Ashyana Deane aka Anna Hayes Cult. New Age beliefs or a group exercising cult like characteristics?

Dialogue Ireland has been approached by people who are concerned that individuals are being influenced in a malign way. People have no problem with people holding different views but are concerned when they totally lose it and become so under influence they are lost to spouses, children and life long friends. There seems to be a group dynamic and Ashyana Deane seems to have been able to create a bridge head here in Ireland and there seems to be a lot of cash linked to being certain places for another version of this Mayan myth and end of the world lark. Now when it does not happen then we will hear that it was not the end of the world as such but a new consciousness has been born! However, Ashyana Deane will at that stage have the cash and the person will be like an alcoholic coming home needing AA, but they will feel superior and enlightened even though to quote one of my colleagues it is a load of bollocks! (This is a kind of wake up call.)

Here is his considered view:

Ashayana Deane Org in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily constitute a concern, but this particular set of Bollocks seems very amenable for indoctrination. Some things of note:

– The material continually makes grand claims, alludes to secret knowledge, promises abilities, etc., which adds up to a very powerful mystery sandwich dream.

– The material uses lots of scientific terms (although misunderstands them) and generally seems to be trying to give the air of scientific authenticity.

– The material seems to have a consistent sort of ‘logic’ to it, but is such that in order to think with this ‘logic’ would cause the person to have a complete division between reality and their perception. In fact the material seems almost set up to do this.

– The material is filled with conceptual constructs that do not make any sense outside of the terminology used, having no referents in normal English.


– The material makes subtle use of fear, particularly with regard to common human fears such as dying, finding meaning, etc.

One of the links being looked was David Icke forums, and if you spend an hour or two browsing it you will easily find dozens of ideologies even more batshit than the MCEO (and most of them make a little money on the side too).


Thing is that 99% of these are completely harmless since they don’t have the group behind them to commit the harms – it is on this aspect that it comes into DI’s realm.

From the little research I have done so far there does seem to be a quite potent and exploitive group aspect to this. This account is very lucid and to the point:

A helpful piece we found!

Anna Hayes / Ashayana Deane messenger from the Universe

By Colleen Johnston © 2004

Note: Colleen Johnston is a former UFO cult member, UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher. No part of this article can be used in part or any form without expressed written consent. For use permission or comments please email her at:

Anna Hayes as she used to be known, (now going by Ashayana Deane) has a typical cultic persona and ideology dealing with ET – channelling and is typical of many UFO Contactee cults. It is really a cookie cutter messiah ‘Melchizedek'[1] molded type of ideology that is currently affecting the UFO and New Age communities. I would estimate that about 70% of UFO cults in existence have the Melchizedek ideology firmly implanted within the groups belief systems. Often such groups will blend various religious and Orthodox viewpoints and other principles that are out there. The name change is typical of the egotistic cultic persona. They some how become more important in their minds – especially if the channelled information indicates they should.

Even groups like the ill-fated Jim Jones and David Koresh had the ET connection enmeshed in a psychotic screwed up ideology. Jim Jones of the People Temple was fascinated with Hitler’s reign and some of the occultist aspects that Hitler used in his belief system. David Koresh of the Branch Davidians (born Vernon Wayne Howell) had a belief in the Flying/ Winged Serpents of God as UFO occupants according to one former member. (To date I have not been able to verify the validity of the statement and would welcome former cult followers of Koresh to validate this please email me if you can verify this and you were a former follower!)  Both groups are the extreme cases of what can happen when following deadly apocalyptic information. I also believe that demonic alien entities infect such groups along with very low ordered demons. I say this with confidence as a former member of a similar UFO cult with some of the same ideologies and dealing with some forms of demonic manifestations for a six-year time period during the 1970’s. I have been out of a similar cult since 1995, which I was a member of since the early part of 1988.

I sincerely believe that entities that work through the more benign groups are real but not as demon-like (so far) as Applewhite, of the infamous Heaven’s Gate,  Jones or Koresh’s apocalyptic ideologies. I do think they are indeed ET and much fiercer than demons because they have free will as demonic’s can be ousted.  I have researched both demonology and alien abduction, ET contact experiences for the better part of 30 years. Many similarities between the entities but there are vast differences too. I also think the entity interaction deals with real alien beings – but not those of love and light but with a nefarious agenda to eventually take over the host – or the human they are interacting with. messages as well as messengers after a period of time will turn apocalyptic – for instance it took about five years for the messages to creep into channelling sessions in the group I was involved with.

ET Contactee cults are all about ego, ego seduction as well as power and greedily making large sums of money. This is done by unscrupulously duping a section of the populace genuinely searching for spirituality outside of traditional routes. Anna isn’t any different than any other cult leader who is scamming the population. She also financially ripped off supporters in Sarasota, FL where she had her Azurite temple back in 2002 when several followers became suspicious, because many things she ‘channelled’ didn’t come to pass according to these former cult members.

She moved to England –with few cult members knowing it and dissolved the identity of Anna Hayes and now spends time between the USA and England giving lectures and selling her products and ideology for a hefty price. Her ‘Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order’ is nothing more than a front to gain money and a following to make more money. Current ex-believers, (a few who’ve contacted me) don’t even know about the name Anna Hayes or the troubles in Sarasota, FL.

Anna Hayes and the Cassiopaean channel (claiming to now be channelling her future self) Laura Knight Jadczyk (who also left former believers in the dust and financially much lighter in Florida) have such a similar ideology that it ’s frightening. Below I will list the comparisons between the channels and the groups themselves. There is even a slight comparison between both women to Jelaila Starr of The Nibiruan Council

These are some of the sites which are informing this journey to Florida. One week Jim Corr, then Aliens and then astral weeks. Many believe that this is the moment like we heard Bugarach in France would be where the the Space ship would come out of the caves. Talked to a dutch TV crew who had been there for 6 months preparing for the events of December 21. The only aliens they noticed were the two bus loads of researchers I was part of!  This one shows an interview with the ‘leader’ Ashyana Deane  This one seems to be run by the leader and her husband? Not sure though  This is interesting, shows what you can buy as a newcomer!

Having looked at it we are posting it here and we hope that many isolated family members might find courage to use the blog to leave their experiences and hopefully we will get others with a similar problem to contact us and we can link people to assist each other. Please leave comments and be assured your anonymity will be respected. Write to MIKE GARDE MA
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  1. What a weird mishmash of mental mush. I can’t take any of these postings seriously.

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  2. I am seeking a forum from years back that had an ongoing correspondence between Ashayana Deane and David Icke. If anyone knows where to find this please email me.

    Thank you!

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  3. Her actual name is E’Asha Ashayana


  4. Interesting ‘update’ from the web:

    As of May 2012, AMCC-MCEO Speaker-1 E’Asha Ashayana is no longer affiliated with Azurite Press Inc. (AP), nor does she have any part in AP’s current business or website operations. Azurite Press, Inc. in conjunction with Adashi MCEO, L.L.C. are currently being run and operated by Ex-Speaker 2 Asan (Michael) Deane, Ex-Speaker 3 Mary Anne Callaway (Mac), and their associates. The Speakers 2 & 3 contracts were formally and publicly revoked during the May 2012 workshop and they are no longer recognized as legitimate representatives of the AMCC-MCEO and various Kryst Councils. Despite the fact that Speaker-1 is not currently receiving any proceeds from the sale of her own work produced before May 2012, students are still encouraged to purchase past workshops and materials from AP as they are still the only production source for the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series. For more details and updates from E’Asha, please refer to the official MCEO – AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Google Group.


  5. A troll reporter indeed. Many facts are false here, it’s like based on some personal grudge/dissatisfaction rather than an objective review.
    Besides, if your DNA coding doesn’t resonate with E’asha’s information, then it’s not for you. Let it be. She never trashes others and she never asks/demands that someone would follow her way or anything like that.

    If your DNA is like a typewriter, then you cannot install a computer software on it! And it doesn’t mean that the software is a complete bullshit just because you can’t use it…

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  6. Just another troll reporter…. A’shayana never predicted the end of the world in 2012. Did you even read her books? That question is obviously rhetorical…. This threatens you and your Globalist Elite masters paradigm…

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  7. To Russia with love?


  8. The Author needs more research before making conclusions. Jim Jones was a CIA operation.

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  9. She is an incredible narcissistic healer who is on a power trip to control the Earth and humanity. I have attended her courses and spent lots of money on her DVDs and thought she was going to help me but she has instead taken over my power and my creational matrix. Although a lot of her teachings are accurate, she is on a power trip and unfortunately when you open yourself up to her, she takes you over.


  10. The ones who cannot stand free thinkers

    If only they were “free”! What we need is freed thinkers!
    Just look up Cefulu in Sicily and note the kind of free thinking Mussolini put an end to.
    Aliester Crowley the Beast 666


  11. A’shayana’s current is not channeled at all. The person that wrote this negative, malicious stuff about her is obviously part of “The Powers that Be.” The ones who cannot stand free thinkers and never want people to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, etc. These same critics cherish the greatest story ever told “The Bible!”

    Never once does A’shayana Deane say “Follow me, this is the truth!”

    The ones who persecute her, are the same types that persecuted Aliester Crowley and Blavatsky.

    Both Aliester Crowley and Helena Blavatsky did things on purpose when they wanted the uninitiated that sought initiation to call them frauds and deceivers. And A’shayana in no way does this. Also, compared to MANY other new age/Occult authors, her books are certainly reasonably priced.

    The Elites are finished! Done with! The new Aeon has arrived. The Aeon of freedom!!!

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  12. In reply to your comment about the children, i dont think it is good enough to just “birth them in here” there seems to be a huge problem in society where parents “birth” children and then leave them to do whatever they want. Theres lots of kids out there who are not being cared for on a daily basis which is very sad. To answer your question, yes their father is caring for them but in my view children do need a mother, not just someone who appears to be there sometimes! As for the parents relationship, i think it helps that they buy things/fund things for her as she has no money. Very sad for a parent to still have to fund their child when they are in their 40’s!

    The marriage – yes it may have ended anyway but to walk around and pretend that everything is rosey when clearly it is not is no good for anyone (another example of not living in reality)

    You seem to be very confident that there isnt a “group”
    Defination of a group – a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction and common feelings etc. So if my friend is meeting/in contact with peolpe regarding these teachings does that not class her as being in a group? If she attended a college course at least she’d have something at the end of it! Believe me she is not making any money and never will!

    “St Paddies Day Parade – what a twisted thing that is” – and there was me thinking that he really did ge rid of the snakes :). Seriously if bringing your children to a parade to hear music playing, look at the different floats, getting sweets thrown at them is that bad then im guilty as charged, its a great day out and its part of our culture. I’m sure there’s lots of non christians that attends the parade’s all over the world.

    Thank you for your comments, i really hope my friend see’s the light and realises that children are only children for a very short time and now is when they need her……..


  13. You show each time that you comment your philosophy that the victim of rape is bringing it on themselves. It is not off topic to get you to examine your assumptions.


  14. What was that you said about ‘plain English’? ;)

    Actually, rape is completely off subject but you’ll pull whatever pieces from this you want to to suit your agenda. Sounds like you are still blaming everything that ever happened to you on everything and everyone else. Maybe you need to look within, that’s all.
    Of course, many don’t like what they see and will spend their time trying to live their lives through materialism, alcohol etc, but still aren’t finding happiness. I wonder why…

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  15. Thanks you have with your pantheistic assumptions answered my question on rape. It was completely on the thread. You can’t distinguish between subject and object. The result is you regard rape as a matter of luck.


  16. Well you did start the thread and called all this into your life for whatever reasons.

    If I donate to your site would you still be asking me questions that are off topic?

    I’m sorry if nasty things have happened to you in this lifetime but what may appear simple usually isn’t. Is it a matter of ‘luck’ that every other person out there hasn’t been raped…?

    Like everything in life, there’s 3 sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth.

    Now, lets let our egos and anger go as I’ve spent enough time here and of course you’ll probably retort as you love the sound of your own voice but I won’t be responding and people can make up their own minds on whatever they want to. Simples! :)


  17. Yes I forced that person to write on our blog. You are clearly under influence and have lost the ability to speak plain English?
    Simple question? A woman is raped – who is responsible, the rapist or does the woman bring it on herself?


  18. It’s so sad, my friend I mentioned earlier has now lost her husband to this cult. He has left her and their 3 children and is living on his own, just travelling to florida for the conferences.


  19. No, I don’t think so DI as it’s you that’s fuelling this. Everything is connected..
    Have a great day.

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  20. You have become drunk on this stuff and your discourse is no longer connected to real dna.


  21. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I suppose the question you need to ask is what would she be like now if they hadn’t of followed a certain path? Could be the same or worse but it’s not your call I’m afraid and you can’t answer how their life would have turned out anyway because you don’t have that power, only Source does..
    My take on this with the information you shared is that she’s probably a really awakened Indigo but doesn’t know how to stay grounded here on earth which is really important as we still inhabit a body that has to function in this density. Once she connected with higher aspects of herself etc, she may not have wanted to return as she got a glimpse of who she was once and that’s why she’s so distant as this reality is so distorted compared to the ones she’s seen.
    With regards to her children, it was her contract to birth them in here and they did chose their parents and family..just like you and I did but is their father caring for them? It sounds extreme but she like everyone here on earth, you included, are healing and she maybe walking through a load of lifetimes in this current lifetime and that’s why it’s not resonating with you or those around her. When you mention her parents as in- it’s really only them who she communicates with that’s because she shares the same DNA physically. They possibly had what she has but repressed it or don’t talk about it because of society based fears etc.
    As for her marriage well, that contract may have been completing too and maybe it would have happened regardless and their ‘relationship’ was to bring the kids onto this earth. Again, marriage is not a normal thing within nature and is heavily distorted- that’s why there has been a huge surge in divorces and separations in the last few years. Better than having an affair in my opinion. I’d put money on most of them not being involved with this ‘crowd’ lol!
    Another aspect of what she is processing is possible ‘field attachments’ which are entities that are affecting her and she’s trying to clear them now as the current wave of frequencies that came in on earth (yes, you all got them) are blasting out anything that is stopping her from moving forward. Most people have had those too as many people are on the Astral at night time while sleeping and things can attack you if you aren’t aware. Waking up in the morning exhausted after hours of rest for no apparent reason is often an indication that an aspect of your soul was busy doing work somewhere else. This work (E’Asha’s) teaches you about the importance of spiritual protection from negative energies among many other things.
    So technically she’s probably not in a group as there isn’t one and yes I am familiar with this work. If she has moved away from her friends it’s possibly because we are all moving on as everything in life has to change and that she is closer to her true family perhaps.
    Ok, she buys some of their books and codes etc. and a few dvds which carry a huge amount of information. What’s a college course cost these days? Some of those dvds are possibly helping her clear financial distortions and I guess you have to spend money to make some. You only buy those if you want to, no one tells you to as you have free will choice and really they don’t make much money but they do have to eat like the rest of us. If you look at E’Asha’s site the most important information has been given freely for anyone to use (and no I don’t work for them!)

    I feel your concern for your friend (sister?) because you love her and that’s wonderful but by giving so much energy to it is hurting you as you’ve taken the time to write this but maybe you should trust that everything will work out. It can’t destroy you guys only you can do that to you. It may not be the way you want it to be but again that’s not for you to decide as hopefully no one judges you on the things you’ve done or haven’t. Everyone is special and we all have an important purpose here on earth to help the planet.
    Personally I wouldn’t take my kids to a St.Paddies Day Parade, what a twisted thing that is. You know the symbolism behind ‘St.Patrick’ ‘getting the Snakes out of Ireland” is symbolic for getting rid of the Pagans, how shocking is that, that Christianity would do that so she could have been Pagan in a previous life and didn’t resonate with that at all, can’t blame her for that really, seriously. If whatever group she is interacting with is telling her not to go or do something that’s not Krystic behaviour as a true Krystic being would let her decide what she does by facilitating her to have her free will choice on anything which she does and she ultimately makes the decision by what feels right for her?

    There’s so few people on planet doing this work and anyone in a minority always get’s attacked in various ways but please stop blaming Keylontic Science and E’Asha as you all have free will and that’s how we step out of the cycles that we’ve been stuck in for eons by taking responsibility for ourselves.
    I know that’s not the answer you were looking for and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of comments saying the opposite but they’re entitled to their opinion too.
    So, back to what you guys should do- in my very humble opinion you need to Trust that everything will work out the way it’s meant to- we did come from a perfected place once you know..

    Regardless of your spiritual beliefs etc, put a bubble of white light around you and know that you are protected and then ask your higher self/god/Source, whatever.. that the people involved in the situation get the help and healing and wisdom they need in Divine Right Order and Timing and that they are protected always and then give Gratitude. You might be amazed at what happens.
    Good luck on your journey and I hope this finds you well,
    E’LAi-sa Lavas

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  22. Anon 1 what you describe fits with the description I have got from others. It would suggest it is not so much getting the person out as beginning to learn to detach in a loving way from the person. It is easy to become as obsessed in to getting them out as they are with staying in.
    First understand you are dealing with influence not beliefs:
    Also it is not about exiting them but working with all the family to agree on a strategy of thought reform. Is it easy? No but banging your head against the wall just leaves you with a headache…..Try reading this and get back to us…..


  23. I know someone who has been involved with this crowd for a number of years and this person has changed so much in that time. She went from a mother who would do anything for her children to someone who at times wouldnt leave her bedroom. She spent months on end in constant meditation. She has distanced herself from her family and her friends. She is of the view that you dont worry about anything and everything is wonderful, even though her marriage has practically broken down and apart from her parents she doesnt really have much contact with anyone else outside of the members of this group. This is distroying alot of people who genuinely love and care for her. We dont know where to go from here, does anyone have any advice of getting someone out of this group or has anyone been involved in this group and got out? There has been alot of money exchanced to this group down through and years and anyone who says you get these copied DVD’s and code cards for free isnt telling the truth, Its all about money. I have no problem with any religion or belief but if practising something that sucks every bit of life out of a person to the extent that they are an empty shell then that cant be good. I have been told that my friend has been able to talk/communicate to spirits/beings. She has lost all concept of what is important ie caring for her children. She doesnt seem to care about her appearance either which would never have been like her. This comment is only scratching the surface as i have not explained indepth of how bad things have gotten over the years, the days she didnt leave her bedroom only to make a cup of herba tea, wearing a wolly hat 24/7 for weeks on end(still dont know what that was all about), having to ring the group to see if it was ok to go to a St Patricks day parade with her children (who at that point were very upset that she wouldnt go) the list is endless! This is the kind of hold these people have on my friend. We just dont know where to go from here………..


  24. If you provide free advice and information, why do you take “donations?”

    As you may have read this is a charity whose role is to assist those who perceive they have been the victim or survivor of a cultist group or what we prefer to call cultism. We do not identify individual cults per se, but the group processes which people report to us.
    As a charity we depend on donations to deliver our services which you can read about on our site:
    The difference I would have thought would be obvious to you say between DI giving it services free and Ashyana Deane aka Anna Hayes charging people for the delivery of their courses?

    Using that word doesn’t free you from the fact that someone somewhere is paying you for your information and advice.

    We are not just using a word, our services are free to use your US expression period. What tangled logic gets the idea that it is funded by donation is the same as some doing an Ashyana Deane course stretches the meaning of language. There is no comparison logically for your position.
    You seem to have some investment to come here and make these points, but hopefully you won’t ask me to pay you making them


  25. If you provide free advice and information, why do you take “donations?” Using that word doesn’t free you from the fact that someone somewhere is paying you for your information and advice.

    I’m not afraid to have any of my assumptions checked out, that was why I came to this site to see what you had to say about Ashayana Deane. And I offered my counterpoints, just as your other posters did. Apparently you disagree, which is just fine with me, to each his own.


  26. Lila what do you believe we are selling? You seem to have missed the fact that we provide free advice and information?
    Perhaps you are afraid to have your assumptions checked out?


  27. Lila, maybe you should actually read about Ashayana, then you would be EDUCATED on what we are talking about instead of just making a blanket statement. Some of us are personally involved in this and that is why this forum exists


  28. Taken from this site’s Mission Statement: “As a charity we rely upon volunteer work (which can add up to hundreds of hours) and upon the financial support of donors such as you who make it possible for us to continue offering services. Please consider making a donation that will help us to continue providing our services to the community.”

    Every organization is selling something.


  29. Very interesting to read the replies here. I don’t know much about Ashayana Deane, but I do recognize pompous close-minded people who are threatened by any attempt by others to break out of the matrix that has been imposed upon this planet.

    What self-righteous crap, all you who think you are “saving” people from so-called cults by attacking individuals and organizations who are offering a different perspective other than the total in-the-box thinking that traditional science and religion has shoved down our throats in brainwashing tanks called public education.

    And those of you who blame so-called cults for being responsible for the break-up of your marriage, look in the mirror. If your spouse was completely satisfied and happy with you, nothing could have “forced” them to break up with you, especially a so-called cult. Your spouse was searching for meaning, for answers, and something they heard or read or saw resonated with them on a deep level, enough for them to rethink the path they had chosen up to that point.

    ALL religions are cults, but we’ve just been brainwashed to think that the mainstream religions – Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam – are all acceptable cults. ALL religions are meant to control, to brainwash, as are ALL governments. This prison planet is all about fear and control, and religion and government are means to that end, keeping people in constant fear, so they can be controlled. Don’t allow them to think for themselves, because if they do, they will realize they are in a prison matrix and then our power and control will evaporate.

    Most everything we’ve been taught is a lie, so bemoaning the fact that no one studies history anymore is ridiculous.

    EVERY organization, religion, corporation, government, non-proft is selling something, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. Some are selling material goods, like corporations, some are selling hope and salvation, like religions and governments and non-profits like the American Cancer Society, So chiding any organization that you may deem a cult for selling material containing their teachings is bullcrap.

    Every religion has their gurus, both past and present: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krisna, Abraham, Moses, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Joseph Smith, Billy Graham, St. Paul, I could go on and on. And they were or are all selling their version of soul salvation, and using fear and control, and they all claimed a direct tie to their God. So let’s cut the crap about anyone who is teaching anything different, that they are channeling demons or entities.

    Why don’t all you folks who want to save humanity from themselves come down off your intellectual pedestals, let people make their own choices, whether they be mistakes or not, and stop pidgeonholing everyone into what you want them to think and believe and act upon.

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  30. I would say.. It is something to expand your mind with, as with any information which you identify with. no more, no less . On that basis I recommend it. Which does not mean, you have to identify with all of it. Only people looking for something to believe will do so. Those people who do so, are not living within any truth. x


  31. not a rhetorical question, a genuine one. Yes it does supposingly represent what you are saying, but it also apposes the newage movement, and offers a reasonable explanation for the tyranny on the planet. Personally I found that area of it quite fascinating, as well as being ‘mostly’ consistent in its view. You’ll find nothing else out there which will attempt to address subjects such as the philadelphia experiment to a satisfactory level. And unless I am mistaken, nothing in the newage movement particularly covers politics or secret societies. Except for David Icke of course, but I would very much class him as being part of the newage movement. In fact it was my concern regarding his ‘promoting and selling’ of monoatomic Gold, which actually lead me onto keylontic science, as I discovered Ashayana deane who didn’t recommend it, claiming that it shut down higher levels of the DNA when consumed, and that rang as being something true with me. (therefore I took a closer look into, what else she had to say)

    I didnt feel I required the parts of it which you’ve associated it with, I already understood my reality and my connection to it, was not looking for something to believe..which is probably the reason why I didn’t click in conversation with any of the followers.

    I feel at the most the teachings in that respect are (possibly) un-necessary, on the otherhand perhaps it aids some people, but I am not them, so I couldn’t answer that, but what I do know is, many of the workshops and techniques claim certain dates for certain activation’s to obtain certain abilities through certain frequencies for the first time being released or available to only those who religiously follow her techniques. Then I wonder how she could explain that some people ‘without’ her techniques and before her given dates had experienced certain abilities long before? I think it is a con, but not necessarily a negative con but only perhaps on that.

    Now what it specifically leads to regarding the newage movement and the UFO movement is a so called plan to land our so called creator gods. If you think about how you see people getting sucked into spiritual teachings then you could agree this could easily be a possible agenda which could easily work to put the world under one religion and one dictatorship . i.e. resulting in.. the books which you speak of. So perhaps that is why it is worth an interested open minded look.

    At the end of the day though, even the most grounded person, could not intelligently claim that there is not more to this reality than what we perceive. Do we simply think ‘yes probably but so what anyway’ or do we consider something more advanced is knowing this too. I ask you to think about, what might the implications of such might mean.



  32. Is this a rhetorical question?

    “Keylontic Morphogenetic Science (Keylonta) is the Point of Union between Scientific and Spiritual perspective, through which we can begin to understand the reality of our connection to the Divine and to comprehend the purposes for and the processes of our Personal Evolution.””

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  33. and your point is? …and this is in relation to? Not sure I understand your view of the specific topic Chris, Are you suggesting that you think keylontic science is a newage cult? or are you showing you are in favour of it, being as it pretty much agrees with what you have wrote. ;)


  34. All charlatan gurus are selling ‘hope’ , all individuals sucked into these groups talk the same jargon, and group speak while believing they are accumulating vast knowledge connected to the ‘cosmos’. .

    They believe they are very ‘open minded’ for example, when their minds are simply being ‘opened’ for programming of the same narrative: “Tune In, Drop Out”. and their critical thinking and reasoning skills are atrophying , as they obsess about all this new age junk knowledge, that they spread to others and reinforce in their groups, all simply adding to the ‘dumb down’ quotient of the west now.

    . When they all have their service sector jobs at 22 cents an hour, in another decade or so, and are saying to themselves ”’wha happened?” It will be of course, too late.

    Nothing has been more effective than the ‘tune in , drop out” programming, of these Hindustani concepts into the west, through these New Age cults. It has been massively effective to create passive populations , so that the power elite can now operate on a global level, exploiting natural and human resources on a level we could never have even imagined even twenty years ago.

    These self help gurus , most of them sociopaths, at best ‘narcissistic character disordered” are simply the handmaidens of the power elite, their reward is to become filthy rich themselves while destroying the critical reasoning of whole groups of people, and making them pliable and conforming, believing instead that they are ‘expanding their consciousness.” .

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Once a critical mass of people had been programmed to accept these self-obsessed concepts and behavior, the drugs were no longer necessary, the ‘gurus’ and the cultish groups and the groupthink becomes the ‘drug’ and the addiction,

    Aldous Huxley and “Brave New World Revisited” , no one bothered to read this book, we were too busy reading “Doors of Perception.” where he predicts all this in 1948, that drugs wouldn’t be needed anymore to ‘mind control individuals” the group programming through propaganda would suffice.

    “The principles underlying propaganda are extremely simple. Find some common desire, some widespread unconscious fear or anxiety; think out some way to relate this wish or fear to the product you have to sell; then build a bridge of verbal or pictorial symbols over which your customer can pass from fact to compensatory dream, and from the dream to the illusion that your product, when purchased, will make the dream come true. They are selling hope.

    .“This Power Elite directly employs several millions of the country´s working force in its factories, offices and stores, controls many millions more by lending them the money to buy its products, and, through its ownership of the media of mass communication, influences the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of virtually everybody. To parody the words of W. Churchill, never have so many been manipulated so much by few.”
    ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited


  36. “Turn on, tune in DROP OUT” that is the program that all new age people are following, who believe that they are part of a ‘new paradigm’ it is an old paradigm, (think India) accelerated by LSD and drugs , purposely put out on the streets, which created this massive narcissistic movement in the late 60’s,when the U.S. and Europe were becoming very politically active to implement democratic changes, this was VERY effective in programming people to be passive , self-absorbed into their own ‘enlightenment’ while thinking they were becoming ‘free’,while each generation became more ‘dumbed-down’ more illiterate about their own culture, incorporating eastern concepts of caste-system cultures, and in effective have been just mind-controlled by a massive public relations campaign to introduce eastern concepts, through yoga centers, and self-help programs, with a plethora of eastern and western ‘gurus” to create nations of Oprah-like , self-improvement obsessed individuals, who don’t read history anymore, who don’t use critical reasoning skills, who don’t discriminate anymore between ‘what to accept and what to reject’ since it is all relative and an ‘illusion now (Hindu concepts that all these self-help charlatans incorporate into their programming and techniques) and regardless of the form’ that attracts people, it has created nations of passive masses, who don’t pay attention anymore and no longer are informed citizens that protect democratic values. They are too busy believing they are on their way to becoming ‘avatars” or ‘enlightened” or connecting with cosmic forces, when all around them , they have allowed , for generations now literally, very exploitative forces to take over, because they weren’t paying attention. That was the point of all of it. To create a passive population, who idiotically believes they are the vanguards of the future utopia, with all of them at the center. Instead it is creating nations now of a critical mass of ‘useful idiots” for a very different agenda.


  37. very well said


  38. I think with all her material, it is much like a really long (movie) which doesn’t seem as though it will ever actually end. but then so is life. but for that reason I prefer my view -summary to be simple, (unlike the keylontic material), although after many years of having a reasonable interest in it, I do understand it in the way in which it was intended.

    So. I do feel it is worth some credit, because at the very least, it widens a persons perspective somewhat, out of which, you can only gain/grow,

    However I Equally feel it can become a vast distraction from something which is difficult to explain, but you either (know) something about yourself or you dont, if you do, then you will know what I mean by ‘distraction.. , therefore, for some people who dont already know this (something about themselves), those should probably consider ‘getting the balance right’. but People are capable of making their own choices, so it’s not particularly fair to blame the material, and neither would it be fair to say they made the wrong one. but I can clearly see how people become sucked in..because i do feel as though some areas of it are specifically for sucking in.

    So with a degree of balance my overall view is I would recommend it.( but on your own) because it became clear to me that most of the people who follow it do not seem to be open to any wider concepts, which could put an intelligent person off the subject entirely when they receive hostility for merely suggesting to consider a variation on the information as being equally possible. You might be right in thinking it feels like a cult, they certainly behave that way.

    Also I think to bear in mind, it’s rather clever because not much can question it, as with everything being holographic and with us simply experiencing this form of existence, there indeed has to be a science operating the whole system..

    In terms of the whole history story, much fits into place, if you have eventually been lead to the subject through other subjects you will find you appreciate the content more.
    I will say, after completing almost all of it, I do believe such a direct opinion is not valid until you have also done so..because for one thing, there are many levels to it which link it all together. But personally I think a wise person would know not to give an overall opinion on it.

    Each to their own :)


  39. I’m sorry if you take my comments personally. But it is tiresome to hear ” cult’, “demonic”, “satanistic” as soon as the new paradigm does not fit in Procrustean bed of accepted “wisdom”. I’ve had too many of personal “weird” experiences throughout my life. I’m very open minded though extremelyly distrustful of being trusting. I’m looking everywhere for explanations of all the “paranormal” stuff which happens to me on daily basis. I have huge body of knowledge, which doesn’t allow me to fall pray to any fashionable New Age “love is everything”. I’m not through yet the first volume of “Voyagers”, but I find it intriguing that the new stuff I learn from the book happily fits in with my pattern of chaos and brings the order


  40. Perhaps you could outline the abuse directed her please?


  41. There were plenty of insults directed at the author. I don’t know her, but I think the abuse was unfair.


  42. this is a forum for dialogue. No need to to insult the masses. You are only showing your own lack of intellect and your intolerance for others


    RELIGIONS AND ATHEISM ARE KITTENS. Innocent and pitiable in their ignorance.




  45. I Live in Ireland and have been taking in the Asha’yanna Dean material for years now… The only things I have paid for was the voyager books and Angelic realities and I got them off Amazon… I have read all the free material on the Azurite web site and have some pirated workshop videos and earth history talks and I have to say the keylontic science really makes sense to me and I believe I understand the history off the universe and our planet much better now … I have had phone conversations with her representatives here in Ireland and they were very forth coming and didnt try and sell me anything or want me to join a cult they just shared their own experience of the material. I know someone who traveled to India with Asha’yanna or Anna Hayes what ever you prefer, and she is a journalist, she said it was a great experience and she is not a devotee or a member of any cult either, she said she saw a bit of friction in the group and knew that one or two members were going to leave but she saw that as personal differences and nothing to do with the material , my friend came back from India and went on her merry way , she still belive that the material Asha yanna teaches is the most complete and wholesome body of info that we have to date about out situation and galactic history and so do I, despite the fact Im not a devottee or cult member of devout follower of Ashay’yanna Dean… I read the message and dont form any opinion about the messenger … so I would disagree with most of whats being aid here I think this web site and what how it is portraying Keylontic science or Asha’yanna Dean is a bit on the fear mongering macarthyesk superstitious silly hysteria… If some one gets hold of some info and leaves their wife shaves their head moves to Timbucktoo or what ever whether they become a Buddhist monk a born again Evangelical christian a moony a sceintoligist what ever that says a lot more about their own emotional state and perceptions then the actual material that they believe has enlightened them?? and the Ashayanna Dean camp are not extreme or anything like the all above mentioned so called cults… any how just saying … with all my dealings with the stuff No it is not a cult, and the info is expensive but its all there for free on their websites too , just in print not on video you can access it for free just not the latest DVD versions…and personally its the only body of material of that kind (and Ive read them all) that makes total sense to me .. as well as Lisa Renee who teaches the same stuff…. I am not an anonymous blogger either my name is Antonia Leslie and I stand by what I say

    Liked by 1 person

  46. I hoped for a better argument but I see the same cult hunting answer.
    Have you tried her work? it’s very good for your health.
    Even if you don’t see the connections it still great work like yoga.

    I think for myself more than ever now but see gets the information so yes I follow her work.

    Its a lot clearer that any religion I’ve come across.
    I mean if the bibles the great story ever told why it only one book.
    Even twilight have 5books…. Go figure its li


  47. the world is not flat…

    However, I do pick up the signs of influence. You are the only one to mention dogma, we suggest influence.
    I do note a lack of independent thinking a kind of flat earth philososophy?


  48. i have experienced dark things in this world and now i know KS is real you haven’t scratched the surface yet.. your one sided view is one looking for dogma,doesn’t this planet have enough religions and dogma,
    many things on this planet are not explained to us i only believe what we are told happened in history,we think the massive land marks around the world are man made ? we only believe what we see ?
    i follow KS and i have never felt better i’m healthy and awake i feel the energy you disbelieve i see the evil in the world and see why its here..

    we are a beings controlled by ego controlled by others.
    how is this any different.
    this is not a cult its a new thing and human don’t like what they can’t see..

    i feel sorry for the people who felt their life had to changed because loved ones didn’t want to understand..

    i’m happy doing KS and my girlfriend doesn’t mind and even asks me about it..

    spirit is eternal and there for reincarnation is a fact hidden by the ones in control of us throw power..

    the world is not flat…


  49. Anontoo:

    Your comment reminds me of the 60’s, man, when cults started to proliferate in a world of psychedelic drugs; when getting spaced out on fantasies of ‘freedom’ with money hungry gurus telling you that “Society, after all is an illusion” became the cliché to ‘drop out’ and get ‘stoned’ on ‘energy’ or whatever drug was available; ‘love’ gave the go ahead for sexual promiscuity and ‘peace’ depended on what drug you took. In the present it has more to do with being in a trance state brought about by hypnosis and other mind-bending techniques that bring about the feelings/illusions of ‘love’ ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’ and leaves the mind wide open to dangerous cultic influence.

    You say:

    “Have we not moved into an Age of Enlightenment where everyone should be allowed to have their own free will and not live in a fear based society?” and

    “The term, ‘brainwashing’ is totally right though. After all, none of us got that in the educational system or the Bible or mass media did we? ;)”

    So you ARE aware of cultic influences and choosing to ignore the disruptive heart-breaking and debilitating effects they cause? The many posts and comments are the results and yet you think that people should have the ‘freedom’ to choose which cult they decide on and to hell with the consequences that it’s all about ‘change’? The ILLUSION you are under is that the “Age of Enlightenment” offers ‘free will’ and so we will “not live in a fear based society”. Rather than living in airy fairy land I suggest you reflect on posts and comments that point to the REAL consequences of listening to the likes of Anna Hayes or Gudni Gudnesen or Tony Quinn and the list goes on.

    People like Anna Hayes operate in a way that “would cause the person to have a complete division between reality and their perception.” This type of meddling with the human mind can have catastrophic effects.

    The sad reality is, the unsuspecting are guinea pigs and I suspect NASA and the CIA, whether they attend or not, are very interested in the effect Hayes is having on the people who attend these seminars. It begs the question of whether they think it convenient to let the so called ‘enlightened’ do the dirty work rather than soil their own hands and cause an uproar towards government bodies as has happened in the past.

    Your illusory clichés come from the fog in your mind that blinds you to the reality of the hurt and damage inflicted on people who get drawn into money grabbing cults. The ‘changes’ you see as inevitable can trigger mental illness and families are left high and dry to suffer the loss of their loved ones. I would not class you as ‘enlightened’ or intelligent and definitely cult influenced.


  50. I’m still fascinated that people here in Ireland find it so comforting to label anything outside of ‘normal convention’ as a, ‘cult’. Chances are that most of you bought into many cults over the years whether you knew it or not and their associated memes. Frank Zappa once said, ‘that the only difference between religion and a cult is that they have more real estate.’

    Have we not moved into an Age of Enlightenment where everyone should be allowed to have their own free will and not live in a fear based society? Society, after all is an illusion like so much out there and truths globally are starting to emerge a lot in 2013.

    I’m familiar with E’Asha’s prolific body of work. People from all over the world from all walks of life attend her talks including members from NASA and the CIA.

    The term, ‘brainwashing’ is totally right though. After all, none of us got that in the educational system or the Bible or mass media did we? ;)

    What I have noticed about the people who do this work is that most of them have been involved in some form of healing, be it Reiki, Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, Wicca, Shamanism, the list goes on.

    I think it’s pretty ignorant for those of you to imply that anyone who follows Keylontic Science etc, is closed and stops questioning things. It’s just that their perception and consciousness has changed and everyone should be allowed to think what they like surely, they are called ‘Freedom Teachings’! I think the issue here is that they question more and challenge convention more and that scares a lot of you as you’re not ready to hear it. They don’t however, enforce their will on anyone as that’s not in alignment with Source.

    As for comments about people changing after finding this work, everything in life is a flux, nothing can stay the same, that’s a basic principle I studied in school at 15 or was I brainwashed?! Everything is changing constantly out there in the Universe so why not here, we are a part of it after all.
    Of course everything changes, you are changing too whether you like it or not and after all we are all mirrors of each other…

    As for relationships well, everyone has a contract with another being. I will admit that this work is a catalyst but surely that’s better than dragging something out for another 10 years only to find you weren’t happy in the first place? Ultimately, that will help everyone realign with whatever path they’re meant to be on. The contract might be to have children with them etc. but all contracts in life have a natural cycle and come to an end at some point. Some manifest as death which so isn’t the end, and some people just start to resonate with different energies as they have work to do with them.

    The basic principle here is to do good to one another and be truthful and honest with yourself and your feelings and to let go of ego. Who wants to reincarnate again until we get it right but that’s a whole other Karmic conversation.
    If everyone follows some really simple divine laws we and the earth would all be in a much happier place. Simples :)
    If you aren’t blissfully happy right now, maybe there’s something you need to change in you? It’s a journey after all, make it a good one.

    With love, light and abundance x


  51. to the above , that is exactly how my friend feels.This is breaking her heart as she has seen the man she once knew, change into someone that no one recognizes any more and she is mourning the loss of that love, her marriage and the life she has known for all her adult life. I think too, that maybe someday these people who left their spouses (physically or emotionally) might look back and regret it.

    He , like the experience of the previous commenter, changed slowly over the course of about 18 months and then rapidly after the conference in Sarasota. He now says none of his previous life mattered and is not who he is. He is now heading to the conference at the end of this month and not returning to live with his wife and 3 children, how horribly sad. Any belief that tears a family apart, in my opinion, is a cult.


  52. There seems to be alot of relationship break ups within this group. I am experiencing the same with my partner right now. She is on her ‘new path’ and I am no longer part of that apparently as I live in the real world of bills and responsibilities.
    I have watched and witnessed change in her over past year to 18 months, gradual at first but more intense since trip to Sarasota in December and again in April.
    I agree with everything Ruth has mentioned above. What was once a wide open, curious person, she now has a narrowed viewpoint, interested only in this. And yes this is HUGE also and covers beyond the beyond but it is very difficult when everything is being referred back to consciousness, ascension, frequency, enlightenment etc etc. That’s the only place their head is at after that.
    There is a strong foothold here in Ireland and this group is increasing in size slowly but surely.
    Once they head to Sarasota to meet up with other like minded beings/beloveds, they are almost addicted to the amazing feelings experienced. It is very difficult to compete with this in the day-to-day mundane world of 9-5 and responsibility.
    I feel like I am losing the person I fell in love with and who made vows to me ;( There has to be compromise in life but apparently once the path is chosen that seems to be the only way forward. There will be regrets in years to come when they realise that they have left behind their true loves. It’s all very sad and very upsetting.


  53. My friends’ husband of 36 years is leaving her and ending their marriage after attending one of Ashyana’s conferences in Sarasota Florida. He is (was) a brilliant business man and now has abandoned his wife and three children and is heading to Florida (from Canada) for her next conference. If these actions are not symptoms of a cult then I don’t know what is.


  54. Do you not find it strange that this cult tells you to go and find your own truth, giving the impression that you have freedom within the group, and, of course, since you are so open minded they proceed to tell their version of the ‘truth’. I cannot make head nor tail of what she is talking about. Why don’t you give us your version in plain English.


  55. Are we feeling a little threatened?
    Ashyana Deane aka Anna Hayes Cult. New Age beliefs or a group exercising cult like characteristics?
    You seem to read it as a New Age belief. We asked the question and did not answer it. We await your view, not getting defensive. Write up your story?


  56. It looks like quite the witch hunt here, defining Ashayanas information, or ‘movement’ as a cult. Personally I have been reading the information, and watching the workshops for a bout 4 years. No, there is no channelling, No cult or cult leaders here folks- It is simply long lost teachings that explain our multi dimensional reality, and the historical context that lead to our current sstate of Amnesia( as a species).Ashayana is the first one to say “go and find your own truth. Almost everyone I talked to ( and myself) have no desire to ‘follow’ or worship anyone. I really think you ought to do your homework here folks


  57. The main problem I see is that people who become so engrossed in the beliefs of these groups stop questionning things, the same people who questionned everything now believe every aspect of the teachings of this group. This is the worrying part as the brain is so consumed that the person involved thinks they are free whereas they are totally brainwashed with little or no room for their own thoughts.


  58. They have but to protect those we are assisting we will not give out a geographic locations to protect them. A lot of the people concerned have a very difficult time coming up as their loved ones are going over to Florida for Dec21? We are concerned about this as we believe it is not about the bizarre beliefs but about group processes which are dangerous.


  59. The article you include ‘My Reasons for Withdrawing from MCEO’ sent by a ex-devotee of Ashayana Deane is well worth reading as it shows, in no uncertain terms, the nonsense their belief system is based on.

    Have they arrived in Ireland and where are they based?


  60. It’s impossible to listen to these women talk as they define their invented terms using further invented vaguely scientific sounding terminology supported by meaningless graphs, revelations “received” from unverifiable sources, but in reducing this verbiage down and asking the simple question – what do they actually “know”, the answer is clearly “f___k all”.


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