News Release in regard to the INE B Shareholders

Dialogue Ireland News Release in regard to the INE B Shareholders

DI will be releasing a post after mid afternoon Friday February 8th. We have delayed this post as we want to take time to reflect before publication.

morrice oil
This in regard to the B shareholders and their interests. It will deal with the potential risk to them in regard to their shareholding. We would suggest they all read the judgement of Justice Bannister prior to the release of the statement.

We will also reference correspondence from Susan Morrice which links DI to a hostile takeover of the INE.


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  1. Dialogue:

    Nothing seems to be happening with Susan Morrice’s ridiculous allegations of Dialogue being part of an attempt at an INE takeover. I can only presume they are too busy trying to buy shares from B shareholders on the quiet, at least from the shareholders who were not quiet about INE’s illegal activities. If this is the case how many of them are getting a fair deal considering the ‘outsiders’ have received no dividends since the company was set up? The trance state is enough to keep the ‘devotees’ quiet and sure are they not buying their way to heaven on earth? It’s the Tony Quinn version and not immune to sudden disintegration.


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