Susan Morrice now targets No Oil Interest Dialogue Ireland:

Susan Morrice now targets Dialogue Ireland:

Dialogue Ireland has been involved in researching Tony Quinn for nearly 30 years.

It has been brought to our attention that Susan Morrice has involved us in regard to her dispute with shareholders and in regard to the action of Paul Marriot to bring some accountability TO THE COMPANY. She continuously attempts to link us to this dispute when we are an independent research Trust which has been involved in supporting the victims of Tony Quinn’s actions since the ‘70’s. We did not start looking into Quinn because there was oil in Belize. This is just a diversionary tactic to involve us in what is a dispute and coup de état within a company.

We have stated and have witness statements that indicate that Tony Quinn was totally opposed to the oil issue as he saw it as seriously compromising his Educo programme at the beginning.  Susan Morrice has sold oil shares at Educo seminars and there seems to be no evidence of proper governance in the company. This is not for us to comment on as Paul Marriot legal challenge will allow the courts to adjudicate on the views Morrice is peddling in her latest missive.

We are only concerned about the cultist control Tony Quinn exercises over his followers. In our expert and professional opinion our study leads us to suggest it is undue. We have over 200 posts on our blog with documents and evidence showing these patterns going back to the early ‘70’s. We look forward to meeting Quinn in a court of law and having a judge adjudicate on the evidence we have accumulated. We note that his personal residence has no mailbox, and there is no means to deliver a letter or communication. In a recent case a summons had to be nailed to his door so resistant was he to being summonsed. There is no vendetta against Quinn only a body of evidence which has piled up over the years. WE personally wish him well and also hope to see the day when Quinn uses the funds he has accumulated for charitable purposes.  Also knowing the nature of Susan’s sister, we know that once she comes out from the undue influence of Quinn she will use her money for such charitable purposes as education in Belize and helping the country to develop. We wish her well. It is not Quinn we have a problem with but his behaviour.

So great is the accumulation of evidence we have compiled a body of evidence:

We note with interest the headlines published by Morrice below. We challenge her to publish these articles in full. They do not actually provide the support she suggests in her letter. In fact they raise more questions than answers and because the workings of the company are so shrouded in mystery no one is clear what is going on.

In fact when you cut to the chase the realityis that it was  the combined expertise of yourself, and the acumen of Sheila McCaffrey, Mike Usher and Jean Cornec along with the drilling skills of Paul Mariot that brought you success over against the big companies rather than Quinn’s mind games.  As soon as you introduced Quinn the whole thing has gone pear shaped. He teaches people to use other peoples money and that what he is doing by you giving him a free ride. I have a trail of failed marriages, companies which were used like putty for this project of his.



QUOTE – Sunday World May 21 2006 -“…..Tony Quinn’s training techniques are the key to the Company’s success.

HEADLINE – Irish Times, August 28th and 29th 2010 – “TONY QUINN OIL BARON”

Quotes from letter:

“Ultimately these were discouraged by the negative media campaign, the negative campaign against the Company by a small number of very vocal dissatisfied members and Dialogue Ireland.”

“These were aided and abetted by the Irish media in search of sensationalism assisted by the “charity” Dialogue Ireland.”

Earlier Morrice wrote that the media confirmed that Quinn was the source of the oil success, now she blames Dialogue Ireland and the media. You can’t have it both ways. Last year she got the Sunday Business Post, and earlier this year, The Belfast Telegraph and Business and Finance to give her free advertising for her totally fanciful view of the record of the company. Now the tide is turning and gradually as the Marriot case brings an aura of reality to what was a confusing issue the fog will lift. So this attempt to dump on those looking for answers as the problem will end and the spin will cease.

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  1. Here’s Manj Weerasekera with his Merlin Approach in 2016!


  2. I’ve not seen this comment before about “Manj from the UK”, or Manj Weerasekera, who was recruited in 2002 via someone I thought I knew in Enterprise Oil who themselves were recruited by Babu Shah between 1999 and 2001. Shah also worked in Enterprise Oil and ex-colleagues told me last year he was recruiting in the office. His manager did not know about this (those employees that knew did not tell him) and has some strong words to say about cult recruiters. The search function of this site doesn’t search within comments so this was a surprise to find this comment. Manj’s was spinning out his own system-of-success, entitled “The Merlin Approach™” (no registered Trademark exists) in 2016, offering seminars for free, providing you donated money to MacMillian Cancer Support! He was seen in photos in Australia later that year. He was known to be recruiting for Quinn in London in May 2020


  3. Get me on a bad day and you never know.


  4. hi all its me again bored out of my skull. Should i go to the bank manager and borrow some more dosh and go on the next seminar or jump into carlingford lough.
    Answers on a postcard to
    Thanks all.


  5. In answer to William above, this is the most coherent response to Susan Morrices Mumbo Jumbo that has been produced. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is worthy of note by everyone reading this website.
    As shareholders we have to endure the embarrassment of these emails produced by Quinn and circulated by Morrice and Flunkies like Mary Ann Malone. Why did she not call upon the business acumen of the other flunkies like Tom McKenna, Colette Millea, Patricia Fitzpatrick, his reworked mouth piece of Imelda Farrell just back from Monte Carlo once again – must be 30 seminars for her!
    Who are these people and what business acumen – they have not one grain between them.

    The fly in the ointment comments then about “my husband Alex Cranberg” well not so any more Susan. Why do you have to lie to people so much. It is one after another and the veil of truth gets so far removed from reality that you have no clue any more – clueless
    So please as for positive spins – you have your PR flunkies in New York, Denver, Belize and Dublin. Did you and Mary Ann have you hire more in Frankfurt as well?

    You have your 20 sets of lawyers writing to everyone threatening all sorts, you have your board minions around you like the battery bunnies running on Duracell, you have had access to $100 million plus of our money in the last year and you STILL CANNOT DRILL A WELL SUCCESSFULLY.

    It is time to call for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in this board and call an EGM to do so. We cannot stand back and watch when the company disintegrates in front of our eyes.


  6. Okey Okey so you want to know what my ‘Unique Buisness structure’ is. Rite ,well here we go… The thing is to be able to understand it fully I’m thinkin you would really need to attend one of my two week seminars in the Bahamas. Its really worth it and I also reveal all the secrets in the known universe and a few more. Unfortunately sometimes a single seminar doesn’t quite do it so you may need to attend another 15 (definitly no more than 23). And remember its the ‘System That Cannot Fail’ (except for Tina and Glen and Marcus and mayebe 200+ others) – but apart from them its infallible – guaranteed – I give you my word.

    I used to market my seminars using the line ‘New lives for old’ and at that time I even had a number of oil company directors on the course – their lives were completly transformed – I personally saw to that – pulled out every stop,so I did.

    You do know that with some of my more promising students I sometimes see a white light shining from them. Although with Tina and Glen and now Susan I’m startin to think it might just have been the light from a passing car bouncing of their gold-plated credit cards.

    Anyway I digress , best thing to do to fully grasp my ‘Unique Buisness Structure’ is get yourself down to your friendly bank manager,sure he’ll be delighted to see you, borrow about 20 grand (tell him its for a car or something) and I’ll be seening you on Paradise Island.

    Love and Kisses

    PS bring over a dozen organic duck eggs, would ye – I love them!


  7. i know where i would put those stickers up where the sun dont shine. I paid £12500 for a load of b******* and now im f*****.


  8. Just got the statement from Sheila McCaffrey….OMG that really does throw the cat among the pigeons, how much more is there for us to hear? I can’t believe that we have been duped so easily and not challenged Susan more. That letter from her yesterday didn’t address any of our concerns, they have definetly lost the plot big time, blame blame blame.
    I think it is time we take the blame for looking after our own interests and not standing up for what we know is right, we cannot allow others to continue to do our dirty work for us, we must all stand up and be counted.


  9. What is the business structure? A short story…

    First of all the purpose of his business structure is to display “accountability and transparency” for every employee right from the CEO down to the workers. At least that’s what he said. I waited to hear what this was as he spoke to the exclusive few in Hicks Tower in January 2009. Josh was up telling everyone about how his company is worth nearly a billion because of it. In fact he had a great idea – call it the billion dollar structure.

    After gushing about it for half an hour Josh concluded his oratory by surprising Tony with a gift of a further 10% of his company to thank Tony for this great structure. Wonder what Alex Cranberg thought of that particular gift having handed over so much already to Quinn

    Enter Manj from the UK who stands up and pleads with Tony not to keep the group waiting any longer – he couldn’t hold himself back as he waited holding his breath to hear about this structure. He couldn’t believe that Tony was giving it to all of them for free! And food on their bread as well! Wow! The genorosity of it all.

    So here it is – exclusively for you – the billion dollar structure….. it’s called red amber green and it is an award system for workers – green is progress or in sales its profit, amber is good performance but no progress and not enough profit in sales and lastly red is when a person is not performing or holding back the company.

    Such excitement with this great revelation. We hurried back to our workers to tell them all about it. We would buy stickers, red ones, amber ones, green ones and everyone would get them stuck beside their name, for accountability and transparency you understand. Then to my utter disappointment one of my staff piped up “thats a Rag Report” Red Amber Green – we learned about that in school. Why was i not surprised.

    The End


  10. Perhaps he will explain it in his ‘positive media campaign with everyone participating’.
    There is a group of people ‘loyally committed to the good of the company’ and it is growing day by day.
    These people see no further place for the current Board of Directors in INE and BNE.
    These people have witnessed their company being stolen and destroyed by a chairperson totally corrupted by Tony Quinn.
    Maybe that is his business plan…..corrupt, rape and destroy!


  11. Shareholders response to ‘William’ above.
    I agree 100% with every word written above by William.
    However the question still stands and remains:
    Can anyone out there actually explain what Mr.Quinn’s ‘unique business structure’ is, especially in the case of INE/BNE?
    So come on INE/BNE Board Members or any informed Educoist that might be a shareholder…come on MrQuinn yourself, (It is known that you and your disciples read Dialogue Ireland everyday, looking to see what people are writing about you), come on and explain it.
    I’ll be surprised if you can…so come on, surprise me!
    Or even better, surprise the world with it!


  12. Quinn’s lack of business philosophy and structure

    There is no real business philosophy that Quinn contributes to any company just second-hand, warped recycling of “positive thinking” ideas (much better to read the original paperbacks of Napoleon Hill and others) and low-grade mumbo-jumbo versions of spiritual teachings (read almost any spiritual book for a better understanding of spiritual principles). His teachings have been evaluated by unbiased psychology and theology experts and judged to be simplistic, inaccurate, flawed and dangerously misleading. No wonder there are so many disasters, casualties and dissatisfied customers of the Yoga / Educo cult leader.

    Quinn has no meaningful training in applied psychology, counselling, performance coaching, psychotherapy, etc, etc. His “qualifications” are trivial, bogus and his master’s degree from a very lowly college in England acquired under dubious circumstances to put it mildly (Dr. Jack Gibson’s work was the real foundation for this award). His doctoral degree is absolutely bogus. His own businesses, prior to “muscling in” on the oil business as the Sunday World described it, were all directly or indirectly cult businesses.

    What a liability Quinn is for any business if it was to –

    1. hire a notorious cult leader (see Dialogue Ireland media archives on Quinn’s activities going back nearly 40 years) to be a major part of a company and its public image. The cultist leader has been the subject of numerous press exposes contain numerous reports of mind manipulation, as well as emotional, financial and sexual exploitation. This information is all in the public domain. Quinn has not succeeded on a single occasion to have any of these media reports retracted despite making various attempts legally.

    2. use as business advisor a guru who has been slated by the Irish Medical Organisation on different occasions for making misleading claims for his health products

    3. use as business advisor a man who has a long track record of cases, many highly publicised, of business and financial disasters among his followers who applied his methods

    4. use as business advisor a man who has use bogus qualifications and consistently lied about his achievements and got his followers to put out the same lies

    Most companies doing a shred of “due diligence” would avoid having any involvement with any known cult leader because of the damage it would do to its reputation, credibility and valuation.

    Most companies would want to avoid having cultist manipulation with mental coercion, suppression of intelligent discussion to be replaced by totalitarian control from the centre, persecution of anybody with opinions that question the cult leader’s decisions, etc, etc. The end result of enough cult influence on any business would quite likely be the breakdown of the usual functioning of the business as cults can survive as cults but not in a normal, healthy business manner.


  13. Does ANYONE out there know, and can ANYONE explain what, “Tony’s Unique Business Structure” actually is, that he is meant to have brought to INE/BNE and other companies?
    Should we as shareholders not know what this unique business structure involves?
    It seems to me that it just involves worming his way into a business and getting as much as he can out of it for himself. In the case of INE/BNE it is at the expense of the shareholder having to take loans in order to seemingly get a return on their investment instead of getting a proper return by getting a dividend.
    Tony Quinn and Susan Morrice have failed every shareholder and are an embarrassment to the world.
    They are now answerable to the Worlds Media, the High Court in Nevis and as all along, should have been answerable to us the Shareholders.
    So speak up someone!
    Please explain and/or defend their actions?
    Tony Quinn will be facing his biggest fear very soon!
    Tony Quinn is going to COURT!
    Thank you Dialogue Ireland for the exposure of a ‘Most Dangerous and Despicable Monstrous Con-man.


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