Experts to trawl Tony’s tax-haven transfers By Nicola Tallant

SUNDAY WORLD May 30 2010.

THE TAXMAN has launched a major investigation into the transfer of funds to off shore bank accounts which will include payments made to Mind Messiah Tony Quinn’s multi-million euro financial empire, the Sunday World has learned. Payments made to the guru’s offshore accounts for his mind-bending seminars in the sun will be examined by tax officials who are trawling through transfers from Irish bank accounts in a bid to recoup any lost revenue for the Irish taxpayer.

SW Quinn faces tax probe4

SW Quinn faces tax probe5

Quinn, who some followers believe is a Jesus Christ figure, is a tax exile. He regularly boasts that he doesn’t pay any tax in Ireland despite earning a huge chunk of his millions directly from followers here. He even offers advice to those who attend his pricey €63,500 seminars on how they should follow his role and avoid paying tax. A lengthy Sunday World investigation into Quinn’s Educo cult and the multi millions that pass into his hands every year has uncovered how he:

● earned at least €34m from the sale of seminars in Ireland alone which has all been channelled through a company account in Jersey;

● instructed followers to use a Newry based account for years to bank cash donations that have flooded into his organisation since the 1980s;

● developed a complex labyrinth of accounts based in banks in Jersey, New York, Frankfurt, Switzerland and the Bahamas to move money around;

● has a team of dedicated recruits here who ‘hard sell’ his seminars and often accept bags of cash from followers before they set off for his two-week courses;

● has amassed assets including two luxury penthouse apartments on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, a million-euro yacht and exclusive properties in Dublin and London; and

● has told friends he has been ‘gifted’ US$24m in shares from an oil company run by a dedicated follower and 10 per cent of a billion-dollar private jet company owned by a second disciple.

Today, Quinn and members of his cult will be stunned to realise that a top-level tax investigation is underway by a team of experts in off-shore assets, which will include probing the payments made to his Jersey-based corporation. A senior tax official made an application to the High Court last November and was granted a court order in December by Judge Mary Laffoy to compel banks to pass on details of any monies transferred to accounts in the Channel Islands tax haven. These include the monies paid into Quinn’s company HPR (Human Potential Resources) Limited in Jersey. HPR is Quinn’s central company which handles all his seminar fees since he first started holding the overseas courses in 1993. Revenue officials will closely examine the transactions to ensure that they are tax compliant.


Over the past few months, followers and former devotees who have made payments or written cheques through their Irish bank accounts to the Channel Islands company have been contacted and told that the information is being passed to the Revenue Commissioners. Human Potential Resources Limited was set up after Quinn saw the enormous money- making potential in the ‘seminars’ he started in Dublin in the late 1980s after making his name as a yoga instructor. A source close to Quinn’s inner circle claims that the first one, held in the RDS, lured a crowd of 1,200 – each of whom paid £150 (€190) to be in the presence of the guru. At the same time, he was earning thousands a week from postal ‘healings’ sent to his Eccles Street headquarters in inner city Dublin. By 1993 he had moved to the Bahamas on the advice of a former Price Waterhouse Cooper financial-expert turned- devotee.  Two businessmen, including one former tax officer from Ireland, were employed to handle the off-shore company and all its financial dealings. Quinn got a huge cash boost in 1995 when he was employed as boxer Steve Collins’s ‘mental coach’ and was paid up to €500,000 to hypnotise him to “feel no pain” in a bout against Chris Eubank. Collins won the fight and Quinn’s popularity soared as hundreds signed over sums of €20,000 to spend time in his presence and learn his techniques. As the business continued to grow, Quinn started one-on-one sessions where clients got to spend two weeks alone with the guru at a cost of £100,000 (€127,000). Then he came up with the ‘Executive Seminars’ where for £50,000 (€63,500) a smaller group were offered the secrets to self realisation and success. By 2003 he began marketing the ‘Mind Masters’ seminars while the price stood at €18,500 for ordinary seminars and €63,500 for the ‘Masters.’ Followers paid for their own flights and for their money got a 13-day session with Quinn and one day off to admire the stunning setting of Paradise Island. Over the past seven years, Quinn has held the seminars every four months from Monaco to Marbella and Egypt to Monte Carlo. Back home, his Tony Quinn Health Centres have continued to thrive and now there are now 13 stores across Ireland. The last abridged accounts filed at the Companies office show that the company retained a profit of just €36,845 in the year to October 2008.


In recent years, Quinn has made further money from his Educo gym network. Gym branches have been opened by followers who attend courses with him, purchase the franchise from him and pay a hefty fee to use his ‘time machine’ exercise equipment in the gyms which are staffed by instructors trained by Quinn. But it is the seminars in the sun which are currently under the microscope by Revenue. The Sunday World has revealed how thousands of Irish people have taken out huge loans, borrowed credit and even re-mortgaged their houses to pay for the seminars after falling for Quinn’s promises. Those who travel for the courses, many of whom believe Quinn to be Jesus Christ, go to experience what he describes as “The Force”, named after the mystic force in Star Wars. Just like the fictional movies, he claims the energy it produces will enhance their physical and mental abilities and footage we have obtained behind the doors of such seminars shows participants writhing on the floor in ecstasy as Quinn promises them the ‘designer lives’ they dream of. A leading doctor, Dr John Butler, who is an expert in the field of cults, has told the Sunday World that the people are simply being placed into a deep state of hypnotic relaxation by Quinn and that their ‘shakes’ are brought on by nothing more than the power of suggestion. We have uncovered how an incredible 3,000 people have already handed over €18,500 to attend the seminars while more than 400 have paid €63,500 for his ‘master classes’ – which affords them a brief aura fixing with the guru. The  62-year-old former butcher and his young South African lover Eve refused to talk to the Sunday World last July when we confronted him in the playboy’s paradise of Monaco where he was holding a seminar

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  1. concernedfriend212, I just saw your comment. I hope DI have helped you find what you are after. There are some EDUCO videos here . I only found out about EDUCO in November last year when I discovered the manipulation 20 years ago; there was a recruiter in my office and he recruited people I knew and never told me. One was Manj Weerasekera, named in this article , who has been using the Deceptive Recruitment practice of grooming his victims and was recruiting in London 2020 with his wife Alex . I hope your friend comes out ok.


  2. On the blog you will find our contact details. Yes unfortunately, we have had some problems with our site. Write to MIKE GARDE @ and I will talk to you. I happened to meet Patricia Fitzpatrick at a hotel. Try to give me the links to the specific missing links.


  3. Hi, one of my best friends is in a relationship with the sister of the author of The Magic in You, Emma, and is a daughter of Patricia Fitzpatrick. In July my friend cut off contact with us, after we discovered she had blocked 4 of us on his Social Media accounts without his knowledge. I cannot stress how unlike him this is.
    We have had many weird experiences with this woman. Me and my friends have reached out to him countless times since, but to no avail. I have been blocked now, and they have moved country!
    I am having to face the fact that he does not want to contact us, but I’m having a hard time accepting that this is of his own accord.
    Can anyone offer me any more information with past personal experiences?
    There’s video links in some of the blogs, but when I click them they’re unavailable, does anyone have access to these videos?
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Again, I’ve only just seen your response. Funny you should say this, we did argue over my feelings they should have declared their earnings from Luxembourg in the last year I knew them. I do think they were in the orbit of Educo for at least a year before I escaped. I need to state I escaped due to being told they were meeting a group from Enterprise Oil but refused to say who I knew was there. A blatant deception I could not comprise myself for,


  5. Excellent post and signs of tax ignoring


  6. I knew someone who was attached to Human Potential Research between 2003 and 2005. I’d be interested in any further information. It appears some phrases used by a previous employer of theirs inspired their copywriting. They worked there, in Luxembourg, around 98-99.


  7. It is time to break the shell of Human Potential Research and all the phoney activity in Jersey. Colette Millea and Tom McKenna fronting all this business in Ireland and pretending to be doing business other locations. Cash handling that is what this organisation is.

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  8. Quinn is careful to use his linguists NLP training when talking about Tax, however during his cult educo seminars, he portrays great knowledge on the subject. His favourite is Tax avoidance is the legal utilization of the tax regime to one’s own advantage, to reduce the amount of tax that is payable by means that are within the law. He fronts himself an prides himself in this is his specialty. I again listened to recordings of Quinn at Sunday meetings and seminars talking on this subject.

    In his cult hypnotic tones he rambles on by contrast, on tax evasion is the general term for efforts to not pay taxes by illegal means and how to move this into the avoidance category. He uses the cult tones to enhance people about cash and the lack of accountability, audits and traceability of this. After all he prides himself in not having mobile phones, computer, credit cards and all that ‘stuff’ he calls big brother. However he is very good at using ‘other people’s stuff’ and leaves his minions to sort out paying for sandwiches in City West – akkaaa Glen O Callaghan, maybe you can use that as an expense claim in the recent AIB high court action with your friends.

    Quinn cult educo tapes go on further to reveal the term tax mitigation is a synonym for tax avoidance. Its original use was by tax advisors as an alternative to the pejorative term tax avoidance. One can suspect that the former tax official now on the educo pay role hiding out in Spain is behind much of this information and advice. After all Quinn has no qualifications and never sat any exams unless of course it was ‘distant learning’ and that is a non- deduct for tax computations?

    Guru’s like Quinn who claim to know everything about subjects latterly used in the tax regulations of some jurisdictions to distinguish tax avoidance foreseen by the legislators from tax avoidance which exploits loopholes in the law.
    Quinn as late as last year duped people into finding mechanisms for those attempting not to pay tax believe that they have discovered interpretations of the law that show that they are not subject to being taxed: these individuals and groups. He openly admitted that at the now infamous oil meeting held in Dublin last year, where he stated that this was his formula to avoid tax paying for those poor investors that needed money. Thus his brain child a loan programme? Look at how many loan programmes he has between his companies and off shore commodities. Loans and cash that is what he wants and thrives on?
    Quinn is openly evading tax, while a successful avoiding tax in all his jurisdictions it will be interesting to see the powers of the Dublin High court dealing with Quinn, the Educo cult and the many enterprises he has his fingers in? or used his fingers to relive people of the cash they had!


  9. Question: What is a Tax investigation?

    Answer: A tax investigation is an in-depth investigation processed by tax authority in order to recover tax undercharged in previous years of assessment. It means that the taxpayer is suspected regarding to tax evasion.


  10. I was an employee at Eccles Street for just over five years. This was ten years ago. I have since wised up to all the ridiculous claims made my all the cronies and yes bods in Eccles street protecting this rip off merchant. He had his team of unpaid people who worked for ‘the greater good’ day in day out covering his mucky tracks.

    On several days I was given cheques by the ‘key management’ team asked to lodge them in my bank account and then draw out the cash and bring it back. No one questioned this and it was always expected that you had to help out.

    When educo seminars were being held in the Bahamas and other times this cash always seemed to be needed – coincidence or not? When Quinn made his annual trips back to Hicks Tower this was also a cash required time. It all makes sense now, but when you are in the middle of it some how you are manipulated to do ‘what you are told’

    I escaped from this organisation thankfully and have spent several years of soul searching as to why I was roped into it all. Like many I had my issues and I thought or was manipulated into believing that if I could drop all the thoughts and replace them with programmes I would become a better person and have a greater connection to God. What I now know is that I am a person with flaws and weaknesses but also good. The good I can use for all sorts of good in the world and I don’t need to pay for expensive seminars in the sun to be told how good Quinn is. That is the crux of the educo seminars, look at me and how good I am. I live in paradise and am tax free. How often on my seminar did I hear that and how often was it repeated at Sunday brainwashing meetings.


  11. Well done to Nicola and the SW for another great scoop, clearly the actions of Quinn have finally reached the people who should be investigating people like him who rip so many people off, rip off the country and cheat and lie their way through life.

    When all the ‘playboy’ actions are fully investigated it is going to make some interesting reading.

    Also interesting that a high court rite issued almost six months ago is only finally making its way into the public domain. The disciples must be busy scrubbing that information from the system.

    Those trips to Newry have finally come out, is that why he tried to have one of his health food shops in Newry until it was closed down by the powers to be. Maybe it was a little too close to the bone for the home turf. Was it all moved to Monaghan?

    Everyone knows TQ only deals in cash – leaves no trace, that is why the scramble for cash goes on at Eccles Street regularly.


  12. Well what do you know the AIB FINAALY GET THEIR MEN.


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