Psychiatry an Industry of Death RDS 2007 -Dirty tricks at the RDS?

Psychiatry an Industry of Death RDS 2007

Dear CCRH,

Thanks for sending me the pack on Psychiatry an Industry of Death. I did visit your exhibition at the RDS in October  which you stressed had nothing to do with Scientology other than that they currently pay your taxes and you acknowledge that they set the CCRH up.
Also it was unfortunate that one of your workers there, told one of the stand holders that the exibition was about “Scientology an Industry of Death.” Hopefully he did not land up in Gillman Springs! Naturally I was concerned that you wanted to stop people getting psychiatric help, but would not have the necessary training to evaluate your claims. Obviously we would all support the end of the abuses in any field, but asking people to stop all treatments is tantamount to a very dangerous course of action. You no doubt believe that doing courses with Scientology is the way to go. I assume though you could not say it at the RDS because you had to keep up the pretence you were separate from them.
Scientologists phoned Liveline trying to get an advertisement for my lecture at the RDS entitled, “Scientology the psychology of Totalism” taken down, again revealing that there is no separation from the CCHR
I was also concerned at the manner I was followed around the RDS, my conversations were listened to, documents I was giving to people were taken out of my hand, and finally anyone I was talking to was photographed in a menacing way. One person then received a document meant to libel me, which was unattributed, and again came without a covering note. In other words the lowest of the low. “Never defend always attack.” Now Gerard Ryan has been sending out such material for years and denying it, this time he left the same documents with a Scientology propaganda leaflet on cars outside a Conference Dialogue Ireland held last month entitled the Mind Benders, he had asked the School board to cancel, and was not surprised when he was refused entry.
So I now intend asking a reputable Psychiatrist to have a look at the material you have sent and we might have it peer reviewed to check it its claims.
We do know that you are not bound by science as you claim, but by the claims of L Ron Hubbard and his writings on the subject which are treated the same as religious scripture even though you are no more a religion than Spandau Ballet has anything to do with ballet.


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