Jesse Duplantis flies in……4…..what?

This is a pic of Jesse Duplantis’s plane in Galway. Estimates between fuel, and landing fees for a trip on a Falcon 50 can be as high as $10,000 an hour. You can see the Aer Arann plane in the picture which only operates domestically in Ireland and some flights to the UK. However to your right and in the distance you can see the fuselage that is used for training the firemen in the airport in Galway.

Jesse Duplantis’was preaching the good news on Wednesday evening in Galway We look forward to further pictures of this meeting and reports about the content.

According to the Jesse Duplantis Ministries website, there are 2 meetings in Ireland and three meetings scheduled in London. The Wembly, London meeting is sponsored by Harvest Church. The pastor of that church is Paul Naughton.

From the church website: “Pastor Paul is also Chairman of the Board of Directors, Benny Hinn Ministries UK and a company director.”

Another one of the London meetings is sponsored by El-Shaddai International Christian Centre which has started 5 churches in the UK, one in Zambia, African and one in Houston. The pastor is televangelist Ramson Mumba.

Upcoming Meetings

May 12, 2011 – Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Thursday 7:30PM

Living Rivers Church

2-4 Railway Street

028 2563 8700

May 13, 2011 – West Hampstead, London

Friday 7:30PM

Praise Chapel

St James Church

2 Sherriff Road

0844 800 4307

May 14, 2011

Golders Green, London

Saturday 6:00PM

May 15, 2011-Wembly, London

Sunday 11:00AM

20 Responses

  1. What relevance does the Pope have to this issue? He does not own a plane to sell, Jesse does. He is a charlatan preaching a gospel of prosperity.


  2. Too many ignorant people about God and the gospel. Why can’t you ask the Pope to sell his plane? Double standards. May be the Pope is supreme and teaches a different gospel.


  3. We have nothing to do with saving souls but protecting human rights and showing up dud preachers.


  4. Traybake give us break and then read Luke Ch 4.


  5. How is this website saving souls? By attacking others? That’s Christlike!


  6. God Bless you & ministry may favor continue to overtake you:)
    God Bless you I want to sow in your ministry I don’t have much but you said just sow. I sows @ my church but I want to be blessed like you &ministry your wife.


  7. I’m sure he’d be happy to do that as those types have plenty of money. I’d be more impressed if he preached the gospel to the homeless and destitute with no chance of financial gain. “Whatsoever you do to the LEAST of these brothers and sisters, you do to me”. These preachers confuse LEAST with GREATEST.


  8. Ill gotten gain. He should rather than think about wealth go out to preach the gospel to:drug dealers, pimps, bookies etc
    That would be a wealthy thing to do in the kingdom!


  9. What??? So you are equating ministers of the prosperity Gospel to drug dealers, pimps and bookies. Great job on defending these heretics once again. It seems that apologetics is not a strong point for any ALCC supporter. Thank you for doing my job for me, it needs no further comment as you have categorised the shenanigans of these types of ministers correctly as bordering on criminality. Ponzi and pyramid schemes are criminal activities and that all these ministries are, robbing from the poor, blessing the ministers and leaving their congregations broke. It’s funny how it’s generally only the ministers who are really prosperous in these churches. Are you one of those faithful tithers who struggles with your bills while you support ministers with Spanish villas or ministers with jets. Ever wondered where your promised blessing is after all these years? If not you should start to ask yourself just that.


  10. Is it ok for drug dealers, pimps, bookies etc to have prosperity but its not ok for a minister of the gospel?


  11. Well Jesse, Joyce, Benny, Kenneth Copeland….. The Sanfords just a long list of people who prey on vulnerable people, teaching terrible doctrine in the process to manipulate the minds of these people.


  12. Dear sister Gail,

    Do you think the massive mansion Jesse Duplantis has built and lives in is really the best way his ministry should be spending funds?

    When you look into the sun, it can blind you and when you look away it can be hard to see anything else.

    The Sanfords brought Jesse Duplantis to Ireland to try and revive their ailing church. It is on its last legs with am every shrinking number attending. The people who attend are talking behind their back wondering who will be strong enought to confront them. I sense some are becoming strong enough to do it.

    I hope and pray that you will eventually see the wronging of your ways. Can you explain why you think it is okay for a pastor to travel in a private jet and stay in 5 star penthouses and hotels?

    There is an overwhelming amount of factual information on Jesse Duplantis and the Sanfords to show the errors of their ways. I just hope you see this sooner rather than later.


  13. Look, word is, there are plenty of gullible folk in Ireland and, as they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.
    The reality is that, while the Catholic Church is in crisis and people are jumping ship like theres no tomorrow, financially minded evangelists see a buck to be made-Whats $10,000 dollars an hour when you can make that in one donation.



  14. Big difference between a donkey and a jet. The donkey analogy would be akin to everyone owning a car now. His jet is very excessive. Do you really think a $30 million jet is appropriate for minister? How many orphanages could be built for that? How many third world schools? You are obviously one of those who blindly gives to Jesse’s jets in the hopes that God will bless you too because of it. A gospel centered on greed is not the Gospel i know.


  15. Shanks mare and Dublin Bus, the Luas or the Dart, but Jesse takes a High Cost Limousine every time and gets others people to pay for it


  16. well al i can say.. jesse just travels on the transsport of the day….jesus had a donkey jesse has a plane…..what is your problem people….dont let narrow minded ness get in way of progress…………love jesse hes a great man gail richborn…….


  17. We should not lose sight of something……. This guy would not even know where Galway was on the map if it was not for Kevin Sanford who resides in Galway and is preaching the same message. Be under no fale illusion, Kevin Sanford aspires to be everything that Jesse Duplantis is and let him not even try and feed a line that this is not the case. He obviously believes in Duplantis and his way because he invited him to Galway. SHAME ON YOU KEVIN SANFORD


  18. This crock of muck is happening on my door step……..I sympathise with the poor souls that are hoodwinked into thinking this man is going to solve their life/spiritual issues.
    Jesus Christ saw fit to travel on Donkeys (not stallions), all we have to do is look at this mans mode of transport for the complete paradox of preaching. I clicked on the facebook page that was linked on this forum and was immediately a click away from making a donation to his ministries!!
    Looking at his abode (which is another complete paradox in itself) and his travel resources, why or how could somebody feel compelled to make donations to this con artist! All you have to do is look at the license number on the private jet to see how vain this man is……why am I not surprised though that he has no humility? F%&k Off out of Galway ya scum!!!


  19. I just heard this on Galway Bay FM. I cannot believe that people in Galway think this type of lavish gospel manipulation is okay to have. His next port of call or should I say airport – is to go along to a church to preach for a pastor connected with Benny Hinn! Anybody that knows anything about being a Christian will know what Benny Hinn is about. Wake up people – before you lose all your money, family and souls to these people.


  20. Well if Jesse is in town, it has to be for money!!


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