Meegan fights for his life style: Dialogue Ireland comment


Meegan fights for his life style: Dialogue Ireland comment

Paul Cullen wrote: “Behind many a sexual scandal there often lies a financial issue, and Meegan certainly believes it is necessary to “follow the money” in order to understand why he is in the firing-line.”

That is where Meegan is right, we will need to follow the money… there is more to come

“Ironically, he traces the root of his problems to a 2005 RTÉ documentary on his work. Its success, and a high-profile BBC interview he did at the time, brought money pouring in, and a previously small charity started to grow like topsy. The problem was that the funds ended up in the bank account of Icross Ireland and the board differed on strategy with its founder.”

Here the clue is to distinguish between ICROSS Ireland which is trying to wind up the charity and ICROSS Kenya where it was hoped the milk and honey from Ireland would flow. This story has not yet been told. To quote Meegan ‘follow the money.’

“He also has a degree in philosophy from Milltown Park, a traditional training route for the priesthood, and has on occasion been referred to as “Brother” or “Father” Meegan.”

Again it is advisable to look a bit deeper at this qualification. He was a trainee Jesuit, he left early, perhaps with a diploma, was it really a degree? Check it out!

Cullen writes, “Previously, Meegan has been accused of misrepresenting and exaggerating his qualifications, and it was only after I had met him that I learned that he wasn’t actually a medical doctor. He obtained a PhD from Knightsbridge University, an unaccredited correspondence college based in Denmark.”

“I called myself doctor in good faith,” he said on Thursday. “It had nothing to do with conning anyone; it was about furthering your academic qualifications. In those days, you could barely use the post in the bush, and I had no idea the college was not accredited.”

Meegan you called yourself a doctor in good faith, yeah you are or you are not. Play the violins about your sun stroke and lack of postal services. Face it you got it from a degree mill in Copenhagen! Delusion and now this, “Meegan says he is currently completing another PhD from a university in Finland.”

This beats it all. You get an honorary doctorate based on a joke, you admit you are not a doctor and now when very serious issues are raised you tell us this. Please send Paul Curran your transcripts as 1+1=2 BA, MA leads to Phd.

People remember this not about Mike Meegan but about the people of Kenya who need Uhurhu.

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