom Cruise To Be Made an Honorary Irishman!

Cruise Control: Has Gilmore not got enough problems?

Tom Cruise To Be Made an Honorary Irishman!


Mar 28th, 2013 @ 01:41 pm › James Duggan

Department of Foreign Affairs have plans to make a presentation to the star for the year of the Gathering


Tom Cruise is reportedly to be made an honorary Irishman, despite his accent in 1992 film Far and Away. The Hollywood star has roots in Roscommon and is set to celebrate them next week when he visits for the premiere of his new film Oblivion.


Tom is allegedly set to travel from the Dublin to Roscommon on Wednesday 3rd April for a secret ceremony celebrating his roots in the county. Government officials have been sworn to secrecy about the event but apparently the Department of Foreign Affairs have plans to make a presentation to the star for the year of the Gathering

Tom’s great-grandfather on his mother’s side is thought to have emigrated to America from a 33 acre farm in Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon. As a child, Tom visited Roscommon with his father and is rumoured to have paid a secret visit to relatives there while filming Far and Away on the Dingle Peninsula. He also allegedly expressed an interest to buy the land that his ancestors would have worked when it went on sale last year for €300,000 but it ended up being bought by a nearby farmer.


The mayor of Roscommon, Tom Crosby, is certainly looking forward to the visit. He said “It always struck me that he had very much of an Irish look about him, and west of Ireland in particular. This is a great opportunity for Roscommon. We can even run a brief course on the accent and teach him the typical Roscommon word – ‘How’reya.”

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  1. Gilmore is another Irish politician totally ignorant about cults and their destructive effects on people’s lives. Why the secrecy? I wonder if it is due to Enda Kenny’s misfortune to be photographed with another cult EDUCO member, namely Susan Morrice, a director in INE, a Belize oil company, which he never acknowledged or explained when approached by Dialogue who informed them of the cult element in INE. Is it because they fear there might be an anti-cult demonstration that will highlight the problem with cults in Ireland?

    The last thing we need is an infamous cult moron given Irish citizenship.


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