Victory Outreach Centre collecting without permit

Man collecting in town for drug

centre had no permit

Victory Outreach Centre had been refused

permits previously by gardaí

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25 March 2009

A MAN with a Bray address was given the benefit of the Probation Act at Drogheda District Court after he was cleared of collecting for a local drug rehab centre without a permit.

However, the court heard that the Victory Outreach Centre on the North Road, Drogheda, had been refused collection permits by the gardaí on a number of occasions, prior to this breach of the Charities Act.

Michael Edwards (30), 54 Oldcourt Drive, Bray, was reported to gardaí while he was collecting door to door on the Donore Road, Drogheda, on August 22nd, 2008.

Garda Mark McNulty attended and when he questioned the defendant, he was found to have collected almost € 100 in aid of Victory Outreach, then based at the corner house on the North Road, but he did not have the relevant permit for collection.

Speaking on behalf of his client, Paul Moore told the court Mr Edwards wasn’t aware he needed a permit and ‘the money was destined for the proper place’.


A representative of Victory Outreach from Ballyfermot, Mr O’Reilly, told the court they were ‘a not for profit organisation, who had rehab houses in Drogheda, Slane and Navan, and the collections were to raise money for nine-month residential programmes to help drug users’.

He said at the time of the collection, there was a new director in Drogheda and they had ‘sent the lads out to collect without knowing they needed a permit’.

Mr O’Reilly assured the court that they were a registered charity, with a Christian church headquarters, and they would ensure proper documentation was sought in the future. The rehab house had now been moved to Bettystown.

Garda McNulty told the court this organisation had breached the act before and had been refused permits to collect in the town, and also in Dundalk.

The defendant was a former drug addict of 12 years, who had been drug free for two years.

Judge Flann Brennan said he believed the defendant was genuinely collecting for the organisation, but warned him not to do anything like this again.

‘You cannot hold a collection without a permit,’ he told Edwards.

‘They must be properly obtained and you must carry a copy with you.’

The defendant was given the benefit of the Probation Act.



5 Responses

  1. Comment edited to remove bad language and personal attacks without evidence from anonymous commenter
    The whole place is xxxxxxx. Trevor is a xxxxxxx, Andrew Valdez has a reputation for xxxxxxxxx……victory. Outreach. Should be closed down


  2. A bunch of bullies the lot of victory outreach.. They all do “voluntary” work claim the dole,live lavish lifestyles think they call it ” living of the blessings” bunch of money hungry bullies.. While their livin it up, there sending out vulnerable people to fundraise 12 hrs a day…


  3. They lied about saying the director didnt know about permits they knew quite well as he himself fundrasied until he took over the home. Also sent men out to get extra on top of their target to pay for his wedding. So its people on the streets that thought they were giving to a worthy cause payed for his flash day. The director’s name was Aideen Murphy and is also a youth leader in the church at present.


  4. The Gardaí, previously, had denied a permit for Outreach in Drogheda and, more than likely, for good reason. Do they have a tendency to overdo the collections and upset the locals? Why did a Ballyfermot resident member need to explain the situation in court, why not the local head of house? It must be frustrating for the Gardaí when a judge over-rules their concerns when taking into consideration they have seen it as a problem prior to the case.


  5. If the centre manager was new and not aware as stated then how come the garda was able to say they had been refused and cautioned before. This has also happened in Dubin Courts but usually Vic Outreach do not attend and leave the poor collector to hang alone. Not very clever in any case to send people with addictions out collecting funds as they will run and reuse.


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