Scientology and Lidl?

Scientology and Lidl?


Response to your request for a comment

Lidl can confirm that the company has absolutely no links whatsoever to Scientology.

(See attached file: Lidl Statement on Scientology 15.09.2010.pdf)

_Lidl Statement on Scientology 15.09.2010_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

16/09/2010 13:37

Subject Re: Lidl & Scientology

Dear XXXX,

Thanks for taking my call. I am part of a Europe wide organisation called

Fecris. We have a number of member organisations in the countries where

Lidl operates.

Today I received an email from one of our member countries and the content is below my signature. Basically there is a concern in Cyprus where you are about to open 10 outlets that you are linked to Scientology. Naturally, as German company you would be aware of the position in Germany where the Laender and the Federal Government are not particularly happy to be linked to the Scientology Organisation.

Having sought clarification I would be happy to forward your statement on

Our web site and to send it to all out associations in Europe and most

particularly to Cyprus.





Phone: 353 -1- 8309384 or mobile 353 – 87 2396229

7/8 Lr Abbey St; Dublin 1

Web site

Blog site

Dear Mike,

as discussed, please email your enquiry to

Kind regards,


Dear FECRIS Associations,

We (the PPU) received an information from some of our associates that the

German supermarket chain LIDL and the French hypermarket chain Carrefour

are connected with the Scientology.

The chain Carrefour already activate in Cyprus, while the chain LIDL run to

operate 10 shops in October in our island.

We appreciate any data affirm or not the above information.

Yours faithfully,

Sotia Pericleous

Pancyprian Parents Union


3 Responses

  1. Go into a Scientology Org people in Cyprus and find the facts out for yourself, not from hear say.

    Be sure to also bring your cheque-book and your credit card.

    I do find it odd that you ask people to ignore hear say on a piece that doesn’t make a single claim regarding Scientology. Curious.


  2. Lidl may have Scientologists working for them in the store, what are you going to do then? Sack them all?
    Don you even know what Scientology is? Of course the federal government won’t like Scientology as they are in fear of having a clear and happy planet because at the moment we are being cleverly controlled by them! Go into a Scientology Org people in Cyprus and find the facts out for yourself, not from hear say.


  3. Lidl is SUPER…good value, good quality and loads of luvly foreign staff supporting this broken Irish economy.

    Three ripping cheers for LIDL.

    Up LIDL.

    LIDL for ever and f— Dunnes Stores….

    Hugh doesnt really care who LIDL supports …..and maybe Tony Quinn shops in his local LIDL store….

    Atytaboy Tony…support LIDL to give us peasants more better offers…

    What about opening cheap LIDL filling stations for Petrol and Diesel….we are being ripped off like fuck in North Wicklow bt Esso….
    C’mon TONY…will you support this notion and we might even get you into the Presidents job next year…all you would be facing would be an elderly gay in the contest….C’mon Tony….



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