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Pages 24/25 March 11, 2012

Bird’s eye view of pad paid for by followers

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aerial view1

aerial view2

IT’S the type of palace usually owned by Royalty or a Hollywood superstar.

But this fabulous mansion is home to Christina Gallagher, the House of Prayer ‘visionary’ who likes to boast she has no interest in material wealth. This is the first time the extraordinary house on a millionaire’s row in the private Abington Estate in Malahide, Co Dublin, has been photographed from the air. And the heavenly view shows the mansion in all its glory, surrounded by landscaped gardens, manicured lawns, fountains and tree-lined driveway. The stunning home was bought with cash donated by Gallagher’s devotees, who thought they were giving money to her House of Prayer on Achill Island, Co Mayo. Followers were threatened with eternal damnation if they had money and refused to hand it over for “Our Lady’s cause.”

Instead, the money was used to allow the 58-year-old grandmother to live in absolute luxury. The Sunday World first uncovered this astonishing home four years ago when it was worth a whopping €4million. Unbeknown to her legion of followers – many of whom had given their life savings to the supposed holy woman – Gallagher had already been secretly living there for two years. Once we revealed her amazing

lifestyle, Gallagher claimed the Virgin Mary had guided her to the house. The guru of greed never explained why Jesus’s mother thought she needed such a prestigious house, on the same private estate as pop stars Ronan Keating and Nicky Byrne.


Nor why she needed five reception rooms, five en suite bedrooms, and a separate coach house with garaging for three cars. And while she was living in luxury, her website still claimed funds were “urgently needed” to complete the House of Prayer in Achill and six sister houses in the US and Mexico. Now our aerial photographs show the property is even more spectacular than first imagined. Its extensive landscaped garden is completely secluded and can only be seen from the air. Gravel pathways with ornate pergolas, a gazebo surrounded by ornamental trees and shrubs and immaculately laid flower beds would have cost Gallagher tens of thousands of euro. Unique glass panelling at the back of the house gives the classic home an ultra-modern feel. But there is no sign of the bomb shelter for which Gallagher was collecting cash two years ago. The wealthy fraudster, who claims to receive regular apocalyptic messages about the end of the world from the Virgin Mary and Jesus, slammed supporters in the summer of 2010 for not giving enough to build an underground bunker ordered by Our Lady. But Gallagher was not content with this magnificent pile, built in 2003. Last year the Sunday World uncovered a £2million mansion she had secretly “procured” for herself in Shropshire, England.

After we carried an exposé on that 11,500 sq ft property – bought without a mortgage and registered in her plumber son Brendan’s name – Gallagher claimed it was a “refuge” because we had publicised the Malahide mansion. The cult leader even admitted on her website that she got her followers to buy it for her. Donors had to sign legal contracts saying they knew their donations were for her “personal use”.


The money was described as an “absolute” gift which could never be reclaimed “at any time, under any circumstances”. The seven-bedroom and seven-bathroom mansion had its own lake, indoor swimming pool, snooker room, seven person hot-tub, indoor lift, gym and steam room. Gallagher sold the sprawling five acre estate towards the end of last year, even though she had claimed Jesus had guided her to it.

The Sunday World has also uncovered a portfolio of other fabulous properties bought by the woman born into poverty but who has grown rich since opening the Achill House of Prayer in 1993. We uncovered a luxury home outside Newport which was filled with antique furniture, jewellery and a four-poster bed specially imported from Harrods in London. Gallagher bought a fabulous €1million mansion outside Ballina, Co Mayo, for her daughter Mary in 2007. It is the biggest house for miles around. She also bought a house for son Brendan and still owned a share in her marital home with estranged husband Paddy.

Our exclusive revelations have rocked the House of Prayer organisation. Last summer the entire board resigned after becoming disillusioned with the Mayo mystic. So too did her main fundraiser in Ireland. Her right-hand man in America, John Rooney, also quit after a bitter split with the woman he once revered. All mention of him and the House of Prayer he built for her in Ohio was wiped from her website. Gallagher, who has not had a job since launching the House of Prayer nearly two decades ago, has always refused to reveal how she paid for her astonishing lifestyle.

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  1. I read some of Fr McGinnity’s publications up to 25 years ago and I believe he came there through his love for Blessed Virgin Mary. He was messed about by Maynooth – might now be a Bishop or Cardinal. Men can be fooled and blinded and that is why he ended up fronting Christina’s outfit. excuse me – I am putting my name over this as the last one is mine too. Inspired by MARY?


  2. Jim Gallagher has always been a truthful reporter. I read his articles since 1970 – I think. My VISION of God’s mother is of a very humble person, not a greedy bone in her body. I guess she lived in a humble house as her neighbours did. Christina must not be afraid of her hand as she craves luxury things of this world. In Medjugorje visionaries dress in simple clothes and live in average houses according to their needs. One wore a Skirt I saw for 2.50 cents. They don’t drive top of the range cars either and none of their messages frighten pilgrims but are caring and conciliatory. I know there is no one more generous than pilgrims. We took my late mother to Knock for a week a year for 11 years – I witnessed it. I think Christina is an avid TV viewer and it may be where she is inspired from. It can be grim viewing. Mostly lies or propaganda.


  3. Have you ever heard the saying “The Devil is in the detail”
    It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to for money


  4. Just checking in to see what’s going on:
    Michael P. Mc Crory is still very much around, only I have had other more important things to do in recent years here in the USA. I have not, nor ever have had, anything to hide. You have my permission to publicize everything and anything I have ever said or done regarding the House of Prayer.
    If you’d like me to start up again and reveal the potential homosexual scandal involving two House of Prayer devotees that got me started and Fr. Mc Ginnity and Mrs Gallagher’s attempts to ambush and shut me up on the issue I may just do that. I won that clash hands down with her stunned and running out of the room — then coming back to order Fr. Mc Ginnity to do the same. ‘Who wears the pants?’
    Send me an invitation if you dare.
    Do ask Fr. Mc Ginnity why he urged my friend in Co Clare to place his 100,000 euro donation in Father’s private bank account. You might also ask why when told about this ( by the man himself ) Cardinial Brady swept it under the carpet. ‘Did nothing. And we wonder why our beloved Church is tottering in Ireland and here in USA.
    ‘No moral backbone, it seems on the part of too many of our bishops who seem to view their role as champians of mediocrity when there are so many moral issues left unaddressed.
    BUT maybe that’s another issue..

    Three key people here – ALL WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE:

    1 Fr. Mc Ginnity.
    2 Mrs.Gallagher– always in hiding, especially when
    there are long prayers to be said.
    3 And Cardinal Brady.


  5. “Veritas” I like this name. I only wish that, the scams going on in The Church, in this present crisis, had the, “Truth”, and, did not resort to lies to trick pilgrims, into giving all of their money, for trinkets.


  6. what fools you poor sheep are. can’t you see that .Jesus roamed the earth with simple messages with no material trapping and wealth. you can’t buy a stairway way to heaven.Use your common sence to see through the fraudsters who come in many forms.


  7. She is obviously a con artist.. only a poor naive fool would assume anything else.. she will answer to the true God in time…


  8. Final comment to this thread for the benefit of any neutral or unbiased readers…..

    This will not be my final word as no doubt this will not be your final word.

    I omitted to answer your question as to whether I am “very sorry” to be missing attending The Eucharist Congress? And here again is my truthful answer…Not really, because the far more important event is to be able to attend Holy Mass. Anything else, in any place is secondary.

    I agree with your answer, but wonder when was the last time Christina attended a local parish in Achill? You might be on the way out or pretending to be more attached to your parish than you suggest here.

    Also I think it might be good to highlight that EVERY Saturday morning on the way to The House of Prayer, coach leaders are ensuring that visiting pilgrims do get to Holy Mass as coaches stop for this reason in Longford, Knock, (yes KNOCK) and at other venues…..

    Is this not strange for Catholics to be bused to Knock on the way to a Marian Shrine to have communion as they could just walk down to their local!Why not just go to Knock which is the only recognised Marian Shrine in the country?

    yet DI has frequently called for their excommunication by The Archbishop of Tuam!!!

    We certainly have not. I have called for Christina ‘s excommunication not the ordinary folks who attend her. Please do not put forward such crass deceit.

    So can you blame me for seeing bias and misinformation as part of your commentary?

    I can because it is misinformation

    As for DI I would have expected a far higher level of values and integrity than that of the tabloid press.

    As we are not calling for what you suggest there is no question of integrity. You are obsessed
    with tabloids. The truth is the truth wherever it appears.

    I would have expected DI to seek fact and truth, and if there is balance, to be fair to all sides. Sadly that has not been the case.

    We will give you the right of reply to refute any article published here or in any of the newspapers. Just send it to us for publication. We offer you a totally uncensored space

    It also happens that when people make up their mind to leave a group or to discontinue with being part of something, usually most do so quietly and without ill-feeling, but others sometimes feel that they must justify themselves, and in order to save face will lie and exaggerate and strive to create the maximum damage etc.

    That is the case, others who have lost a lot of money or who were spiritually abused wish to seek redress. We respect peoples right to decide which way they respond, do you not? Some have been so psychologically affected they may take years to recover

    Such has happened too regarding a few former supporters of The House of Prayer.

    Most are so badly affected they are afraid of being the subject to spiritual affects in leaving, curses, to fear of hell and that they may not experience salvation it is horrific. Some have been victims of abuse and have had their good named impugned

    A great volume of lies and malicious comments have been levelled at people those former supporters saw as someone to damage or embarass…(and clearly also at myself, and having convinced you)…

    Rather it is the other way round, and I know nothing about you other than you are a pivotal person in a position of influence, but on this blog acts like a shrinking violet

    This is exactly what the tabloid press wishes…no proof is required, just the contents of a story to create sensation…..but here I repeat, I would have had a higher level of expectation from DI….

    You are obsessed with the tabloids, again I say write your refutation not a lot of gibberish and we will publish it. Stop complaining and write your defence!

    Over time too DI has bemoaned the situation regarding Dr Michael Neary and Cardinal Sean Brady. These senior members of the Catholic Hierarchy are very well capable of looking after their own interests and any perceived “lack of action” is probably a very prudent stance…

    Prudent in regard to covering up the continued activity of the H of P? They have a duty of care to their members. We as a human rights organisation implore them to act before it results in a serious court case!

    but DI wants to see threats, disgrace, bannings, excommunications etc….but that will not and can not happen because that is not the way the Catholic Church works.

    Have you not read about Tony Flannery recently? They want to silence him? We are not calling for anyone other than Christina to be silenced and to excommunicated as what she teaches is not Catholicism but a form of Manichaeanism. linked to apocalyptic paranoia

    In any case it is never too late to try to make amends, but do not decry the fact that Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity for being “unavailable” to you,

    This what I wrote: You are a leading member of the H of P? We know that Christina is constantly talking to people on her mobile. Also if you see Fr G regularly that should not be too difficult to find out. I would think if you were loyal Catholics and had any loyalty you would be directing your buses towards Croke Park for this event? I was not asking to meet them but that you are in contact with them!

    and much less to The Sunday World, for comment.

    You really must meet Jim Gallagher and have a chat you can’t make a comment under your different labels without a hit at them.

    Would you see any logic in meeting with anyone whose sole agenda was ridicule, insult, disrespect, lack of compassion to create more hatred and marginalisation etc…

    Does Christina feel marginalised, she is big girl and does her mentor
    to use your term fear the public so much he runs from his parish church and hides?

    I repeat that I am not in contact with either and would have no means of influencing anything regarding the matter of The House of Prayer.

    Are you telling me you are one of those that has moved on as well, or what?

    I do hope that these answers and comments and may just inspire neutrals to dig a little deeper for the truth.

    So do I


  9. I will answer your two strange questions as best I can.

    Yes I attend Holy Mass in my own Parish every Sunday/Holy-day and as often as possible on weekdays.
    If you profess to understand the Catholic Faith and its teachings, how could you possibly think that any Catholic could fulfil their spiritual duties by merely visiting the House of Prayer where the Holy Mass is not part of the proceedings?

    That is exactly the reason as you are now making necessity into a virtue. Because Achill has no approval it has no Eucharistic presence. What purpose does it then fulfil?

    Attending the House of Prayer is very much a secondary spiritual action to take time out to reflect and pray.

    My conversations with family suggests that your view is not accurate. It seems to have taken over peoples’ lives.

    After all these years have you still not grasped that fact.

    I have but have a different interpretation of the facts

    I cannot speak for all the people who visit the House of Prayer but I would be amazed if the vast majority do not make every effort to attend The Eucharistic Congress, since all seem to be devout practising Catholics and active members of their own Parishes.

    Again this does not accord with the evidence of family members who find there is an undue devotion to the H of P and a loss of relationship to the local parish.

    I have no control over coaches to The House of prayer and cannot influence anyone in anything in that regard, so your thought process …(or misinformation) about what you perceive me to be is flawed.

    I know who you are and obviously will not reveal your identity. However, unless you have distanced yourself from the H of P you would be in a position to answer a lot of the questions, you are merely deflecting!

    What is most sad about DI and its mentors is that you do not stay within the remit of your professed purpose, but set yourself up in judgement and condemnation, regardless of any other evidence put before you.

    Who are our mentors? What particular aspect of our mission are we not keeping to. Not sweeping generalisations but some evidence please?

    Sadly you make a broad brush condemnation and judgement and brand the targets of your criticism in a wicked manner.

    We are calling on the Church authorities to act to defend those who have been the victims of elder abuse, and financial scams. we do not direct this at the ordinary members who are not able to discern the true facts, but the leadership who have used Mary as a means to enrich a few.

    Why do you wish to destroy all groups of any Faith that does not meet with your specific understanding?

    We have no desire to destroy any group but that appropriate authority would exercise concern for those who under undue influence.

    I think that is where DI loses all credibility and hence the ability to be a source for positive influence.

    We are the only organisation calling for these appropriate decisions to be taken, hence we are consistent and be relied upon to to assist those who need help. You seem to think we are some kind of religious organisation, we are concerned with the abuse of human rights.


  10. To give you a truthful answer to your question if I personally will be attending The Eucharistic Congress? The answer is NO I will not be in Ireland during June. Got some chores to do in Tanzania.

    I cannot speak for the others you mention since I have no immediate possibility to contact.

    Do relax now, it is nearly Easter

    To give you a truthful answer to your question if I personally will be attending The Eucharistic Congress? The answer is NO I will not be in Ireland during June. Got some chores to do in Tanzania.

    That is clear but I assume you are very sorry to be missing this central mystery of the Catholic Church in this particular setting? Could I ask you do you frequent your local parish Church regularly to participate in the Eucharist, or is the only event you attend that in Achill?

    I cannot speak for the others you mention since I have no immediate possibility to contact.

    This is a very strange answer. You are a leading member of the H of P? We know that Christina is constantly talking to people on her mobile. Also if you see Fr G regularly that should not be too difficult to find out. I would think if you were loyal Catholics and had any loyalty you would be directing your buses towards Croke Park for this event?

    Do relax now, it is nearly Easter

    You do come up with the most peculiar endings to your comments. I am relaxing listening to St Matthew’s Passion by Bach. We can’t yet relax but must focus relentlessly on the Passion. There can be no premature experience of Easter we are only at Saturday morning! Patience in waiting and realising that we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ!


  11. Even if we were all there you wouldn’t recognise us because we are just normal Catholics who take our faith very seriously.

    I did not ask you whether you were going to display yourselves. I asked a simple question are you going= you personally=Christina and FR McG?

    We would not be going to the Eucharistic Conference for appearance money like yourself.

    I would not be going unless invited by a Catholic where does the cash come into it?

    thinking back I cannot recall any prophesy from you. When did you assume the gift of prophecy?

    I didn’t that was supposed to be ironic!

    Equally the name Jim Corr does not mean a thing, so perhaps you got your wires crossed.

    Google his name like Christina he is into conspiracy theories might have rubbed off on Fr G? Have you not heard of the Corrs?

    In McCrory’s threats on record as he launched his vendetta are 2 truths…he said his group included some willing to commit perjury, and he said that he was in touch with a newspaper of low repute.

    He has moved on and out of the country. I do know of alleged evidence of illegal phone taps to get private information. I would not go there if I was you!

    There is nothing more true than those comments.

    Yes if his conversations were recorded without his permission it could be bad news

    Your sad comment “dissident priest who flouts canon law” is further evidence of your bias,

    It is sad that he continues in flagrant disregard of canon law.

    hatred and in fact pure ignorance.

    It is just a fact that is being disregarded and is not based on hatred but indignation that nothing is being done to assist the victims of elder abuse

    Just reinforces DI and its mentors as a sad site without balance

    Balance is the acceptance that Christina is a genuine visionary in your opinion?

    and unable to accept that there are many things you cannot understand.

    We do understand that appropriate action is not being taken.


  12. Hopefully you will spend your Easter at the unapproved centre in Achill without the Eucharist with a dissident priest who flouts canon law. You will know that a number of families have lost contact with family members who are under undue influence to madam. All has the appearance of normality we would agree with that. However, I hope you will get Christina, Fr G and all the flock to all come to the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. If you do not all come can we ask the simple question what type of Catholics are you! No abuse just a simple answer will you be there? I still have not received my invitation as an ecumenical guest.
    If I was Archbishop of Tuam I would excommunicate Christina after a final warning. Do not forget a bishop is the final authority in his diocese. If I was Archbishop of Armagh I would command FR G to remain in his parish if he refused I would suggest that he should be sent to a monastery like the Cistercians in Collon Co. Louth for a period of reflection and to renew his priesthood. I am going to be looking to see if leads a delegation from Knockbridge to the Eucharistic Congress. If he is say in Texas again I will have to personally start a marathon protest where I visit centres of cultist activity for a personal protest! I too have noticed that the Sunday World has been very quiet recently. Not much news. But you know Christina can’t resist giving us a new story. Will it be in Malahide or Knockmore? Calm before the storm. The Titanic H of P will never sink but then bang…. it goes down. Remember I prophesied that the Achill House will cease …….like I predicted that Jim Corr would join you!


  13. About 2000 years ago Judas Iscariot made his play.
    Just 5 years ago this week Michael McCrory began the vendetta to try to destroy The House of Prayer.
    Despite the desperate efforts of McCrory’s instrument, The Sunday World, all is still functioning normally at The House of Prayer, whilst its self proclaimed foes seem to be burnt out.


  14. This is the same trash and lies recycled for the EIGHTH time over the past 5 years. Just proves that those who purchase The Sunday World cannot read, but only to look at the fleshy pictures.


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