Claire Murphy assistant to Debra-Prodigal return or prodigious exit?

Magnificat Meal Movement Update April 12, 2010

As many of you will know there has been very little in the way of developments in regard to the MMM and consequently those who have family inside the group in Australia feel somewhat powerless in regard to affecting change in relation to their family members. There has been some legal action, but other than a call or two the situation has gone rather quiet. There had been some activity around the time that Debra suggested she would be burnt at the stake in 1999. I visited there in 2003 and again the publicity seemed to raise the awareness of the problem the MMM represented.

I had also gone to see if I could interview the Irish members of the group for a thesis I was writing, but they accused me of stalking them. I completed my thesis in 2006. While there in 2003 Debra represented herself as being more Catholic than the Pope, now she claims she was never Catholic and has developed an esoteric version of her own. See further coverage on our blog.


It is very difficult to assist families from around the world who have family members in Australia from a distance, but we should all share any information we get. Unfortunately, the Diocesan Catholic Church authorities in the area after an initial show of assistance do not respond to communications and it is only a small group of people in the area who have kept the torch alight.

We have edited this to respect privacy concerns.

12 Responses

  1. I have recently left the movement after I came to the realisation that it wasn’t right. When you listen to what she was preaching 6 years ago to now it’s unbelievable. I remember sitting in a room with children as young as 10 and hearing her say “don’t get me wrong sex is great” I started to think what the hell. Then when the Clair’s left and how Debra reacted to it all was so childish. I was told from a very good source that most of her inner circle just sit on the Internet all day. When she is doing a teaching she will finish and say you can find that on the Internet. Remember the days she use to talk about god and released her diary with all her conversations to god well when I left it was all money money money. For years she would say she couldn’t come into the country. Well another source in the law department looked that up. She has never had a hold on her name for tax reasons. My family is still very much involved. Most of them are in the inner circle. It makes me sad to think what’s going to happen. It makes me scared when I read up on how other cults ended up e.g Jim Jones. She is a very smart women. It is pointless to talk to family members to try and get them to see how it’s all a lie. She has brainwashed them so deep no matter what you say they won’t hear it. I should know I did the same thing. I was in the cult for 6 years. I pray the day comes when she is revealed for who she really is. One thing that always kept me believe was. The a family member of mine was right next to her and I always said. This person was family and they would never lie to there family. Well that was a realty check. There was an offer for me to do a interview on 60minutes but I don’t think I could do it alone. I would want a whole group of ex members. But I don’t think anything will work to get through to the remaining members


  2. To Angie:

    I agree with you. I believe I have already said almost all that happened in Helidon and with Debra in relation to my five and one half months in that environment through Dialogue Ireland. The last month I was in Helidon became crazy spiritually in a way one cannot find words to express. Debra never received any money at all from me as I had none to give. Maybe that was a determining factor to Debra. Michelle talks about how Debra likes to have control. That is the truth. Feel free to contact me any time through Mike Garde. Although responses should be sent to my email. Thanks for your interest. Lynn Ann Weber.


  3. Michelle and Anonymous:

    It was very interesting to read your comments on Debra and MMM. The photos I have seen on Dialogue attest to her acting ability. Too often it is difficult to discern psychic abilities as I have known other con artists who have a knack of getting information about a person and giving the impression that they have a special gift. Some people have the ability to pick up information psychically and, as I have had some experiences with these phenomena, I am inclined to believe it is possible. However, I also accept that Debra would have found out information and passed it off as direct from God etc., and she added the theatrical element which may induce trance state which would explain some of what occurred. Too often people believe what they want or need to depending on what is happening in their lives. I can well believe it turned nasty when you did not toe the line or questioned what she was saying. It is very surprising that so many people actually believed her ridiculous reasoning for accumulating so much wealth and it would be extremely interesting to get to the bottom of how she could scam people to the extent she did. Gathering information from people who experienced this group is a very worthwhile endeavour. The cult issue has to be dealt with to discourage scam artists from using spiritual ideologies to abuse the unwary.


  4. Dear Michelle.

    I do not have internet, so it takes me a long time to read updates of the ongoing saga of the MMM. I venture out to a University library. It’s good to read your comments because I was feeling like the black sheep for a long time. I think it would be a great idea to write a book.

    I too was homeless when I left Helidon (I landed in San Francisco where my son lived with five dollars to my name. He helped me.) because I asked Ann Cooper to help me give up the apartment I was renting in Santa Monica while I was in Helidon. I was sorry I gave up my apartment because we had a great community of close Catholic friends. The experience in Helidon changed the course of my life and it seemed there was nobody to contradict Debra as a chosen instrument of God. Mike Garde’s thesis gave me some hope of the truth.

    No one can fully understand what I experienced in Helidon, not even myself. A paper trail of funds is something everyone can relate to. Did you read any of Mike’s thesis?

    I would like to encourage you to write a book. I would be happy to help in any way I could, if you need help. Do you think there would be others willing to help you with this endeavor? I wonder what happened to all the MMM Australian members who lived with Debra at the same time as myself. You probably know. Keeping anonymous says something about the Helidon experience.

    Debra was way of track with me and her accusations. It had the opposite effect of believing in her supernatural gifts. Nothing could convince me more that she was not real.

    Lynn Weber


  5. Dear Lyn,
    I too am an ex member. I was the so called best friend who left in 1999. I witnessed first hand the acting skills Debra used to convince me and many others who started out with her. I was the one who confronted her about the heavenly fast. She was not fasting on the blessed sacrament. She was eating normal food on a regular basis. I went on trips with her during the time she was supposed to be fasting and I caught her out. When I confronted her about this enormous deception, she publicly humiliated me and called me demonic.

    I could write a book because even though it has been over 13 years since I left, the memories are still very clear. Living in the convent and working so closely with her I know how she managed to get information about people and let them believe that God gave it to her. I asked her if she could read my soul and she told me that God had never shown her. Don’t you think that strange, considering she could supposedly read every one else in the clan?

    I don’t believe Debra had powers from God, if it is possible to have “supernatural” powers, they were from a darker place. I was threatened physically and abused mentally by Debra herself, all because she wanted to control me. She became manic on a number of occasions because it baffled her so much that she couldn’t control me. She did not know what to do with me so she made up a scandalous story to force me out on to the street.

    Someone who was supposed to be chosen as a prophet of God had an insatiable lust for money, power and control. She also had a mean spirit to boot! She was also the best liar I had ever come across. I challenged her constantly but to no avail, she always ended up smelling like roses…..pardon the pun. Oh, about the roses aroma that she claimed was an anointing from above, that was from a bottle!
    She also had a mean spirit to boot!

    I sold my home to live in the convent so I was virtually homeless when she forced me out. I could go on and on.



  6. Dear Mr. Garde:

    I’m very interested in knowing the name of the former
    MMM member who posted about a member sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament at the convent in Helidon,albeit, it seems they wish to remain unknown. Why do you think former MMM members wish to remain anonymous?? What are they afraid of?

    Being in front of the Blessed Sacrament at the convent was in the 1990’s. Debra abused the privilege of having the Blessed Sacrament in her convent as she did “NOT” have permission from the Catholic Church (not to mention her persecution of the Catholic Church – picketing the Bishop’s house accusing priests and many clergy members of being demonic). During a homily at a Mass which Fr. Ryan at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (which I myself attended and was present) (1997) in Helidon, she sprang to her feet yelling on the top of her lungs, “Satan has entered this Church”.

    Also, Claire Mansour abused this privilege as she has/had her own chapel with a tabernacle (with consecrated hosts) at her home in Beverly Hills. (I was present in her chapel many times) How she could support Debra up until 2004 is beyond my comprehension and totally against the repeated recommendations of the Catholic Church. It shows a total disregard for the teachings, faith and doctrine of the Catholic Church.

    Debra abandoned the Catholic Church, the Catholic
    Church did not abandon Debra. It was her choice to no longer believe or practice the Catholic faith, and turn her back on all that she originally preached which drew members.

    I believe she used the Eucharist for her own means which were NOT of God. Yes, she most asssuredly
    had “powers” that were superhuman, but she accused me falsly, and when she did this it was very
    apparent that the truth she possessed knowing about others had LEFT her as I knew the truth about myself.

    When she came into the emergency room or intensive care unit at Toowoomba Hospital supposedly to “heal” me when I almost died from an asthma attack, when I was in a comatose state, I believe she did “Not” have any power of healing at that point in time and her intensions were not to heal me
    but I believe she was hoping that I died and probably put a curse on me instead being that I had a confrontation with her calling her “wicked”. Do you really believe with the ego she had that after calling her “wicked”, she wanted to “HEAL” me. She wanted to tell everyone I died because I called her “wicked”, as she accused Fr. Ryan of being wicked and his illness was as a result of his “wickedness”.

    Catholism has many “faith communities” and I have belonged to “many” in the United States. Catholism is the foundation for my life as it is “MY LIFE”. Without my faith in the Catholic Church I would never have been healed of the infirmities from Debra’s influence.

    If anyone wishes to discuss and compare the “supernatural” experiences from Debra, I should be happy to do so.

    Lynn Weber


  7. Dear Former Member,

    Thank you for your comments. I was aware of this line of reasoning in regard to Debra, but those who held it were not willing to give me that evidence for my thesis.
    In fact, they refused to assist me at all. One of Debra’s lieutenants Wall Maggs was of this opinion and I was very open to it, but I could only go on evidence. Also this view only came to a head when I had already completed my thesis. I would be very happy for you to start commenting on my thesis and for you to leave your evidence for others to view.
    Yes she was a snare and a very devious character. I saw her twice with her Mercedes and in a shopping centre in Twowoomba. She called the police and claimed I was stalking her.
    I was in Australia for 10 days and only had about 4 hours to look around the shops. I saw nothing of the country, but it proved another staging post in the decline of Debra.
    I wish you the best as you reflect on your good fortune to not get hooked. Remember the people like Claire , John, Ray Burke, Colm Dunne and others who were duped and then in turn themselves became abusers of others.


  8. dear mr garde
    in addition to the above i too read the thesis albeit skimmed through it . i would like to suggest that while you have protrayed debra as a con artist which i believe she is ,you have not suggested/discussed the possiblilty tthat she did have ‘powers’. in my experience i have known many people in the group who believed in debra precisely because she was able to ‘read their souls/minds ‘ ,know things about them that no one else could possibly know,respond to ‘thought requests’. in my case i was completely and utterly healed of bulimia with no relapse to this day THANK GOD. however i never attributed this healing to debra but to the power and faith in the blessed sacrament whcih was present in the convent.i know of one girl who while sitting in front of the blessed sacrament whilein the convent in australia was shown her entire life as if in a video flash before her eyes. it is incidences like this whcih made it difficult for people to believe that she could be false.i believe she has some powers but they do not come from God .looking at their recent website it is very clear that the spirit leading them is of a NEW AGE variety and NOT of God. i thank God for leading me out of this group. praise be His Holy Name.


  9. I too was involved in the magnificat meal movement but thankfully discerned that debra had deviated from her course . she was in the inital stages a firm catholic promoting eucharistic adoration mass etc .some years ago i attended a “wedding” there which was carried out by debra. it was a complete farce and TOTALLY contrary to catholic teaching. at that time the people in MMM were all working for herbal life selling its products.this was of course pyramid selling ie debra creamed the profits . in additon she had 2 – 3 mercedes cars which i saw myself. when i confronted her about the changes that i had nnoticed ie the fact that the focus was off the lord and now on money cars etc she said that “THE LORD WANTED TO REWARD THEM AND THAT THEY NEEDED THESE MERCEDES FOR FUNERALS AND WEDDINGS ” …and did i know that the name mercedes means “mercy”.i could write reams but i have managed to put this episode behind me.all of us who have managed to escape need to pray for those still involved. there are still irish families deeply involved in MMM and have intermarried with other members on debras advice .anyone considering joining be well advised to steer clear.God bless


  10. Thank you for a copy of Mike Garde’s thesis. I haven’t read it all yet, but what I have read is very accurate. I’m happy there is so much information from Ireland, and that he has come to the same conclusions as myself.

    I plan on composing my own blog regarding my account of the five months I lived with Debra. Thank you!


  11. How could I get a copy of the thesis?



  12. I don’t understand how anyone can do a thesis on the Magnificat Meal Movement and Debra without experiening first hand the effects one has in living with her. The effects upon my person was to such an extent that it has taken many years to recover. My experiences in Helidon were at a spiritual(soul) and mental level. Therefore, proof, except for specific situations which were witnessed by everyone, are impossible to prove. However, and susbequent to this statement, my interpretation of one of Debra’s problems is that she misused the blessed sacrament.

    I would be interested in reading the thesis, to see if my assessment of the problems are similar. Is this a possibility? How could I get a copy of the thesis?


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