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  1. If God is within us all why should we queue for hours to be hugged by ourself.


  2. Dear Julie,
    What u said is absolutely correct but with some correction.
    The problem lies not with Amma herself but with all of us.As i know, we cannot categorize devotees and non-devotees because we all just trying to learn.
    But surely there’s a difference between those who thinking, “there’s something wrong with me,i don’t know what is it?So let me try to learn from someone who is trying to teach me earnestly.” and others who think,”haaa, another fake one… i have seen many.i’m not even going to try . they all are the same .”
    This difference is something we have to note . it matters in which category we fall into before the time and opportunity runs out !
    Remember , noone will be there at the end.Not our family,relatives , friends , brother… no one…
    this is hard to take in but it’s the truth staring right at you.
    Time waits for no one.


  3. I’ve only had a brief encounter with the Amma organisation and thought they were all lovely people. They had jobs, a family and got on with their lives, the spiritual knowledge only seemed to enhance their lives. The meetings only seemed to be every few weeks, so the organisation had not taken over their lives.

    I haven’t met Amma but I hear that you can’t judge her without experiencing her embrace.

    I think the fault may lie in some extremist devotees, not with Amma herself.


  4. when all the thought waves subside in your mind ( which is not as easy as we say !) that person becomes embodiment of peace and every cell in their body vibrates with divine love and energy. We can experiance this if atleast once be in Amma’s presence.Only the lucky ones get there.Other’s waste their chances arguing,speculating or by their own mis-conceptions.It’s a pity,I’ll say, that when a mahatma is living most people don’t get to them and when they pass away,physically, people start building churches,mosques and temples and pray ! how wonderful is this !!! But it’s not their fault to some extend,because now a days everywhere u can see spiritual leaders mushrooming around, so doubt is obvious.But i should say , can’t u just visit once and see to it and then speak around. If u cannot come and see for urself what right is one having to speak of somebody else ? Clearly,When the need arises there comes a mahatma to you… All you need is to open up a bit.A tiny bit.
    Amma never gave herself a name .It’s we and the media gave her a name.It’s we who started worshiping her seeing the divine qualities embodied right in front of our eyes.People and media can go on talking Against or For ,But the truth will remain unchanged.But when the time comes for our final call,It’s we who loses at the end.Where is life leading us?Where are we going ? Why we took birth in this earth as a human being? Why where we not born to a dog?
    The answers are clear.But if a student is not ready to study ,teacher has no other option but to fail him.Be receptive like a student to new ideas.Grow , why believing other when you have two eyes and ears for yourselves to come and see..?
    I never believe i can bring a transformation in anyone reading this,but i feel sorry for all those who have never met Amma believing her to be another fraud among the lot. With sincere prayers for you all…
    A Well-Wisher


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