The controlling spirit behind the collapse of Free Spirit . It is no Ejoko!

The controlling spirit behind  the collapse of Free Spirit . It is no Ejoko!

Early 2009 and Dialogue Ireland sustained a massive assault on its web site and looked like it could not continue. Tony Quinn was in town for a seminar and Joe Duffy and Live Line were trying to understand what was going on within Quinn’s empire. A documentary was made about Marcus Fearon who is involved with the Quinn organisation.

He came over to us at the protest we organised outside the RDS. A few weeks later this documentary was taken down after Marcus claimed he owned the copyright. His sister Tina Fearon was behind the Free Spirit Hair & Beauty Salon chain. She was brought onto Live  Line to say how being involved with Quinn had really made it for her. Others who worked with her said working conditions were not great. Then on Friday, September 11, 2009  Clerical Whispers had a major investigative piece about Educo which again brought up the name Tina Fearon. It is very difficult to read this without wondering about the pain and hardship and loss represented in this terrible web of activity.

Interesting words from Tina Fearon – a special letter on the Educo Business website! The ONLY letter on the Educo Business website. Go Tina! “Your thoughts control our reality” If I could distil my biggest learning from it into one sentence, it is this universal rule. Your thoughts control your reality. This simple statement and the knowledge I received from the Educo seminar, is what I base all of my results to date on and it’s allowing me to have continued success beyond my belief. I decided to put this on our website to make people aware that if they really realised the potential inside them, and what they’re capable of achieving, they probably wouldn’t sleep at night with the excitement. I passionately believed in my goals for Free Spirit and it was that belief that made it happen. So every time you see another Free Spirit Salon opening, remember what I said. It all comes from the power within – the power to achieve anything you want. And you will only ever be stopped by your own limitations because they only exist in your mind.

Be inspired and go out and live your dream.



Goldhawk,Phoenix Jan 2010

Then came the inevitable news as we have reported for years that anyone who Quinn touches turns to dust. We take no delight in this woman’s loss of her business, nor do we rejoice in her fall. Rather it points to the Master and we await the consequences of his actions which are closing in on him.

Revenue begins application for orders to wind up beauty salons

By Laura Noonan

Tuesday January 19 2010

THE Collector General has begun applying for court orders to wind up the Free Spirit Hair & Beauty Salon chain, which describes itself as Ireland‘s only business offering a “completely holistic approach” to hair, beauty, nails and health.

Initially launched in the IFSC in 2002, Free Spirit first added a Dundrum outlet before making a splash in 2007 by opening salons in Sandyford, Drogheda and CityWest.

Notices placed in yesterday’s newspapers showed the Collector General was set to petition the courts for wind-up orders against Free Spirit, Citywest; Free Spirit, Drogheda; and Free Spirit Hair & Beauty Salon on February 1.

The three companies cover Free Spirit’s operations in Citywest, Drogheda and the IFSC. It is understood the Collector General will today publish similar notices for Free Spirit, Sandyford; and Free Spirit, Dundrum.

If successful, the winding-up petitions would see all five companies liquidated, with any funds realised going first to service the tax debt.


A manager at one of the salons said she was “quite shocked” to hear of the notices. Free Spirit owner Tina Fearon could not be reached for comment.

When Free Spirit added three new salons in 2007, the chain was reportedly on the cusp of a major expansion, including outlets in Athlone, Belfast and Craigavon.

The chain’s website lists the Belfast salon, which is unaffected by the Collector General’s move, but there is no trace of outlets in Athlone or Craigavon.

– Laura Noonan

Irish Independent

23 Responses

  1. Hi Lydia,

    I am out a lot of money because of The Salon closing (€600 for treatments). I contacted the Citizens Advice and they said to initially write The Salon looking for a refund (keep a copy) and the it could be a Small Claims Court issue if they do not honour it.


  2. The Salon in IFSC has been closed down on Sat the 6th of July 2013. Does anyone know who to contact in order to receive refund for paid but not used treatments?


  3. I can’t believe I got ripped off by this salon :(((


  4. Thank you for this information, I had no doubt Mr. Quinn or one of his sidekicks was once again behind another scam of a ‘business’.


  5. it’s owned by Myerscough Health And Beauty Limited, Cobinstown Stud, Colbinstown Dunlavin CO.Kildare


  6. you can find information about the salon on :

    descr: Myerscough Health And Beauty Limited
    descr: Body Corporate (Ltd,PLC,Company)
    descr: Discretionary Name
    admin-c: ALW005-IEDR
    tech-c: AAM456-IEDR
    registration: 19-October-2010
    renewal: 19-October-2012
    status: Active
    source: IEDR

    person: Aoife Gallagher
    nic-hdl: ALW005-IEDR
    source: IEDR

    person: Hostmaster
    nic-hdl: AAM456-IEDR
    source: IEDR


  7. I have a similar experience with The Salon but for a larger amount of money. I have reported them to the CRO and I’ve logged a complaint with the National Consumer Bureau. You can bring them to the Small Claims Court for €25 but the problem with this establishment is that you require the legal entity / title of the company and / or the owners name for the Small Claims Court. I have tried for the past month to get this information in vain, the bank can’t give me any more information on the transaction which I tried to stop and I’ve phoned so many revenue departments, they won’t give out any information. While Tina Fearon is supposedly behind this place, legally somebody else is fronting this for her but can’t find out who. The manager Nadine Mulligan is claiming to be the owner but she is not. One of their suppliers confirmed this but doesn’t know who is the owner.

    If anybody out there knows who is the current owner can you please assist. While I know I’ll never get my money back, I would hate to see anyone else being ripped off but it’s still going on. Only from reviews and research over the past month have I discovered this place does not have a good reputation, mostly to do with the ignorant and unprofessional staff. Once they get your money it’s gone so they don’t have to be nice to you. They have no letterhead paper and their compliment slips / business cards have no details on them???

    As a last resort I’m now going to contact Eddie Hobbs consumer show and highlight this disgraceful carry on.


  8. OMG cant believe its the same owner .i went into the salon on saturday and was met by an extremely rude receptionist who told me i had no appt .i have paid 200 for treatments and she would not give me a refund.i am furious at the treatment i recieved. I did an online search and cannot find them registered. Does any one know how or who do i report them


  9. Thank you very much for that infomation. Finding it very difficult to trace the legal entity or the owners name to go down the legal route. How an establishment which is not registered with the CRO can trade and get away with daylight robbery, literally is disgraceful.


  10. I can confirm the Tina Fearon and her crack pot team are indeed running the Salon in the IFSC. I think it is an absolute disgrace that this woman is allowed operate again. One can be sure that she is keeping a low profile but that is hardly the point!

    Being an ex member of staff of the Free Spirit chain I can honestly say it was the worst place I have ever worked in. Tina Fearon is xxxxxx, xxxxx and xxxxxx.
    DI Moderation. DI fully understands your experience and totally supports you in your dealing with that experience. However, we can’t allow personal abuse on this forum
    so will remove abusive words. You are free to return with an analysis of any breach of business ethics. Also you should report any criminality to the Gardai.

    She has no interest in the beauty industry, nor on offering client ‘a holistic approach to treatments’. All this person cares about is screwing people over with ridiculous bluck courses of treatments performed by ill equipped staff who are under masses amount of stress trying to sell.
    This Tony Quinn cult is just the tip of the iceberg here, believe me! I wish her all the failure in the world with this venture.


  11. Do you know who the new owners of The Salon are at the IFSC now, previously Free Spirit owned by Tina Fearon?


  12. Disturbing news that Tina Fearon has opened another salon in the IFSC, despite ex-staff never being paid has just accosted my ears.


  13. An attack on the managers isnt very fair. I have seen cvs of 3 of there managers that applied for a job after this terrible affair and they were more than qualified with great experience.
    I blame Tina fearon as it was her pressurising the staff and managers constantly to get unrealisitc targets hence the force selling.
    TQ is an absolute crack pot and clearly his crap doesnt work. I think unfortunate as the situation was for all the staff they all seemed to get a lucky escape!!



    Attempts to defend Quinn are ultimately attempts to deny reality. While it’s true that Quinn isn’t responsible for every mistake his followers make, he is their “guru” or teacher who they faithfully follow. It’s undeniable that the most catastrophic mistake made by the latest high-profile casualties was their crazy expansion definitely based on Quinn’s “positive” thinking which ignores many important factors within the thinker and in the business world in which they operate. This simplistic and therefore highly dangerous system is fundamentally of the “focus only of success and not limitations” school of thought is very different from more intelligent and sophisticated systems of understanding and developing the powers of the human mind. Quinn promotes dangerous, oversimplified and flawed concepts of the human mind that tempt the unwary who fail to examine the track record (not Quinn’s “statistics” of success) of disasters from which Quinn is cushioned by his cult lifestyle and power. He himself has little to show from his system, no real friends (just a few mostly dysfunctional cronies left from the thousands of followers that have passed through his hands), a tax-avoidance cult-leader lifestyle hiding from criticism and scrutiny in the Bahamas and a lot of ill-gotten money from cult businesses and the oil company.

    Read the newspaper articles from the last 30+ years which give some idea of the problems and casualties of the “messiah” and his methods.



    Attempts to separate Quinn from the casualties of his methods sound increasingly hollow and desperate. Let’ s face reality and some facts. Trying to blame bad industrial relations, lack of successful managing of staff and business just doesn’t work as an argument. These problems are all elements of business that the Educo system is supposed to deal with. The CEO, directors, managers and staff are all supposed to function on a much higher and more successful level by applying Quinn’s principles (downmarket metaphysicaly-tinged positive thinking) so that such basic everyday business problems are overcome. Face facts. There are vastly more genuine success stories that have been produced by those who simply read and applied the principles of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” than those who got some benefits from Educo seminars. They could have learned much more about success programming methods from dozens of much better formulated mind-development systems rather than having to involve themselves in the mucky messiah’s half-baked “system”.

    Time for the cult guru and his closest cronies to take some responsibility for the casualties over the decades.


  16. I dont think theres anything wrong with positive thinking.I think its easy to place blame on TQ. I know of a few people who have attended his seminars who ARENT brainwashed,and have genuinely done well with the confidence it gave them.

    Regarding Free Spirit, if a Manager doesnt have the ACTUAL personal experience of handling a big salon,they’re going to find it extremely hard to make it a success, regardless of what seminars they take part in. At the end of the day, a good manager needs people skills by EXPERIENCE,not by whats written on a piece of paper.


  17. But who recruited the managers? most of the Freespirit managers actually went off to do the Tony Quinn seminars


  18. This failure was less to do with TOny Quinn,and everything to do with inexperienced managers, bad staff relations and bullying tactics adopted by lousy managers.

    The high turnover of staff should have been an indicator that basic management skills were lacking.


  19. I think tina and her brothers are in too deep with the educo I think still they will come out fighting on behalf of tq cos of the fool marcus made of himself even after all that he still his as loyal as ever to tq the fearns are brainwashed totaly. Of course tqs teachings and the whispers in the educo click the feraons are involved in are all saying it was tina reality that made this happen it is all tinas fault for her bad mindset that is the really sad thing.


  20. I don’t want to dance on Tinas grave but am sure she is pretty comfortable with Josh and more than his fair share of INE shareholders money…talk about keeping it in the family.
    Are you teacing the “Success system that cant succeed” this week Tony now that your other one doesn’t work….well not for anyone connected with you anyhow….the games up PAT
    By the way PAT, how many people are the INE shareholders sponsoring for the seminar that started today?



    One more for the records, sadly. I don’t think that many people will be gloating over this debacle but will be glad it’s not them facing financial disaster and all that goes with it for a long time afterwards. Meanwhile the filthy “guru” runs off with the cash as usual aided and abetted by hardened accomplices.

    Fearon joins the ranks of Marcus and the more well-known failures of the Quinn-Educo system.

    Fearon spoke so strongly and frequently on his behalf before; will she now speak so strongly on the failure of his methods or will she choose the deep victim role and blame herself not the ‘messiah’? Her learning from Quinn is summed up nicely in her “testimonial” for him. It shows the dangerously unaware “positive” mind-set she acquired from his teachings which obscure reality and easily sends the practitioner over the cliff edge as duly happened. Interestingly, the guru is nowhere to be found around the disaster zones.

    Will she like so many catastrophes before her, slink off to lick her wounds and be too embarrassed and too weak to speak the truth about him and his methods?. She’s been quite high-profile for this cult, shouldn’t they now support her if only for their interests. What a crew at the very core of this operation!

    Luckily the trend is now growing that people are not so “ashamed” to speak about the failures and rip-off of Quinn’s operations.

    So much for Quinn’s “involvement” in her business like so much of his “involvement” in peoples’ spiritual, emotional, sexual, and financial lives.


  22. Tina I know how hard you worked and all the long hours you did in the early days of 2002. Maybe you expanded to quickly, I feel you should of stuck with your one or two stores and not touched the gyms. But Tina you know and many others know you have not paid your suppliers for years I can name a few companies that you helped put out of business or put under such extrme pressure that staff had to be let go, due to the lack of you paying for your products. In the the educo blue print tq proudly boasts free sprit chain as a business that he had a hand in. Well tq are you happy now you made a fool of her brother and now tina has positive thought her way to lose everything. I hope now the fearons will cop on to you now tq and see you as the loser you really are. When is the next blue print coming out, you know what they say about the curse of ok and hello magazine what about the curse of the blueprint. Any one know when to exprct the blue print in my door.



    No wonder his name is mud or “mucky” in Ireland as Quinn flits around with his operations trying to get them established in England, USA, Australia and other countries while he waits for the heat to die down in Ireland. However, his deeds and failures are fast catching up with him and word travels fast between countries nowadays. Millea’s attempts to relaunch him in the Nineties as a “success guru”, Ireland’s answer to Tony Robbins, but without any real basis or credentials were a laughable example of being vastly over-promoted. Morrice’s attempts to launch him in the US with some TV exposure were also laughable failures, as one American commented – the last thing the United States needs is a leprechaun guru. Now it seems people have to be forced to go and study Quinn’s warped, third-rate philosophy to get certain jobs in his Educogyms, oil company, etc. The “success” seminars aren’t succeeding as a business, like a lot of his other “businesses” so people have to be manipulated, pressured, etc to feed his ego and be programmed into the bargain. These high-profile cases, like Tina are only the tip of the iceberg of the casualties from the “mucky messiah’s” system. Most of the casualties don’t get this kind of notice but could fill a sizeable portion of Croke Park if they were all assembled together from Quinn’s 40 year old career.

    Those who don’t study history are condemned to repeat it.


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