Palmar de Troya the ongoing abuse.

Palmar de Troya

The Palmar de Troya is an Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, a schismatic Catholic group based in Palmar de Troya, Spain.

We are receiving many reports of the abuse of members and the control of families.

Dress codes and a semi fascist regime all in the name of the one true church.

They are totally un Catholic in that they are a closed community in Clontarf. See some posts to refresh your memory.

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  1. PalmarianEscapee please contact me , I too am a exPDT, it takes long time to sort fact from fiction, some times it helps to share your experience with others who have jumped the wall, or who have been kicked out, We have made it through to some sense of ‘normal’, there is life after PDT, its good that your sister has shared your experience and you have each others support, I still have family inside and would like to know how they are. Please Please contact me, at wndrng_why2 at yahoo dot com


  2. I have just left the Palmarian Church four months ago. My friend came out with me and my sister and her husband left the previous June 2012. I was admitted to this church when I was fifteen in the midst of the extreme modernism of Vatican 2, with all the trendy masses and lack of respect and sanctity in the church. To my Mother, Palmar seemed an attractive option because it provided everything that Rome didn’t. Its not entirely true that everyone in Palmar is vulnerable. In fact in common with most cults, some people see the rules as a means of attaining goals and it often elevates their pride when they have achieved something. Its a very dangerous cult with very sophisticated brain washing techniques. I believe that it was created as a sort of business because it provided all those traditional trimmings in return for people donating property and vast amounts of money. People have accepted all sorts of things in Palmar that they would not normally. For instance Easter has now been changed. Its not on a Sunday now but supposedly on the date it should have been. I was brain washed just like anybody else in that church until Good Friday of 2012, when I felt the presence of Our Lord following me about all day. They had also changed Good Friday to another day. I felt God was signalling to me that this was not right. So I went to the internet to investigate and when I saw what was written about Palmar, it struck a chord. Actually, there’s worse that you do not know about. The mass they have is stripped of everything else but the three essential parts: the offertory, consecration and the communion. And they are in the process of getting married people to draw up legal documents to split their assets to 50/50 and then I think they will concentrate on breaking up palmarian marriages. Some families with children who cannot speak with other children in school have been reported to the council and Gregory VIII (the latest) has ordered them to leave their country to reside in Palmar. This has meant that the husband has had to stay back to work while his wife and children live in the village of Palmar. I wonder whether the rules are tightening up further because if more people leave, their money will dry up. However I think that the monies have always gone to the top people to enjoy with their private bank accounts etc at the expense of the poor nuns who live in absolute proverty. In retrospect, the whole place should be closed down and some of the top people arrested. The sooner the better. I have a very traumatic history in this church and could write a book on it. All my family have suffered from being connected with it. All of us that have left recently are now suffering from extreme anxiety, probably post traumatic shock. Kathy goes on about visions and relevations, That I’m afraid where all this confusion stemmed from. I think all catholics should concentrate on the basics: the mass, praying and the gospels, otherwise they could go astray like my Mother did and dragged us all with her.


  3. Just read the Gospels (from the REAL traditional bible, not the “Palmarian bible” or whatever it’s called, which eliminated the gospels). It’s easy to see the contrast between Christ’s teachings of charity (LOVE) and Palmar’s ruthless, power-hungry absence of charity. Of course Palmarians are not allowed to read it!

    I feel for those in the church. They truly want to do the Will of God and are making tremendous sacrifces. But they are terribly misled and brainwashed. They live in fear. They think the rules and difficulties being imposed by the church (not the least of which are rules that are tearing families apart) are “tests” of their faith. They fail to see that these are SIGNS of the falsehood.

    The longer they are in, the greater the courage it will require for them to accept the error of that “church” and begin restoring their lives.


  4. If you are Kathy Z from the west coast, leave another response, I will fill you in.


  5. Kathy, just send them your money, thats all they care about, they don’t care about you, or your soul. They don’t have an ounce of charity in them, they want to CONTROL you, and ISOLATE YOU from your family and friends. They lack the fundamental marks of the true church, they have ALL the characteristics of a CULT. Wake up before its too late, and they guilt you into going back to them . Look at how many families they have destroyed, how many parents were forced by obedience to abandon their parental duties to their children, how many wives and husbands forced to separate because their spouse doesn’t follow the church rules. If you haven’t heard that by now, then they have told you LIES, were there is lies there is deceit. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They use excommunication as a whip to beat you in to submission !
    WAKE UP and go be a proper parent to your children…


  6. Kathy ……………. You are living in cloud cuckoo land


  7. The Palmarian Church is not a cult, it is from God. I was in the Church for 20 years and would be there still if not for my lukewarmness. I have been to the Basilica and it is beautiful, though unfinished. They pray and say Mass around the clock, it is a life of great sacrifice, prayer and penance, and not many people are up to the challenge. Palmarians are not crazy cultists, they are completely normal people. They simply want to practice their religion as they see fit. Sure it’s tough, the rules are terribly strict, but they are strict for a reason. It’s a test of obedience to the Vicar of Christ, a rejection of the world and its sin, a yearning to be with God and willing to give up anything which holds you back. I wasn’t strong enough and gave up when my children left the Church to live in sin with their non-Palmarian boyfriends. I wanted to go after them, to make them see reason, to bring them back, so I engineered being kicked out. I was having trouble obeying the rules anyway, because my mail from Spain was being withheld by the Post Office without my knowledge. I was always being excommunicated, and I could never remember the instances where I had broken the rules and feared committing sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion while still excommunicated.

    If you know anything about prophecy, you must remember St. John Bosco’s vision of the two churches, one small and built by the Angels, the other large and worldly, the present Roman church, run by satanists and masons. These end times in which we live have been spoken about by countless prophecies, visions by nuns, priests and laypeople of all Christian pursuasions. Christ and the Church are under attack, Christians around the world are being put to violent death, and persecution and murder of Christians is about to commence in the United States under the communist white race hater Obama. Concentration camps and guillotines are on army bases to chop off the heads of Christians. Black railroad cars with torture implements and guillotines to be used by satanists for human sacrifice were found hidden on remote railroad tracks by Christians. You Europeans are not exempt from this, as the same thing is going on under your very noses.

    Did not Christ say that He came to bring a sword, to separate those who truly love HIm from those who only pretend to? Leave the Palmarians alone! The devil knows how to tempt us into leaving the Church, to ridicule the rules, to mock those few people who are fighting the battle to prevent satan from destroying the world and Christianity. The only thing which has prevented satan from destroying the world until now has been the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being said around the world, but the numbers of true Masses has greatly diminished, there are not enough to hold back the evil, as you will soon see. World War III is coming, great persecution is coming now.

    I went to Spain for Holy Week in 2007 and did not want to leave. God was present there, and on Good Friday, a rainbow appeared on the Church grounds from 12 noon to 3 p.m. It was a small rainbow, only on the Church grounds, you could see it from end to end. The rainbow was a confirmation that the Church is real. Has anyone ever seen a rainbow last for three hours? I doubt it. You’re lucky if they last for 3 minutes. The rainbow had appeared on the Church grounds on Good Friday the previous three or more years from 12 noon to 3 p.m., the time of Christ’s crucifixion and death. I would leave the Palmarian Church alone, if I were you. I long to go back. Southern Spain is no paradise, but I want to be where God is, and God is in Palmar deTroya.


  8. Hi,

    I`m from Dublin and my father is in the Palmarians and we havent spoken to him in over a year. Id like to contact other people in a similar situation in Ireland to see if theres any news and see if there`s anything that could be done. I set up a Yahoo e mail address that you can contact me at:

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  9. Seamus,Robert and Dialogue,

    I wonder if you can help us.


  10. Sorry to hear that robert. There is another person we both know who I have not heard from in years.
    When back in Ireland let us meet. MG


  11. The latest i’ve heard is that one Irish family in particular have 3 cases of mental breakdowns in the last year.


  12. the palmarian church.ripped off my elderly aunts of thousands of euro.


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