Anti-Psychiatry in Scientology

Anti-Psychiatry in Scientology


A Brief Fact Sheet

How does Scientology regard psychiatry?


Scientology regards psychiatry as a dangerous ineffective

pseudoscience. The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard,

considered all psychiatrists to be criminals, and this attitude is

reflected in the Scientology books and lectures. The Code of a

Scientologist specifies that all Scientologists pledge to “expose and

help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field

of mental health”. Given the Scientology position on this matter,

this is pledging opposition to the field of psychiatry.


How does Scientology spread its anti-psychiatry message?


Scientology often spreads its message through its front group, the

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). By appealing to

the concept of ‘human rights’, and by downplaying the connection

to Scientology, it is hoped a wider audience for their message can

be achieved.


What is Scientology’s anti-psychiatry message?


Initially topics like corporate greed and the drugging of children are

used before the more conspiratorial claims are introduced. Claims

ranging from ‘psychiatry caused the holocaust’ to ‘psychiatry is

responsible for increased crime rates’, combined with shocking

imagery, are used in an attempt to scaremonger against

psychiatry. The centrepiece of the CCHR materials remains their

‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death’ documentary and exhibit.

The CCHR documentaries:

‘Psychiatry:An Industry of Death’,

‘Making a Killing’ and ‘The Marketing of Madness’.

Additional information and background to the talk

is available from:

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