Organising a conference? A couple of tips on how to neutralise Scientology

Generally when people want to organise a conference to discuss their experiences with a cult group they try to organise a secret meeting and hope the group does not find out. But Scientology is not your usual Church they have a covert ‘preying’ department called OSA. The Church that ‘Preys together stays together.’  They will send a dirty tricks team to try to neutralise an event. A few years ago I was invited to a Conference in London, and just before it started it was moved at the last minute.


Special picture. This features Lady Margaret McNair and the Dublin mission Ethics Officer, Zabrina Collins  nee Shortt. She is is the daughter of Frank Shortt who was the victim of a miscarriage of justice and who was financially compensated by the Irish state.   Lady Margaret McNair and the Dublin mission Ethics Officer, Zabrina Collins leaving after they tried on Thursday to talk the venue out of hosting the conference:


Why because the Scientologists started a noisy investigation and told the venue hosts the conference Organisers were a hate group and were a danger to free speech. Because the Organisers had not told the hosts it looked like they were covering something up. Also the result is that no publicity is issued and Scientology controls the flow of information. The way to deal with this to use these events to educate the public into the true nature of Scientology. Publicity and transparency are the means to this end.

In regard to the Teachers Club which was not the first venue considered, it was necessary before signing on the bottom line to totally brief them on the kind of event it was. They had to explain the use of masks and the general background to Anonymous and the way Scientologists try to have events cancelled as a matter of course.  The first venue freaked at the idea of having people who wished to protect their identity. They would have not given it a second thought in another context, where anonymity needed to be protected. However, people are a afraid of Scientology and take the easy route, NO. Once these points were made with management the place was paid for and the event was made public to allow the Scientologists to fall into their usual trap of waiting till the last minute and then scupper the event.

When the delegation of Lady Margaret McNair and the Dublin mission Ethics Officer, Zabrina Collins arrived they claimed that the Police had suggested that they report their concerns about the dissidents and the Anonymous Hackers to the Teacher’s Club!–an-entirely-new-life-for-zabrina,c9279539

The Manager who had been briefed and who had also formed his own views on the Conference  is a great believer in free speech, so politely told them to report any criminal activity to the police and to leave the premises.

Interesting Lady Margaret McNair is not a stranger to Dublin she tried to d a PR job on the Late, Late Show in 1995. (This is the world’s longest running entertainment Show.)

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