Jesse’s visit leads to Anglo/Irish reconciliation. His crack our craic!

Note the deep insight exercised by Jesse,  “Brother Jesse prophesied of a ‘crack’ in the heavens over Ireland while he was here saying that ‘everything was about to change’.” He really has great wisdom. He was able to see what the rest of us would never have imagined. Please give us a break, and also give the money back. Remember Zacchaeus!

Kevin Sanford Ministries

Monday, June 13, 2011
June 2011
Hello Everyone!!!
What a great month! I couldn’t wait to update you all with recent events. We were blessed to host Jesse Duplantis and his lovely wife, Cathy, in May. Instead of trying to give you the report anew, I thought it best to cc you a copy of the letter I sent to Cathy last week. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Dear Sister Cathy and Brother Jesse,

Heather and I wish to thank you for your visit to the Republic of Ireland and to Galway. The meetings were FANTASTIC! It was truly a privilege to be able to host you both, as well as your wonderful team. To have that many people in a Christian meeting in Galway is truly remarkable… only those that labor in this field could understand and fully appreciate that. Also, I have never seen that many ministers and preachers in one meeting in my 15 years of pastoring in this beautiful country. What a blessing!

Also, Brother Jesse prophesied of a ‘crack’ in the heavens over Ireland while he was here saying that ‘everything was about to change’. To follow up and fill you in, the Queen of England was here right after you guys left. It was a truly momentus event… historically and spiritually significant. She has never visited Ireland and the undercurrent was still extremely turbulent the days prior to her arrival with many claiming that it was still premature (when would it ever be appropriate, she is 84 years old). The complex relationship between the two nations was completely renovated with the Irish, who are NOT taken with royalty, truly being taken with everything… and they were the perfect hosts, as well. To see the leaders walking together as peers revolutionised the way the Irish look at the English, and themselves! The Queen went to two very important sites that are sacred to the Irish: Island Bridge (the memorial to 50,000 Irishmen who have died serving in the British army) and Croke Park (the sight of the Bloody Sunday massacre where British military opened fire on the crowd at a sporting event in the 20’s). At the state dinner that evening, she stole away with the Irish heart by opening in Gaelic, a language banned by the English for many years, and offering (as close to) an apology as has ever been spoken by any English authority offering empathy and “regret for the things that have happened, as well as those that didn’t (like helping during the famine).”

It was as if there was a national sigh. We know that there is no forgiveness where it is never sought… the offending brother must return, repent (even if 70 times) and seek forgiveness before it can be given (Luke 17:3,4). Since it was never sought, confessed, it was never released. Ireland has carried this burden for many generations. It was as if a healing balm was poured over the land. And it was immediately subsequent to Brother Jesse’s prophecy that everything was changing from that very day… it has. The two nations’ leaders reconciled on behalf of their people. It was an amazing sight. Now I believe that the Irish church and people can begin to experience amazing answers to prayer by fulfilling the Scriptures:
Mar 11:25- 26 “And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.”

After receiving a call from Jesse’s UK office manager about how much their ministry enjoyed my letter, he shared his perspective, from the English side, which opened up a whole new thought to me. To my note he said, “Yes, it was as if we were released, as well.” I then thought of another verse Jesus preached from the sermon on the mount. He said,
Mat 5:23-24 “Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.

It was truly as if both nations were blessed, healed, and released from a horrible past.
Thank you all for your love and support. It has been a privilege serving here during these amazing days.

Kevin and Heather
Posted by Kevin Sanford Ministries

11 Responses

  1. No i havent. its not my place to correct him. He set up that church.
    You think what we are told is just lies. But you are misinformed. The camp does not make money. Ive been involved with it on an intiate level ever since it began.
    Well God shall judge you as you have judged them.
    You should not worry about them judging or showing forgiveness. How many times shall i forgive my brother? do you remember that?
    Also remember Jesus loves Kevin and Heather You should too. Love your enemies


  2. Have you ever tried to share the error of his ways with Kevin? Does he listen? It is always the fault of somebody else. Never Kevin or Heather. Reality is very different. They are leaving as complete failures who have used and abused. I have previously worked on the camps. I can tell you that what we are told is just lies. They made good money and misused it just like the members of the church. I judge Kevin and Heather because they judge so many others. Where is the forgiveness they have shown to others?


  3. If I am ignorant, then let that be my folly. May God hold me accountable.
    Why are Christians attacking each other when there is an entire country out there that needs saving?
    If Kevin is wrong. Don’t judge, instead show how to do it right. Maybe you should do something. Not with words but with action. Its easy to mock and critique. Its difficult to lead and be counted.


  4. And you sound blind and misled so we’re a right misfit bunch altogether


  5. It was out the back of a car. Not the church.
    The sower can only sow the word. its up to the receiver to receive. You are familiar with the parable of the sower?
    The onus of the manifestation of the word is not on the prophesier but on the receiver.
    Kevin has admitted on the pulpit that he has missed prophesies. Not followed them correctly, Not fully understood what they meant. he knows he’s just a man.
    You have received reports? So you were not there? I was. He gave me three prophesies. Two have been fulfilled. the other was concerning something much further down the road. I know people who have also received from that meeting.
    Stop assuming to know what Kevin thinks. You just sound angry and bitter.


  6. ambivalent, i think you mean ambiguous. Clearly using big words is not your forté so i will try to answer you in a more simplified fashion. What about specific prophesies. A poster above mentioned Jamie Tuttle. I have received reports that there were some fairly outlandish non ambiguous prophesies from him. They never came true did they. Was not Kevin supposedly made a knight over Ireland but yet he now says that God changed his mind and is calling him back home. It’s amazing that according to Kevin and Heather that God often changes his mind completely in accordance with their desires. How convenient! It’s amazing that you are blaming current members of the church for the state it’s in and yet completely absolve Kevin and Heather of all responsibility despite them forcing the church into financial ruin. Moses never overspent the budget or invented failed projects. Maybe Kevin thinks that if Moses sold cappuccinos out of the back of the tabernacle then they might have made it to the promised land.


  7. If you read comments here you will see the great many murmurers and complainers still at abundant life. it is their fault prophesies have been unfulfilled. Was it Moses’ fault the Israelite’s had to wander for 40 years? no! it was their own fault.
    How can you say Jessie’s prophesy was not of God? did God tell you? The very prophesy we are discussing here can be seen as one that came true! Why would I argue anymore? you will just look for some other way to claim that they were not of God. or they were too ambivalent to begin with.


  8. Okay, shall i blame God for the Abundant Life prophesies that never came true or shall i blame the “prophet” for speaking things that were not of God? Please list some prophesies that have actually been fulfilled for Abundant Life.


  9. Yea! Its a prophesy! My point was a prophesy is just saying something WILL happen. And a crack did happen. Kevin is merely getting at the point that the Queens visit went down so unexpectedly well it seemed like that burden had broken off the Irish
    Your shoddy attempt at journalism makes it seems like the prophesy was Jessie’s insight. Note the deep insight exercised by Jesse, “Brother Jesse prophesied of a ‘crack’ in the heavens over Ireland while he was here saying that ‘everything was about to change’.” He really has great wisdom. He was able to see what the rest of us would never have imagined.
    Kevin never said Jessie had the wisdom. A prophesier is believed to be simply a vessel saying Gods message.
    You got a problem with the message? Blame God
    I’ll tell them to keep the Pulitzer on hold for now… OK?


  10. Actually no to you buddy!!!!! Jessie never made the connection to the Queen, but Kevin did…remember KEVIN, the author of the quoted article. He wrote this piece himself for his newsletter so i guess your challenging your pastor’s ability in journalism. You should also note that he preached this topic several times afterwards and always connected Jessie’s “Prophesies” with the Queen’s visit. Of course it is always easy to connect an ambiguous prophesy to any event. These guys don’t deal in specifics because the failure can then be seen. Point in hand, Jamie Tuttle. How many of his specific “prophesies” came true? I leave you to think long and hard about that one


  11. At no point in this article is Jessie’s visit associated with the Queen’s. he just prophesied things would change! Quite a failure in journalism there buddy


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