Documentary on the Fr Maciel´s life and on the Legion of Christ as a cult-like organization.

Statement from Legion in Ireland about documentary on the Fr Maciel´s life and on the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi as a cult-like organization.

Thy Kingdom Come!

Dear Regnum Christi members,

I hope and pray all is well and that you have had a very fruitful Holy Week and joyful Easter! Here at Leopardstown we enjoyed immensely a gift of an Easter egg to each one of the novices / priests from the Dublin RC section. One brother said: “Oh, it reminds me of what my mother would do!” So thanks for all that support and prayers. It means a lot to us. There is great peace here.

I think that Carmela sent out the communiqué of March 25th and I hope you all received it (if you didn’t I can send it to you). Sorry to take up more of your time, but I just thought it important to inform you that this Sunday evening, Divine Mercy Sunday, a documentary will be aired on RTE (Ireland). It deals with the “silence of the Church” when faced with abuse…and “the power of the Church”…and uses the case of Fr Maciel and the Legion of Christ as an example throughout the video. It also focuses on some aspects of Fr Maciel´s life and on the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi as a cult-like organization. The subtitle is the abuse of power in the papacy of John Paul II. It is probable that this will have an impact given the current climate in Ireland and the Church at large. On the other hand it could be small. We don’t know. I ask for your prayers.

I wanted to inform all of you of this, just in case people ask you about things. I think many of the issues are already dealt with in the communiqué of March 25th and we can refer people also to that. Certainly we are sorry for any deception that might have also occurred within the Church. In my own opinion I think the Pontiffs too believed sincerely this was and is a work of God. We wouldn’t be here today if they didn’t. How grateful we are for the truth now, the apostolic visitation and we now turn confidently to God’s Providence and Mercy to guide us forward from here. I for one cannot but marvel at how so many good men have been called to this work and really came here simply to follow Christ and bring people to Him. That’s all I ever wanted, that’s all I ever received. Of course we are all saddened by this whole situation and pray and sacrifice for those who have not had a good experience in all this.

Some of you have also asked when and how the results of the apostolic visitation will come. I believe there is a meeting in this month to present to the Cardinals in charge the findings of the visitators’ investigations. We honestly don’t know then how long it will take till a decision is formed and from a comment of the Vatican’s spokesman it looks like it might be months. There is a lot of material to go through and there might be a request for more information before a decision is made. It will be the Holy Father’s call too at the end of the day.

Again, I don’t wish to alarm anyone, but felt it my duty to at least let you all know this might cause more publicity here in Ireland. Feel free to contact me whenever you wish either by email or phone. I am praying for all of you and thank you once again for your example of faith and love. These are the times you and I were called to, difficult times but ones that please God will make us all holier.

God bless you.

In Christ and the Movement,

Fr Michael Mullan, LC

2 Responses

  1. I agree with Isaac
    I was one of the original Irish “founders” of the Legion.
    My autobiography, “Our Father, who art in bed” promoted on this site, is the first English language memoir by a former member -that in itself is strange. Why are people so loath to tell their stories about being the Legion? Probably because they are afraid of being sued, like I was.
    They are nasty b…s behind their pious facade. Wake up Irish Catholics. Stop drinking the Koolaid!


  2. Wow!

    It appears to me that the Legion in Foxrock aka Leopardstown, are still more concerned with CYA activities that being truely contrite for the sins of their founder and their facilitating hand in this mess. A founder who was a child abuser, a bigamist, a fraudster, a person who makes Madeoff and Woods look like saints!

    Who helped Maciel? Name them and shame them! The damage done by Maciel can’t be just swept under the carpet with a letter from the superior general. Wake up padres and smell the percalated coffee which has boiled over!


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