Reflections on The BBC programme This World: The Shame of the Catholic Church………

…….gave one a sense of déjà vu. Do you remember that BBC documentary concerning Ferns where Bishop Comiskey was door stepped in like manner to Cardinal Brady?  When people do not dialogue they get caught in the dialogue of running for cover.

It is not that RTE does not get it, but it still has not moved from being able to present the Prime Time ping pong approach. We saw this last week in how the abortion issue was addressed. Conservative ping vs Liberal pong.

We actually need the outside perspective which this documentary brought to open up our collapsing culture, and it is more likely to move the clerical mountain.

The Mission to Prey revealed that RTE has no actual religious policy, one that represents Article 44 of our constitution. That is not surprising as we have no study of religion other than in Cork. We confuse religion with Denomination and have allowed our schools to be hijacked from National education. One continuously hears presenters and commentators in Ireland talking about other Christian Denominations or Confessions as other Religions. Even the most progressive persons are the product of sectarian education and because there is no explicit policy it is normal that this adds to the confusion which the BBC seems clearer about.

In the obvious focus on Cardinal Brady it is likely that Bishop Boice was very relieved in Raphoe. Here the beautiful, rugged scenery of Donegal was juxtaposed with the savage treatment of children, now struggling adults without a sense of a believing supportive community around them. The wickedness of those dog collared ones and the ability to duck and dive and to be moved to new virgin pastures to bring hell on themselves and their victims.

 Apologise pull out the eyes!

The contextualisation of the situation in Ireland was both accurate and appropriate by Colm Tóibín linking us with his Wexford roots and the earlier BBC documentary.

“Effective shadow government,” was a neat description. Here it was Tóibín with a prophetic understanding of our current scene. Where Caesar and Christ are hand in glove. It was even shorn of his messianic view of art being our new saviour.

Britain moved out and Rome became the shadow state as he put it.

 There are nets set out to catch us before we are born…..

However, this Contantianism was not so recent it is actually related to our conquest by the Normans and the Synod of Cashel.  Just like England was utterly destroyed by the Normans after 1066, so we moved from one way of being to one that has the seeds of this disease within it, just over a century later.

Patsy McGarry in Irish Times gives a clarification in regard to the Cardinal being a notary and being a simple recorder of information -note taker.

Further commentary on the documentary and related issues:

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