Dialogue Ireland Declaration on Tony Quinn and his organisation.

Dialogue Ireland Declaration on Tony Quinn and his organisation.

We are happy to host material about Tony Quinn.

We will engage in humour, confrontation and comment to make people aware of his and his organisation’s role in Irish life. To sum it up we are interested that the truth about him from the early 70’s  up till now should be well known.

We are not an anti Quinn site, but a place that those who are survivors and victim’s can learn about the person and his organisation.

Also a number of people are afraid of him due to his use of  religious mystification. We have no fear of him and in deed find him to be a coward and he has never openly debated his theories in the public domain. The Director of Dialogue Ireland has made a statement to the Gardai in regard to threats that Quinn has made on his life and against our web site. This has been corroborated by witnesses formerly involved in the organisation. You may be aware that DI had its web site downed in January of this year. The Gardai are investigating this attack. It was a temporary problem which has resulted in this blog after receiving technical support.

Also we are not an anti cult movement, though we prefer the term Cultist NRM we do believe the term cult should be preserved for academic discourse. We do not call any group a cult as we see these tendencies and attitudes in all groups.

So media reports that we are about bringing down Quinn are to be disregarded as our function is educational as an educational Trust.

Also we have published a number of stories about the BNE oil group not because any member of DI has any shares but because Morrice and Quinn have insinuated we are trying to interfere in the oil company. We are only concerned about the oil issue insofar as the influence Quinn exercises there is not to the benefit of shareholders or to the common good.

This is a blog and therefore you can expect robust engagement with Quinn, and if he provides us with a properly researched article we would show our bone fides by publishing it. As it is we publish any piece Quinn sends out.

Again we are happy to provide a forum for shareholders as they have not received adequate communication from the company. We are totally uninformed about oil and look forward to people with business knowledge  investigating this aspect.

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