Tweed used by Tony Quinn to arrest allegations of sexual assault and battery

What is a lawyer who is an expert on defamation doing in representing Quinn in regard to a serious case of assault?

The Sunday World raises this point following the Hogan judgement in their favour!

Quinn has spent millions trying to derail our investigations into his activities, which included a sex assault claim lodged in the Irish courts by a former devotee who claimed he had “healing sex” with her.

The aboves outlines the nature of the case in great detail

Court reports:

It is noteworthy that a legal correspondent who had experience of a friend being a victim of Quinn and was very interested to follow this story withdrew completely from contact from Dialogue Ireland a few hours after expressing an interest and concern about this issue.

Here Paul Tweed was mentioned as being the lawyer for Tony Quinn in regard to the defamation case involving the Sunday World. Tweed lodged proceedings against the newspaper but they were described by counsel for Morrice at a recent case as being dormant. Also it is clear that he has been brought in by Quinn to treat the case of Maire Lalor as a celebrity defamation case. In other words Lalor is just having a go because Quinn is loaded and a celebrity, it is vexatious. Quinn is likely in some kind of Zen like state, watching a B movie thinking he won’t let it affect him. However, as we have seen he is losing his Educoist B Seminar people and not even sunny Tenerife will shield him from an oncoming wintry Irish train.

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  1. Mike Garde and D I are doing excellent work in exposing Christina Gallagher and her fraud, and also that money grabbing fraud Tony Quinn and his “Educo ” mind programming rubbish. I went to Martin Forde, Osteopath, in Raheny Dublin with a back problem some years ago. Forde was an associate of Tony Quinn at the centre in Eccles St, and tried to persuade me to part with IR£10,000 to go to one of Tony Quinns Seminars .
    Thank God I did not fall for this fraud.


  2. I gathered that MJ may have been inferring that Angie and your good self take on to understand everyone so well, even though you don’t know them or what they have been through.
    From my experience visiting this site certain observations by you and Angie have been inaccurate in the past and when these are challenged a reply like what Angie posted above is given;
    “Both MJ and ex educoist seem to have very little knowledge about undue influence or, more to the point, do not seem to want to understand it for reasons they never explain.”
    I don’t know anything about MJ but for Angie to suggest that I have little knowledge about the subject of undue influence is pure and utter nonsense so she is being defensive here and that was the point of my previous post.
    I am just offering some constructive criticism, no other agenda here, believe it or not!


  3. It was purely by chance I opened Dialogueireland on the day MJ made his comment. As I have no way of knowing who he is, I answered him. Both MJ and ex educoist seem to have very little knowledge about undue influence or, more to the point, do not seem to want to understand it for reasons they never explain.

    I do not theorise, I do not speculate, however, If their comments have drawn the attention of readers to older comments I made nearly four years ago that’s fine with me. I cannot thank you enough Dialogue Ireland for making this blog available to me and I am sure it continues to be a great source of information for readers especially those who have reached out for help and, of course, the many who will need support in the future.

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  4. ex educoist,

    I do not know if you noticed but this post was written in 2012. at that time Angie was our most active blogger. She hardly does so at all now. You also might not have noticed she answered MJ and he was satisfied. So do feel free to comment further, and if possible on the thread at hand not on other people.
    If it is unconnected to the thread it will be dumped, if you are engaging with the post regardless of your views we will continue to publish your comments.


  5. Well said MJ, I too have noticed how protective MG has been of Angie, she really thinks that she is so enlightened and MG protects her because she keeps the blogs going. I am in no way a TQ fan, quite the opposite in fact but I guess this will still lead to a very defensive post in reply…he just doesn’t get it and I doubt he ever will ;(


  6. Is your real name Michael Joseph? You are using this name to remain anonymous? Did you not ask Angie to reveal her identity? Also have used that name to comment under the House of Prayer?


  7. i have no agenda and not with quinn. i called angie on saying anyone who disagrees with her is brainwashed or controlled. your cult technique is as quinns is , trying to claim your speculation is fact. all you infer about my agenda is wrong. i answered it now as i saw it now. many angie posts show she tries to define what someone is.she tried it with paul above she does not know.

    She speculates. she did not say i was brainwashed and i did not say she did. you do not read very closely

    you know nothing of me or what i know.or what i ave experienced. anyone who disagrees with youhas an agenda

    you speculate

    and you are the one one who said i was anonymous first. not me

    your suggestions do not equal fact


  8. Perhaps you could outline the cult like techniques being used by us. Tell us what techniques you are using? I would suggest argument weak shout loud.


  9. She has answered for herself. I was answering you as you did not seem to understand undue influence. You are not anonymous to me but I will protect your anonymity. The fact you have suddenly taken an interest in old posts suggests to me that you have other agendas which you will not comment on here. As someone who has dealt with Quinn for thirty years, you clearly have no idea the power of these groups. Again you misrepresented her. She did not say you were brainwashed but those poor victims I know thousands of.
    The relevant point is you called for Angie to reveal her identity and bottled my observations on this point. I protect my commenters but generally let people get on with it.


  10. This is really avoidance of my considered reply to you MJ


  11. and i am not a quinn backer. just interested


  12. I was interested because she was judging the other person and i only saw it today. She is telling him what this reality is. she does not know if he was abused by quinn as she says she was. And why don’t you let her answer for herself?

    so i am anonymous.? everyone is anonymous here. If quinn did to me what she claims he did to her i would speak out.

    you do not know what i understand. you and angie use the same cult like techniques quinn does. you tell people what their reality is. you do not know. it is all speculation . she speculates that someone who disagrees with her is brainwashed


  13. Michael Joseph your anonymous interest in 4 year old posts is noteworthy. Because you do not understand undue influence you miss what Angie is getting at. As someone who experienced this reality she is not telling people what they are thinking but explaining the processes which lead people to lose autonomy.
    Why should she write a book? Our blog is her preferred medium. Then your next point shows you have missed our purpose, namely to ask him or her to identify themselves. How does identifying someone add to our understanding? Anyone who seeks to do this will be blocked from our blog as we protect anonymity including your own. Whether Quinn is evil is a given, understanding how he manipulates people is what we are about.


  14. everyone who disagrees with angie is controlled or brainwashed and she knows more about their experience than they do. Write a book, identify yourself and stand over what you say angie. Quinn is evil but your continued anonymous posts are getting repetitive


  15. Tony Quinn and his army of follwers are the lowest of low!!! He is a con man, who manipuilates vunerable people and has ruined many lives in this country!! He reckons he’s some sort of guru and has the magic formula. When really he is a fraud!!

    Our Universe is a powerful place and Mr.Quinn you reap what you soe. You create your reality, all your choice. Thats great Mr.Quinn, your a millionaire…delighted for you!! I’m glad that you have evolved so much that a self proclaimed guru has to take advantage of others!!

    Materially you might have alot but morally and ethicially your nothing…. A round of applause for you!! One day this will all catch up with you. You will be shown what your organisation has done to people and famalies around the world!! I’m am one hundred per cent sure of it. You will be sorry. You should be ashamed of yourself. Also the Educo system should come with a warning!!! There should be something done to stop this organisation!!!! They DISGUST me!!!!!!

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  16. Quinn also used to encourage educoists not to donate to charity as he would tell us that you weren’t doing the people receiving the charity any favors. I don’t think I have ever heard him once say he had donated any money to help anyone else.

    He has bragged in some of the Educo literature that he is the highest paid person in the world in the field of personal transformation and on the Educoworld website the latest banner is “The Greatest Thinker in the World.”

    The PR campaign is in full swing at the moment with loads of testimonials on the website however he is trying to appear credible ahead of the court case that is pending with Marie Lalor.

    With Spotlight on the BBC reporting on the oil, the Class B Shareholders coming out and Marie Lalor fighting her case more people will also come forward and report their experiences this is not good news for Quinn.

    It is a shame that Quinn has behaved in such a unprofessional dishonest manner towards so many people who have no idea of the carry on behind the scenes. I think if more people read this site and saw the posts they would be very shocked and disappointed in a man they placed so much faith and trust in. I know I did even though I had been treated in a terrible manner by Quinn previously.

    For the Educoist diehards to come onto this site and infer that we are negative because we have posted our experiences. Well my life was more positive before I got involved with Quinn and because I trusted him and his seminars I am now in the worst financial position of my life. How do you answer that one? If I hadn’t gone on the seminars I would have paid off a beautiful house I had bought,(I no longer have the house) I wouldn’t have suffered the severe depression after returning from the seminars, I would be debt free probably living in a country with a lot of sun. Instead I am in debt with no means to pay the debts off, I have struggled with depression for a long time, I have arthritis that has been exacerbated by the TQ weight training programme and frankly I have had more problems dealing with negative thought AFTER I came back from the seminars.

    You cannot tell someone to just think positively and change your thoughts with a switch it just isn’t sustainable. If this works the whole world would be doing it and reaping the benefits. Its obvious that this is too simplistic because all the long term educoists would be multi millionaire’s who would be wanting to help everyone to get the same results with no thought of what they are going to get out of it and everyone would be doing it effortlessly. This of course hasn’t happened and never will happen.

    If everyone who attends the seminar is focusing on not being negative this means they will not question anything and when they are instructed not to be around negative people that is another way of not taking any responsibility for helping people who require it. The personal transformation industry are very focused on only being with positive people well hello everyone is going to be negative at some point and require some assistance but god help you if you should ask an educoist for help you will not receive any.

    I will happily say that I was a much nicer person before I became involved with TQ and I certainly did a lot more for others, I had more compassion was more open minded, had no problem listening to another person’s opinion when it differed from my own and had a lot more fun in my life. I look back and I can’t believe that my life has turned out the way it has.


  17. He has boasted about people wanting to do things for him for nothing for years now. I remember him saying this in the 80’s. Since Clarity is afraid of the truth it is called negative. Believe me, he has done a lot worse things than not donating to charity. What is in the public domain is only the tip of the iceberg.


  18. Actually I am a class B share holder DI has only provided the platform to get our voices heard. REMEMBER I have done the same TQ course as yourself (and now for some clarity ) the reality is face up to it TQ has only his own interests at heart . How much has he donated to charities or to really helping others without charging extortionate prices. Listen to how he boasts about people wanting to do things for him for nothing ,, This is a very positive finding that surely needs investigated. THANK GOD FOR SPOTLIGHT for bringing it out into the open maybe you will get the courage to watch spotlight and break away from TQs hypnotic influence. Lots of us have but only when we were prepared to be open minded,


  19. This blog is steeped in NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. dialogue ireland tactics are brainwashing and reiterating horse poo heaped upon horse poo. Everyone can’t be talking nonsense but dialogueireland SURE IS!!!


  20. NEGATIVITY the key word TQ has used to control people as this keeps them from asking questions or doing their own research.A good way of KEEPING THEM IN THE DARK AND FEEDING THEM HORSE MANURE . Even JUDGE BANISTERS REPORT remains unread by many of TQs followers. Everyone cant be talking nonsense


  21. Dialogue, I hope the BBC 1 programme will increase the understanding of how Tony Quinn manipulates and distorts thinking processes in his followers and his persistance in controlling Sheila Morrice and B shareholders in INE. I also hope there are more programmes in the future as no stone should be left unturned when it comes to exposing his cult. He has gotten away with criminal behaviour since the 1970’s and it is high time the whole truth comes out. I have no doubt the awareness of the dangers will increase the demand for your educational programme.

    Your tenacity is admirable!


  22. If they don’t watch Spotlight it is a sure sign that they continue to be controlled and are in fear of ‘negativity’ and choose ignorance at their master’s request. Do I think they are capable of making up their own minds when they dwell in the foggy land of Merliquin? Right now the phone is hopping in Eccles Street and the word is going around. I would say they will watch the programme. Quinn will want to know what the ‘enemy’ is up to. His magic powers fail him, yet again, as the whole country tunes in to watch. Tomorrows programme is only the tip of the iceberg. We still have Maire Lalor’s court case coming up.

    The exposure will create more of an interest in cults!


  23. BBC1 tuesday 10.35pm
    Im glad to see there are a few foolies coming here so they will know to watch it….or will they….na….far too negative for them I bet.
    Whats the bet they will have a sneak and not let on? FOOLIES


  24. And now for some clarity, I do agree that paul is spot on when it comes to exhibiting all the signs of Quinn’s hypnotic powers. The divil has his ‘foolies’.


  25. Angie, you don’t half talk a load of nonsense. Paul has it spot on and you are trapped in your own negativity. Get a life !


  26. It looks like Quinn will need Tweed more after tuesday night, Ive just seen a preview on BBC1 for spotlight on the oil saga. That will make interesting viewing. 10.35 on BBC1 NI


  27. Paul, Your ‘understanding of the world’ does not stretch very far as it looks like you live in your own cocoon and only see and think what you want to. It is obvious to me that you are still influenced by Tony Quinn. What exactly do you mean by a holistic view of the world? Are you talking about seeing the ‘whole picture’? What exactly does this mean? Does it not include what is happening in this country to people who are in terrible debt because they mortgaged their homes and borrowed money from banks to attend seminars? Does it not include Quinn’s criminal behaviour in Belize and the thousands he stole from B shareholders? Does it not include the people who attended TQ centres who were used and abused for his purposes? I saw it with my own eyes.

    Is the ‘real poverty in this World’ outside of Ireland? You put yourself across as a caring person and HOPE ‘to continue helping those who need our support’. Are you part of some foreign aid organisation? Are you blinkered like Quinn when it comes to looking after our own? He does not see fit to pay his own staff for years of loyalty. They kept quiet about his criminal behaviour, aided and abetted his alleged sexual misdemeanours and are now bullied into accepting his control of any money they may have at their disposal through their own investments. Have you any idea of what REALLY went on and is still continuing to this day? Are you so blinkered that you cannot accept that, like everyone else, he has to answer for his criminal behaviour in a court of law for alleged rape charges? Or has he managed to seduce you into thinking that his behaviour is normal?

    What do you mean by ‘living in the here and now’? Phrases like these get bandied about so much and sound nice. Another is ‘all is well in the world’ when it is obvious that it isn’t. These ‘phrases’ are said to make the individual feel good and in control whether they are or not.

    Is it the hypnotised trance state you slip into to feel better about yourself? To feel more powerful? To feel your ‘energy’ and how ‘amazing’ you are? Do you accept that you are hooked on being in a trance state? Tony warns you to be careful of whom you associate with. There is a genuine reason for this. Your boundaries are weakened and it leaves you wide open to being influenced by anything or anyone around you when you are in that state of mind. I have spoken to people who attended the Tony Quinn centres and was troubled about how easily influenced they are. There is also the possibility that you sound like John Boyle or anyone else whose mind has been taken over by Quinn. It is a dead giveaway to the Power of HYPNOSIS.

    Are you saying that your life is perfect because of this or is it more influenced by what I came across in TQ’s ‘philosophy’classes; the need to avoid saying anything ‘negative’ for fear of creating it in your life? That ‘negative’ people must be avoided at all costs even when they speak the truth? The ONLY reason for this is, you have been influenced to protect TQ. Have you read the posts on EDUCO FAN? He had the intelligence to work it out for himself.

    Your denial and total lack of support for those who were/are abused by Tony Quinn and his ‘top brass’ tells me you have blinkers on. The people who were around TQ for years and who now accept the truth have a far better picture of what he is about. They are capable of separating his plagiarised ‘philosophy’ from his use of hypnosis and his ‘picture’ which included them otherwise it would not have been possible for him to fill his seminars. They know they were conned into aiding and abetting his criminal activities. The difference between them and his ‘top brass’ is they did not know about his true ‘picture’. They did not know him at all. They accepted what he presented himself as and did not realise the harm he was doing to them.

    There are holes in Tony Quinn’s cocoon where the truth of his past gets in and pesters him. It will continue till he is brought to justice!


  28. Paul I am glad that you have benefited so much from the philosophy that TQ has passed on indeed I myself have got so much from it .This does not take away the fact that some people have suffered great financial difficulties and even worse mentally as a result of having met TQ. Like any good hypnotist he knows the people he can work with and lucky for me I was not one of them. Therefore I took the material and used it in my life BUT there are others who are being sucked in year after year and are still no further forward . We have to look at the bigger picture and not be self centered just because life is rosy in our own garden. How many times have people spoken out against certain establishments/ or people and they also were not heard but further down the line all was revealed. All that is been asked is to stand back and look at the whole picture not just your own little piece. That is exactly what I have been doing for many years and it was not easy at the start, as I believed in TQ and defended him publicly on many occasion But regardless of my own pride I will not be silent and allow wrong to continue,,

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  29. Paul”EYES WIDE OPEN” .To Mary, thanks mary i am only to happy to answer your very good questions.
    Q.1. No, i am following my own direction, which gives me great strength and understanding of the World around me, and opens my mind to see things in a holistic manner, rather than from a narrowminded viewpoint.Which if i may add gives me great power as a person.I feel good Mary and i feel free.
    Q2. I dont really want to display my financial situation here but all i will say is that i am secure and do not have any difficulties. I am also very aware of real poverty in this World and would hope to continue helping those who really need our support.
    Q3. I love this Question. Yes very much so, I am very much alive and living in the here and now, I love where i live and whom i live with, I run 3 to 5 times a week, i enjoy my work, and still have a great family life, i play music, have a great social life ………this list goes on and on.
    Q4.Yes completely,and I dont really give a monkeys about what other people think that i say negitive about DI or anybody else involved in this site that has a proplem with TQ.
    PS Thanks again Mary and i sincerely wish you all the best.


  30. Well said Mary I couldn’t agree with you more. It is not the message that is the problem but the messenger and the techniques used to fool people.


  31. Paul be really honest with yourself has it really worked? Ask yourself these questions
    1 – Am I still hanging around TQ looking for direction?

    2 – Am I better of financially?

    3 – Have I followed my own direction in life using my own gifts?

    4 – Am I able to form my own opinions and ask the questions I really want to ask with out being accused of being negative?

    Please be very honest with yourself for as TQ emphasizes himself “LOOK AT THE RESULTS!”

    I know it can be hard to face reality because it will seem that you have wasted so much time and money following a con man but remember the message was mostly good, it is the messenger who has a hidden agenda.
    It has taken some longer than others to realise this and when you are honest with yourself it will become obvious. Know that support is out there and no-one is going to judge you. TQ is a master hypnotist and fooled a lot of very smart people. There is no shame in snapping out of it. In fact you are a braver person if you do!

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  32. So TQ’s hypnosis worked for you paul. Did you use a lot of ‘other peoples money’ to get on seminars? Have you paid back your bank loans yet?


  33. Paul “EYES WIDE OPEN” more drivel from di and angie. TQ”s “PHILOSOPHY” changed my life completly and i am very thankful to him for that. BUT then again who am I?and why should I matter?. ROCK ON TONY, there is nothing here but sticks and stones.


  34. l’enfant, Quinn is dangerous when unsuspecting people accept his ‘philosophy’ and ‘higher awareness’ with NLP and hypnosis techniques. Maire is doing the right thing. If all of us had the courage to stand up to them when their interference affected our lives with courtcases he would have been forced to stop long ago. DI has stood up to him many times and continues to regardless of TQ threats.


  35. Maybe Marie should withdraw her allegation now…I do not like the look of this guy….and pray some foreign god that he doesnt turn his pale eyes on Di


  36. The shocking statements are shockingly true. As Dialogue is the only medium to inform the public I continue to do so. What is shocking to me is how slow quinnites and ex-educoists are to give their support to the many who have had their lives wrecked by Tony Quinn and his ‘top brass’. Their mind-bending techniques are so insidious that they continue to interfere with ex-clients/attenders mental health for years after the, so called, psychotherapy/success for living and there is a percentage of clients they treated who will never get over it unless treated by hypnosis from another source. This, in itself, will not protect them if Quinn decides to target them and this is the fear that keeps them silent. Some are so in awe and their dependence so strong they would be devastated to hear the truth of what is really going on. This is the reality.

    All of this information is in the hands of counsellors and mental health experts in this country. I am of the opinion that Tony Quinn Centres, shops and gyms should be closed down prevent further damage to Irish citizens. I know of many people who have gone through their doors who wished they hadn’t. I don’t know of any who openly admit they did courses in the Tony Quinn Centres when they fill out their CV’s or advertise online.

    In my case, I was not informed of the type or content of the treatment I received. I doubt that I am the only one this happened to.

    How they treat people is known to many of the workers, particularly long timers. They have brazened it out for Tony Quinn and spoke out in his defence and kept hidden as much as they could from the public and people attending the centres. Are they in fear of Quinn because they know the lengths he would go to protect himself? If this is the case they are not safe either from his interference.

    I’m sure it all seemed harmless enough to start up a new religion and for him to convince them their lives would change for the better. Anyone who had studied psychology would be aware of his megalomania. In the psychotherapy courses we were told to pay no heed to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders purely because they did not think it relevant and supplements were the answer even for schizophrenia. They should have made it clear that their courses consisted of Tony Quinn Philosophy from the outset and clearly pointed out their differences compared to other psychotherapy, yoga and gym courses in their articles when advertising them. This was not the case and probably isn’t adhered to in the present. Would you attend a course if you knew you are with ‘tutors’ and their main purpose was to ‘draw you in’ to attending TQ’s seminars? I would think not. Would you attend a course that, no matter how badly you did due to their techniques, that you would get a pass of 50%? I would think not. The ‘results’ of Tony Quinn’s hypnosis seminars are overlooked and this did not deter ‘tutors’ from advising on starting up psychotherapy practices to get your money back.

    Of course, they will argue the case that since you did their courses you are qualified and educated sufficiently to have a practice. I would advise anyone not to attend these centres. In a situation where they have already done courses I would feel that it is more important that they do not practice until further training. However, it is more difficult when Quinn’s influence, regardless of further education with other colleges, interferes with client practice and they need to take a long hard look at how this may affect them in the long run. I would, under no circumstances, talk about Tony Quinn seminars or use the power of suggestion to interfere with their lives that only serve his purposes. I did not attend their classes or do their courses to recruit for a cult!


  37. Good Luck to Marie Lalor in her quest for justice. I can just imagine what kind of a defence will be put forward to make Quinn look innocent. I really applaud this women for having so much courage to go through with this.


  38. But some shocking statements were published here regarding Aideen Cowman and others???/

    What relevance does this comment have to the article? Yes the statements are either true or false. You have the right of reply and we will protect your right to put forward your position. Defamation is only possible if the views expressed are not true. Expressing views that you do not like does not make it defamation. Also you will note that we have more than 400 posts on Quinn and we have not received one single request to modify or correct a post. That came out in the High Court.

    Was that ethical?



  39. But some shocking statements were published here regarding Aideen Cowman and others???/ Was that ethical?


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