Satanism and the Irish experience?

David Malone, whose book about the murder, The Boy In The Attic, has brought to light a long forgotten murder  of seven-year-old John Horgan by his neighbour Lorcan Bale. The book was on Pat Kenny’s morning show and later on Live line.

A number of issues were raised which need to be addressed. It seems clear that Satanism is still alive and it has become part of our culture in the form of dabbling, the use of the ouija board. In popular culture George Harrison moved us East

Most of the time, though, Harrison let his music do the talking.

 His dreamy, sitar-drenched “Within You Without You” opened side two of 1967’s classic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album. The song contrasted Western individualism with Eastern monism

On the other hand one of those on the cover of the album is Aleister Crowley the Sex Magician and it clear that those that involved themselves with the Maharishi saw meeting him as significant, though it is clear that John Lennon in his Imagine album was moving in a different direction.

L Ron Hubbard references Crowley in his Philadelphia lectures. Our own Tony Quinn seems to have also had this influence.

There have been examples of dabbling in the occult by young people for along time but there was a case in 1992 where some youths from the north inner city desecrated a cemetery in Blessington.

However the Lorcan Bale story twenty years earlier is at a profoundly different  level, as there seems to have been a group process at work?

We will publish a number of articles on the subject to help in the process of evaluating this phenomenon. Please also find a lecture given in October 1996 at a Dialogue Ireland Conference entitled, Satanism and the Occult. It is significant that most Irish Catholic dioceses do not have an exorcist? One wonders why not?

 DS – Mike Garde on Satanism & The Occult

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  1. Anonymous, Looking back and listening back to that lecture delivered 20 years ago it is clear you are missing the wood from the trees.
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  2. Perhaps you could advise us how you reached that conclusion?


  3. Mike Garde’s figure of 6,000 Satanists worldwide is ridiculous. There are that many in Ireland alone.


  4. I recommend you google sites on freemasonry and the New World Order, the music industry is full of symbols relating to this.


  5. Not a strange article, in my opinion, very informative and raising an awareness of the dangers of satanism. Evil is lurking and it is only by good christian people highlighting it that it will be dispelled. Information is knowledge, too many people have disappeared without trace in this country and satanic rituals abound.

    Can’t comprehend your inference to this article with a cult.


  6. What a strange article, is it meant to get us join a cult?


  7. Have just realized some sites have now expired, please google Jim Cairns. The sites that have expired were on witchcraft.

    He has written a book entitled “Disappeared off the face of the Earth”


  8. Have come across a site under Jim Cairns Kilkenny – please read it.


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