Former Amway Founder’s Emerald & the Author of Merchants of Deception-Eric Scheibeler

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Eric Scheibeler Former Amway Founder’s Emerald & the Author of Merchants of Deception

I am not a person who “tried” Amway and failed, but rather someone who built the Multi Level Marketing business with great passion and enthusiasm to the coveted Founder’s Emerald level and worked with thousands of distributors. After nearly a decade of recruiting many good, honorable people into “the business,” including my own father, I made disturbing discoveries. I was the last one on earth who wanted to discover and then document nearly a 99% loss rate for consumers induced to “invest in their own Amway business.”I was a loyal, trusting distributor building an international business when I discovered the fraud. Naively following protocol, I relayed these facts directly to senior management and the shocking events that followed revelations of IBO deception are chronicled in detail in the compelling book Merchants of Deception.

Hundreds of thousands have gotten the book and thousands of victim testimonials have poured in from nearly 40 nations. People who were deceived in other multi level marketing groups in an identical manner have responded as well. Are there some legitimate direct selling businesses? Certainly, but how can you know?

Read the Special Report included in the book “Twelve Tests for Evaluating an MLM” to learn more. If you or a loved one has ever been recruited into Nikken, NuSkin, Tahitian Noni, Market America, Herbalife, NSA, ACN, Usana, Mannatech, NuSkin, Arbonne, Mary Kay or another multi level marketing business, this book is a must read.

Eric Scheibeler

Former Amway Founder’s Emerald & the Author of

Merchants of Deception

America’s “Business Opportunity

Fraud / Ponzi” Expert

How can you tell a scam from

a legitimate direct selling company?

“My family is and has always been very very close.  My son is a very well rounded individual.  Unfortunately he was recruited through misrepresentations into the Amway/Quixtar business.  My husband and I started seeing very strange changes in our son. We did not know where to turn.  We had so many fears as we saw our child developing a personality that was not him.  He had a dazed and confused look at all times, he was very distant and had very little interest in our family or his life long friends. We were literally scared to death. We knew something was not right with Quixtar but we could not figure out exactly what it was. With a family as close as ours, you know when something is not right.

My husband started researching the changes in our son and his new life with Quixtar.  This is when my husband found Eric Scheibeler.  I can honestly say that by finding Eric Scheibeler it saved our son’s life.  Eric Scheibeler helped us understand the fraudulent activities that were involved in the business , as well as the mental indoctrination that was being done to our son.  Eric Scheibeler’s book, Merchants of Deception, was literally word for word as to what was being done to our son.  When I say word for word, I mean word for word.  I often wonder where my child would be today if it wasn’t for Eric Scheibeler’s compassionate advice.  I also don’t know where my husband or I would be because Eric Scheibeler counseled us on a daily basis.  He told us each and every day that we should keep the faith because we would get our son back.  To this day, I don’t believe that would have happened without Eric and his life changing his book.”

— PM, Ohio

Click here for expert testimonials on the powerful book Merchants of Deception

Why have Dateline NBC, Business Week, Forbes, ITV (Europe), the UK DTI Companies Investigation Division, the FBI, the IRS and law enforcement in India interviewed me regarding Merchants of Deception? That answer and many more are in the book itself.

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Merchants of Deception book

Merchants of Deception has been described as

“Erin Brockovich on steroids,” and is a 309 page gripping real-life tale, now available as a paperback or direct pdf download. Order your copy today!

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Copyright © 2004 – 2009 The commentary on this site is my personal opinion based upon detailed research and almost a decade of involvement building a global Amway business.

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  1. buna seara
    unde poate fi gasita cartea in romana ?


  2. Yeah, amway could be described as a cult alright. I was in it in for 3 years and got very involved with it though i failed to build a business. I was as deep into it as any cult member was. I was encouraged to do whatever it takes to build a big business and i felt great pressure to do just that from my upline.


  3. merchants of deception seems to be the book to get.AMWAY had its fair share of victims in Ireland.


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