Why the Mike Meegan case is so vital for the study of Cultism


Why the Mike Meegan case is so vital for the study of Cultism

First in regard to the Mail group I want to congratulate them on their successful legal case.  Also I want to respond to Paul Drury’s commentary on the case a few days ago. He writes as follows, “In Ireland, to our eternal credit, the media has in recent years, repeatedly done what our politicians, Gardai, judiciary and financial watchdogs all singularly failed to do – expose corrupt practices in high places. It was journalists, and journalists alone, who first exposed the planning corruption scandals, the Garda corruption scandal, the beef industry scandal and the original scandals at National Irish Bank and AIB.”

Why this case was so vital for democracy



Before looking at his comments on the media it is important to also to recognise what Paul is drawing attention to namely that cultist tendencies and attitudes can appear in any group. Swimming Organisations, Banks, Churches, mosques, political parties, governments and even states like N. Korea or Zimbabwe and my area of specialisation, “cults,” sects or New Religious Movements.


Now coming to the media he makes the claim that, “It was journalists, and journalists alone, who first exposed the planning corruption scandals… etc.” But it is interesting that after the Irish Mail who had put so much material in the public domain from the court case on Monday that there has been a total silence from the major media outlets about the Mike Meegan/ Icross issue.

In January when Dialogue Ireland reproduced the sterling work done by Tom Lyons (Formerly of the Independent and Newstalk,) and Colin Coyle of the Sunday Times we received not just a letter claiming we were libelling Mike Meegan, but claims for damages if we did not recant in 48 hours.


Since 2006 there has been evidence of misrepresentation in regard to Meegan’s medical qualifications. Also when he received an honorary doctorate from the NUI the media brought these issues to their attention without success. Then further issues have surfaced in regard to grants ICROSS received from the US and Irish Aid. He was the recipient of the Person of the year award and through an RTE production over a million Euro was raised for the charity.


However, what the Mail brought to our attention this week was of a much more serious nature namely sexual assault. The issue is not whether these were children or adults, but that it had happened. Dialogue Ireland dealt with a case of a Church of Ireland minister who was found guilty of sexual assault and one newspaper was not interested because the person was over 18. Issues of power imbalance and grooming were not regarded as relevant.  We currently are hosting a hot debate about a well known Buddhist leader on our blog.


Surely, because this did not happen in Ireland but in Kenya is irrelevant. Have we learnt nothing at all since the Murphy and Ryan reports? Where are those concerned about these issues in Irish society in regard to these claims? If Meegan was a Catholic missionary guess how much space would have been used up?

Dialogue Ireland has tried to raise these in Irish society but in general we find a wall of silence surrounds the issue of cultism. The governmental response is zero, professional bodies show no concern. The academic community shows no interest.

In particular Joe Duffy and Liveline have addressed issues to do with Tony Quinn,


Roebuck House, https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2009/01/31/roebuck-joe-duffys-liveline-oct-22nd-24th-2007/

Scientology, The Magnificat Meal Movement and the House of Prayer. http://www.dialogueireland.org/dicontent/resources/video/livelinetqsci.html

The Sunday World and in particular Nicola Tallant and Jim Gallagher have looked at Scientology, Tony Quinn and the House of Prayer. https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/category/tony-quinn/


Not one significant article has appeared in Ireland in the major changes taking place in Scientology world wide as many of its top people are deserting the group. The role of Anonymous the group concerned about freedom of information has not been analysed.


Many are not informed about how Tony Quinn has managed to take control of the minds of those who own an oil field in Belize. A number of prestigious newspapers have received propaganda articles about this BNE oil company and have failed in their duty of care to the victims of these mind benders, by not even correcting their failure in doing proper research.


Yes we know there is Nama and the Cult of Anglo Irish bank. We understand that the billions and €10000000000000 are gone, but please let us get back to normal figures as we will never get our heads around those colossal amounts. https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/rte-primetime-on-the-collapse-of-the-banking-system/

Finally coming to why the media has been quiet this week? So many celebrities, politicians, journalist bought into the Meegan dream. Now they have egg on their faces. So it is best to remain silent than to say we made a mistake?  They keep asking Brian Cowen to apologise pull out his eyes for being the Minister for Finance etc. Just look at all the people who gave Meegan such oxygen. Should they feel guilty, not all. They did not do anything wrong and are generally normal people who were taken in by a pyramid scheme. They are victims and should rather say so and write with the new awareness they have. I have been taken in many times in the work around the issue of cultism. Working with moderate Muslims who turn out to be cooperating with the Moonies and Scientology. Then there are Buddhists who are not what you think? https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/category/rigpa/

Then there are Catholic Radicals who are not what appears on the tin?


Again we have multiculturalists who are in reality segregationists.



Let the media study the area of cultism, doing the research and finding the true story. Thanks to the Mail for winning round one in the battle for freedom of expression. Only connect……..

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  1. This is interesting because such scandals are often followed by claims about being in the perpetrator’s thrall and the like. When Maxwell went down, people talked about what a bully he was and how they had no option but to do what they did, and I’m sure people can think of their own examples.

    In Kenya, doctors and people in authority are deified and many of them are aware of this and put it to use. They can be arrogant, rude, lazy, careless and generally pompous and supercilious. Meegan knew the sort of power than people in authority held and had long masqueraded as a doctor.

    Priests and pastors are also deified, automatically obeyed and respected, even when evidence of their humanness is very clear. Again, Meegan would have known how people defer to priests and pastors. He variously claimed to be a Jesuit priest and a brother. Of course, he was no more a priest or brother than he was a doctor.

    All sorts of magnificent qualities were attributed to the man, things that were unlikely to be true and things that just couldn’t have been true. For example, that he spoke 9 or even 12 languages. Some people here believe that he spoke all these languages but others say they never heard him speak anything but English and a handful of Swahili words that even a tourist could have picked up.

    The man’s CV lists very expensive hobbies, such as skiing and ice skating, which apparently really were his hobbies. He went on annual skiing trips and lived the life of a rich person. How he became rich, we can only guess. But even rich people here in Kenya are to some extent held up above others. They are not seen much in public, they don’t talk to ordinary people, they are very aware of their position in society and people respect that and think it appropriate.

    Politicians, journalists and others have held Meegan up as a person he clearly was not so he is even deified by those who are in a position to know that many of these good qualities are not true of him and many bad qualities probably are.

    We, as humans, seem to want to deify people. Even people, like Meegan, who also want to be deified. No organization can operate for 25 years the way ICROSS did without many other people being involved, helping Meegan, perhaps profiting out of Meegan and just turning a blind eye to things or making some kind of token objection.

    Perhaps we will learn that some people are good and some are very good. But also, some people are bad and some are very bad. None, on the other hand, are completely detached from and independent of those around them. Organizations are what they are supposed to be, groups of people, not one individual person. If an organization succeeds, there are many involved. If it fails, there are many involved.

    If something wonderful happens in Kenya, you can be sure there were many people behind it, whole communities, often just getting on with their lives as they have always done. There is no such thing as magic or minor miracles, the world doesn’t work like that. In the same token, there are people who are brilliant, but even they are connected with other people and their work depends on other people.

    Now that we have deified this human being, this greedy, pompous and abusive man, we need to look at the part we played and always play when some deified person is shown to be a human like everyone else. He deserves whatever punishment the law decides on. But we also need to accept at least some guilt and regret because of how we behaved, perhaps because we seem to want to deify someone.

    Deified people don’t always turn out to be bad but deifying them is always a mistake. Great instances of charity and great social movements are not about single individuals, no matter how many newspapers that may sell. They are phenomena and movements in need of research and analysis so we can understand them. But if analysis consists of plucking out some attention seeking bully, we will fail to understand changes for the better and fail to distinguish them from changes that are not for the better.

    Congratulations to those who have exposed the man for what he is after all these years. Let’s hope the mess is cleared up some day. But untold damage has been done and many will continue to suffer from this. Development as a whole has been dealt a blow. Those working in development, indigenous and foreign have been dealt a blow. But those who have been denied various forms of care as a result of this dishonesty have suffered and many have died.

    The story is not just about one man and it will not end with the conviction of one man, if he is indeed convicted.


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