L. Ron Hubbard’s involvement in occult ceremonies that included “sex magick”

Briefing from Ex Scientology Human rights activists, Gerry Armstrong Caroline Letkeman:

Warburg Institute to unseal the Babalon Working Documents

Believed time: 10:00 AM, Monday 4 January 2010

Address: Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB


In October 1969, the Sunday Times published an article “The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard’s career” by Alexander Mitchell about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s 1946 involvement in occult ceremonies that included “sex magick” with John Whiteside Parsons, an America devotee of Aleister Crowley and rocket scientist.

Mitchell had access to documents relating to the Hubbard-Parsons relationship, including a record of a set of rituals called “The Babalon Working,” which is in the Gerald Yorke collection in the Warburg Institute Library. Yorke was Crowley’s disciple and typist, ended up with Crowley’s personal papers, and donated them to the library.

For some reason, which to my knowledge has never been publicly disclosed, in December 1969, and without any real comment, the Sunday Times published a statement from the “Church of Scientology” claiming that Hubbard had been on a mission, from unspecified US departments or agencies, to break up the Crowley-Parsons “black magic group.”  Jon Atack in his 1990 Hubbard biography A Piece of Blue Sky wrote: “The Scientologists threatened legal action, and the Sunday Times, unsure of its legal position, paid a small out-of-court settlement. Without retracting their earlier article, they printed a statement submitted by the Scientologists.” The statement sent to the Sunday Times was actually written by Hubbard.

As I understand it, not long after the Sunday Times “settled” with Scientology, Yorke withdrew the documents relating to the Babalon Working from the collection at the Warburg Institute Library. Upon Yorke’s death, these materials were returned to the library on the condition that they be kept sealed 25 years. The Institute Librarian advised me some time ago that the documents will be unsealed or “available for consultation” January 1. The library is closed until January 4, so that’s probably the real unsealing date.

The Hubbard-Parsons-Crowley-Babalon-Scientology story is more involved and interesting than I can write here. My wife Caroline Letkeman and I have been developing a web site, which we just activated, to make available our evidence and argument concerning what was going on with Hubbard, in the Working and in his other occult dealings. http://blacklies.xenu.ca/

Caroline also just wrote to Scientology head David Miscavige because we are convinced that he and his representatives are perpetrating a fraud upon the public by continuing to disseminate the 1969 statement the Sunday Times published and by failing to provide the truth they know about Hubbard’s participation in the occult, and most importantly his incorporation of occult concepts in Scientology. http://blacklies.xenu.ca/archives/303

We have no doubt that if we had known the truth about Hubbard and The Babalon Working, we would never have entered Scientology or given the cult a moment of our time or a plugged penny. Because Hubbard and Scientology withheld the truth and instead, for forty years now, repeated his lies about being on a secret mission for the US Government, Scientology got me for 12 years, got Caroline for 24 years and over $60,000, and when we complained they made us fair game and got her daughter.

I am quite certain that there are more ex-Scientologists like us, and many more people around the world the Scientologists are trying to hook and reel in, who should get the latest truth about the not only odd but sinister beginning of L. Ron Hubbard’s career. And in this case, it really is a truth that will set people free.

The Warburg Institute is a member Institute of London University’s School of Advanced Study. The Library’s regulations are important: http://warburg.sas.ac.uk/mnemosyne/openinghours.htm

Happy New Year!

Gerry Armstrong

Caroline Letkeman

#2-46298 Yale Road

Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P6



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