‘The cart in front of the horse.’ Cart=Quinn, Horse=INE. Blessed thoughts from the Double Helix.

Dear nnnnn


This is to confirm that the next Good Life Club Meeting will be held in The Helix, Dublin, on Sunday September 16th, so you can go ahead and make your travel arrangements.

We only received these pearls of wisdom after the awed crowds went into the Helix on Sunday 16.  The object that Quinn uses to hypnotise his Educodeists is pen and a note pad. It was remarkable to see ladies in evening dress as on a date rushing into see their beloved. More stolid citizens in corduroy. However, no sign of the new gadgets like Iphone or pads, only the old way. The more committed the more expensive these pads were. Once he said the magic word,  “pen and note pad,” a trance state is achieved.

spectacular meeting

the best day of your life, now mentioned 20 times?

Tony will send you a letter prior to the meeting with the plan for the day.

Programme: Come for your freebie and TQ coffee. Enjoy it as it is free in the sense you pay later.

Come around 12 and watch out for that member of Opus Dei Mike Garde.

Sorry I will be 2 hours late as I do not want to come in through the front door as it might look a bit low key to be seen by anyone.

In the end I will sneak in by the back fire escape exit. I will use 18 guys to stop 4 people trying to protest. Meanwhile they leave me totally

exposed to be attacked by the ‘Matrix’

You must become free from the wall of thought, which has built the tomb, but I nearly ran into the wall trying to get in.

Drawing out The Thinker


The Thinker is trapped in the ‘Matrix’ within global and personal mind programs that we think is Reality. It’s as if trapped in a tomb. When The Thinker awakens within the tomb, its natural movement is towards the light.


You must become free from the wall of thought, which has built the tomb, to live and achieve your full potential. Only when you become free, do you begin to know your Greater Mind, which is your true mind and only then can you achieve your true Potential as a Human Being.


We must evolve to our true mental potential and break through the barriers to become a champion at living to our full potential.


The analogy that Tony uses makes this very clear: ‘The cart in front of the horse.’


The Thinker has to be out in front of the ‘Matrix’, then the Thinker decides on the programs, which are outside of the ‘Matrix’ and are always holistic and benefit all Life.


Make sure to come to this spectacular meeting well prepared with your pen and note pad and in good time. It truly will be the best day of your life.


Tony will send you a letter prior to the meeting with the plan for the day.


Looking forward to seeing you,


With lots of love,







The Helix, DCU Collins Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin 9



Sunday September 16th,  from 12 noon sharp to approximately 6 pm.



6 Responses

  1. You see the Thinker was copyrighted which suggests the mind is subject filthy lucre


  2. When did Tony begin to refer to himself as “The Thinker”? Could this be a reference to the work of Rodin. I went to Rodin’s House with someone who ended up working for Human Potential Research, and whom I suspect dealt with some online material. It’s also referenced here: https://es.slideshare.net/humanpotentialresearchltd/human-potential-research-ltd-the-thinker-27637367


  3. Does anyone know what is happening, or if there is anything happening to get rid of scheming Quinn from INE?


  4. What rubbish Thinking that is. Tony is happy to keep his followers and shareholders trapped in the tomb of his mind control.
    Hopefully the shareholders will reach for the light judge Bannister has shone. Also Judge Hogan’s judgement should help more Educoists question their lives and know they can get help from DI.


  5. His only competition is another ‘chosen one’ who will raise his flock from the dead for a lower price.


  6. The pen and paper are his tools as they reflect his amazing genius to scam the unwary. His training began when collecting for the Franciscans. His ‘amazing’ ability to do his sums created an excited mind-set that gave birth to his vision of reaching his goal (full potential). His true life’s purpose was to set himself up as ‘jesus’ and convince ‘the chosen few’ of the scam ‘that never fails’ (the miracle prayer) and how amazingly easy it is to get what you want, with no opposing thought (no conscience) once you focus your mind on IT.

    He hasn’t changed much, has he?


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